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    Shoutbox Rules

    The rules for using the shoutbox are mostly the same as our general forum rules, with a few additions. Our moderators will monitor the shoutbox and can edit/delete shouts and take further action against rule breakers if necessary.

    Things not to do:

    - Don't abuse other members, including any racist, sexist or hateful remarks.
    - No swearing.
    - Don't make negative statements about other artists or their fans.
    - Don't spread negative rumors.
    - Don't respond to antis if they appear. Just ignore them and alert a moderator.
    - Don't spam the sbox. No member should need to have more than 5 shouts in a row.
    - Don't advertise other sites.
    - Don't post download links for any of IU's official releases (including albums, digital singles and OST tracks).
    - Don't post direct download links to anything from our restricted video/audio forums. Link to topics only.
    - Don't talk about inappropriate topics - remember there are minors on the site. Keep it family-friendly.
    - No personal information, relating to yourself or anyone else, should be posted on the sbox. This includes real names, addresses, phone numbers, photos etc.
    - Don't do anything illegal, which includes linking to downloads of copyrighted material (including torrents).
    - Don't ask other members on the sbox to do anything which would break any of these rules.

    And these are things you should do:

    - Talk in English or Korean.
    - Be friendly!
    - Try to include everyone. Take personal conversations elsewhere (e.g. PM, instant messengers), the sbox is for general chat.
    - Welcome new members and help them to find their way around the site.
    - Listen to WeheartIU staff and follow any instructions they give (e.g. to change the topic of conversation).
    - Share the IU love!
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