WeHeartIU 2012 Staff Recruitment - Korean and Japanese Translators

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    Korean and Japanese translator recruitment

    Translators are responsible for bringing WeHeartIU members the latest news and interviews, as well as helping them to understand IU's many TV appearances through translated video. And of course, they also translate IU's fancafe and me2day posts, and tweets by her staff or other Korean celebrities.

    Translators must:

    • Be fluent in both written and spoken Korean or Japanese as we will ask you to work on both articles and videos.
    • Have a high standard of written English.
    • Be regularly active and available to translate rapidly and at short notice (especially for fancafe/me2day posts and news articles).
    • Be able to navigate Korean news portal and community sites to find the latest IU updates (we can recommended good sources).

    To apply for this role, please copy/paste and complete the form below.

    Please note that we will only contact candidates that we think are suitable, and you will be tested for this role. If you're thinking of using Google Translate, don't waste your time, we're not stupid. :p

    If you have any questions please do not post them here, but ask them in this thread instead.
  2. ahj<3IU

    ahj<3IU Hearters

    Username: ahj<3IU
    Age: 17(korean age)
    Country: Malaysia
    Language Background: Both Native speaker of Korean and English.
    Prior translation experience: none

    P.S i am korean but i cannot create an ID for Daum or Naver because my IC cannot be confirmed online, also i go to school so i am most probably only free after 3:00PM I hope this doesn't effect my chances.
  3. InvU

    InvU Uploaders Staff Member

    Username: InvU
    Age: 20
    Country (where you live currently): USA
    Language background (e.g. are you a native Korean/Japanese speaker): Neither (3 Years in Japanese and a 95 in the Japanese Regional Exam).
    Prior translation experience (if any): Parent Teacher Conference Assistance with my Teacher in High School to Translate for parents to understand how a student is doing in a Japanese Class
  4. JowIU

    JowIU New Member

    Username: JowIU
    Age: 16 (korean age: 18)
    Country (where you live currently): Germany
    Language background (e.g. are you a native Korean/Japanese speaker): I'm korean and speak korean at home all the time.
    Prior translation experience (if any): I translate many things from German into Korean for my friends in school or for my parents.

    --> I am going to pass the 'Test of Proficiency in Korean' and watch all the shows and concerts, which IU stars in, like Musik Bank or Inkigayo. I spend my time in Korea biennial. I have many korean friends who are also fans of IU. I am active in SNS like Twitter or Facebook. I hope my english is not too bad^^ I just found this website through Twitter.

    MYLIFE4IU Hearters

    Username: MYLIFE4IU
    Age: 21
    Country (where you live currently): Australia
    Language background (e.g. are you a native Korean/Japanese speaker): Native Korean speaker. Native-level English, as I have lived in Australia for 12 years so far.
    Prior translation experience (if any):I've recently decided to put some serious thought towards my translation/interpretation skills. What better way to exercise my bi-lingual abilities than to use them for promoting IU? I would love to help you guys as a translator, and possibly as an interpreter if the situation ever arises. I hope you agree!

    CELLOSUITE13 Hearters

    Seattle, WA
    Username: CELLOSUITE13
    Age: 14
    Country (where you live currently): Alaska
    Language background (e.g. are you a native Korean/Japanese speaker): Both Native speaker of Korean and English. Knows some Japanese (Takes Japanese Language program)
    Prior translation experience (if any): Two Facebook Fan- Pages That Supports IU. Translate Korean into English at home and at school. Talks Korean at home all the time to my brothers and my mom. Speaks a few Japanese at home as well to my family members.

    Thank you for your time!

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