The Secret Behind Everyone Becoming an 'IUholic' [2010.12.30]

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    IU's popularity has been soaring to the extent that the phrase 'Hottest Trend IU' now feels second-nature. Her name appears daily through hundreds of internet articles, and males consider her to be of goddess status.

    IU started to first gain recognition when cast for the SBS variety show, 'Heroes.' It wasn't long before she began topping various popularity polls. Along with the release of her 3rd mini-album 'REAL', her fanbase is currently seeing a sudden rise in membership.

    Debuting at the age of 16, much of IU's appeal comes from a maturity far beyond her years, and so we take a closer look at her secret to capturing the hearts of all males, from those in their teens to those in their 30s.

    IU's Charm 1. Captivating Voice & Maturity


    In the early days of her debut, she was featured in songs by various artists, such as Go Yoo Jin and Wanted. Having received training by the likes of Gummy, Wheesung and Korean Vocalist Nero, she becamed acknowledged as a real artist and musician.

    With her captivating voice and alluring maturity, her heartfelt emotions while singing 'Officially missing you' and 'Like a star' on KBS 'Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter' became all the rage. Furthermore through her acoustic guitar skills and featuring on various drama OSTs, her sheer talent was enoughto lead people into a state of mania.

    IU's Charm 2. Child-like Baby Face


    While other girl groups used sex appeal to battle it out for the hearts of uncle fans, IU came out with a cheerful dance song fit for a girl in her teens. Her liveliness not only attracted fellow teens, but got those in their 20s and 30s talking as well, which all the more helped in obtaining the fame she is experiencing now.

    What makes IU appear so fresh and lively is none other than her child-like baby face. She has a small, non-angled, egg-shaped face, tiny lips, vivid eyes and a nose height that is just right.

    An official representative from JK Plastic Surgery Center further states that "IU's round face and round eyes, along with the right amount of fat in her cheeks, are all set in proportions that most effectively portray cuteness" and "A youthful and lovely baby face like IU's has a greater appeal to men who prefer a lively image over a sexy one."

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  2. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    Thank you so much for translating!
    I love this article!
    I think what is said above is so true. :)
    I love her voice and her baby face. Instead other female celebrities who wear so little just to gain attention, I prefer the simple and sweet one.
    Talent is what is most important. I'm so glad she is receiving so much attention and love right now.
  3. Lucian1KR

    Lucian1KR Uploaders Staff Member

    Thank you so much for translating this! I am so happy for her now that she gets a lot of recognition! When I became a fan at the end of September (which is also when I joined this forum), she was still underrated, so I think that only made me love her much more. I usually cheer for the underrated ones, and now the joy I have when I read the news about her recent success is genuine and I feel proud to say I've been supporting her for about three months now. It all started with a lucky click on a Youtube video.

    I have to say I really like the term IUholic because it describes me perfectly, maybe her fanclub should be called "IUholics" (although "U&I" is a good name too).
  4. WayBetterDenYou

    WayBetterDenYou Hearters

    Arizona, USA
    Well she got my heart alright
  5. tosca783

    tosca783 Hearters

    South East Asia
    Thanks for the translation! The way they describe her face is very.. cute, haha~!

    So.. KARAholic, IUholic.. o_O
  6. Xiao_Ai136

    Xiao_Ai136 Hearters

    i'm IUHOLIC :-D !

    saranghae IU ~~~!!!!! Love ya~ mmuaaxx!
  7. Lucian1KR

    Lucian1KR Uploaders Staff Member

    I know it's not original but I like it when I set my status on messenger "I'm an IUholic" and people ask me "What is that?" and you know what comes next. :lol:
  8. liesrcool

    liesrcool Hearters

    Agreed...i prefer cute over sexy. I actually can't stand sexy dances that much, every now and then it is ok. Also her appearance makes me want to protect her, she seems like a little kid
  9. freakozoid

    freakozoid Hearters

    Thanks for the translations. IU stands out in an overcrowded industry because of her cute appeal and look. IUholic! :grin:
  10. jessa394

    jessa394 Hearters

    i became a fan of her because of the same reasons said above LOL
    she has a really sweet high pitched voice that sometimes gets covered
    by the songs they give her
    then her cute looks and the cuteness she showed on heroes XD
  11. Meru

    Meru Hearters

    This article is so true! :)
    Despite most of the korean idol girls, IU is so natural and simple. Plus she is so cute and her voice is so unique.
    That's why I love her.
  12. Goodman

    Goodman Hearters

  13. MrJunRong

    MrJunRong Hearters

    Yup,She look natural and simple but that also made her very unique in her own way ^^
  14. Dreamerx33

    Dreamerx33 Hearters

    yes yes. i definitely agree!
    just her voice alone made me her fan :]
    All those other attributes just made her my idol and favorite soloist x]
  15. venonat_101

    venonat_101 Hearters

    Inside IU's ♥
    IUholic! thanks for this article! i really love it <33
  16. dolphin6356

    dolphin6356 Hearters

    omg.. Ive been following her for a while now.after her covers from snsd big bang super junior..and all..she is now gaining popularity!!
  17. TheBlackCat

    TheBlackCat Hearters

    Hehe, after reading this article I have suddenly received clarity as to why I love IU!

    Also, I didn't know that Heroes was what accounted for IU's sudden rise in fame. Gotta go look for some subbed episodes to watch for myself. =)
  18. bringingU.ssl

    bringingU.ssl Hearters

    actually ive heard few of her covers before the REAL release and i was so damn excited for her comeback :p im not disappointed at all...
    all her covers are amazing im just njibghefnjskfruie

    and i love her humor :p shes really mature too!

    지은친구 <3
  19. StarShapedGummy

    StarShapedGummy Hearters

    New York
    IU's appearance can be so dynamic which is why she is so appealing. she can make it with a more mature voice and look and she can pull off a cute and charming IU look.

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