Super Junior′s Eunhyuk Talks about Photo Scandal with IU on ′Come to Play′

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    Super Junior′s Eunhyuk still seems to be suffering from the recent incident involving him and IU, but he′s decided to be funny about it.

    On the December 3 broadcast of MBC′s Come to Play, Eunhyuk joined the crew of the show as a regular member and drew laughter by referring to his photo scandal with IU.


    When asked by Yoo Jae Suk on how he feels about his new role in Come to Play, Eunhyuk said, "I had to join at such a trying time...."

    Kim Won Hee asked, "And what time would that be?" to which Yoo Jae Suk scolded her, saying, "You′re so mischievous."

    The captions also seemed to tease Eunhyuk, reading, ′Eunhyuk′s tagged by so many stories′.


    Eunhyuk continued to refer to the incident in the ′Teary Battle′ section. Eunhyuk battled ZE:A′s Kwang Hee in the section, in which they had to spill their concerns and see who had it worse.

    In the beginning Eunhyuk kept being pushed back by Kwang Hee, as he kept making big statements about his recent concerns. Eunhyuk, however, made a big comeback with just one sentence: "It′s so hard for me these days."

    Kwang Hee surrendered to this sentence, saying, "You can cry now."

    This isn′t the first time Eunhyuk has mentioned the incident on TV. He also touched on the subject in a recent episode of KBS2′s Hello.

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    Hello! Thanks for sharing this news to us. :) I think Eunhyuk oppa looks like he's trying to move on after the photo scandal which involves him and IU. I mean, when other people opens that recent incident to Eunhyuk, he just tries to be funny about it and it seems that he is not bothered about it anymore (or maybe he's trying to be better as days go by).

    Eunhyuk oppa fighting. I believe he and IU can overcome this issue. ^^ :) And if they've not done anything bad, then there's nothing for them to worry. ;) Fighting!

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