What 20 songs will IU perform at her solo concert?

Discussion in 'All About IU' started by aiyooaiyoo, May 14, 2012.

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    So, we have learned that the setlist for IU's full length solo concert will be around 20 songs, and it has been stated she will be performing Every End of the Day for the first time, as well as Peach, and also Good Day including 3-level high note. That is 3 songs for certain. IU also says that Raindrop is her favorite song and she always wants to perform it when she is doing a whole set or longer. [Thx to Squishy and other translators for work on the interviews with these facts.]

    So what do we think the rest of the setlist will be? We will certainly see some acoustic-U, which songs do you think she will with her guitar? I think she will probably also perform You & I and Marshmallow from her previous hit promotions.

    One of the big questions is if she will have any guest appearances, and if so, who? It is fun to imagine IU leading a "supergroup" stage with all her friends like Jiyeon, Suzy, Nicole + Hara. My hope is that she brings out Yoo Hee Yeol as a musician for a song with live accompaniment. I definitely hope she does some live performance with other musicians in addition to solo acoustic guitar. Could we even get a live orchestra for some of the concert as in the Japan showcase?
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    Acoustic live perf and up beat songs of course...
    How about "Loving You" and MIA ?? :D
  3. Oh the possibilities are ENDLESS! I love this!

    -admin kpoppa IU - Official Fansite on Facebook
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    I think those songs are quite possible, because they were both part of the Japan showcase setlist. Certainly all of the songs she has performed in Japan at the showcase and miniconcerts are on the list of likely songs.

    Mr. kpoppa, those are some great ideas! I certainly hope they all happen. I'm not as certain as you are about a full live orchestra, because they might also be planning quite a lot of elaborate stage sets and other theatrical effects, it might be hard to combine a large orchestra with a lot of scene transformations onstage. I hope for the orchestra for sure!

    Since you mentioned You Know and a real rock band - wouldn't it be something IU plugged in and played some Electric guitar? I'm not really expecting it, but it would be a lot of fun if it happened. If you can play acoustic guitar, you can certainly play some electric as well, its easier on the fingers.
  5. As you can see by the above post, my HTML skills are very poor, keke

    If IU doesn't do this one, many older male fans will be disappointed. And if I remember correctly, this cat can't make both Seoul concerts due to a previous engagement, so who will rap with IU?
  6. [​IMG]

    Hey aiyooaiyoo! Rocker IU on electric guitar? I can dig it!

    Maybe not a full orchestra but a great string, horn, woodwind? and percussion section is guaranteed!

    How about IU open the show with "Raindrop" as she did at her first solo stage at Orchard Hall (for good luck) and close the show, before encores (do the Koreans say the word ENCORE like they do in Japan? Japanese fans sound like they're saying UNCLE RAY, UNCLE RAY, UNCLE RAY chanting ENCORE) with "Every End of the Day"? That song is just right to have the audience PANTING for more!

    And I see her set with encores and special guest stages being exactly 26 songs. Why? IU's favorite number is 8. 2+6=8. I know that is a HUGE (and, frankly, weird) stretch!
  7. Blow all the fans minds! Bring back "Dancer Oppa"!

    Lee Jae Yeon
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    thanks for posting! cant wait
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    Leesang performance was replaced by 2AM and Lee Juck performance was replaced by Lee Seung Gi for the Sunday 3 June concert, I was there :)

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