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    May/June Archive
    The links here will not be updated so over time, streaming links may go down, but most of the important stuff have download links available next to them anyway :)

    Back to current[/b]

    IU's birthday
    Gifts from WHI | Birthday message | IU's me2day update | LOEN's tweet | LOEN's official comment | Jiyeon's tweet

    New songs

    EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea theme song
    Song title: Stories Told By the Sea
    Read article | MP3 | Video | Lyrics Korean, English | 1000th Day Ultimate CD contest

    Drama OST for 'Greatest Love of All' - Original composition by IU
    Song title: Hold My Hand
    Cho PD's tweet | Read article | Preview | Purchase online | Pre-order album | Lyrics | MV | All-kill on music charts

    Movie OST for 'Leafie, a Hen into the Wild'
    Song title: Melody of the Wind
    Read article | Watch perf | Watch MV (IU's voice) | Official OST (not IU's voice) | Lyrics

    'Kiss and Cry' theme song - Duet with Kim Yuna
    Song title: Ice Flower
    Purchase | Watch MV (with SUBS), Download | Lyrics
    Read article | Read article about recording session | HQ photos from recording session | Info about song release | Cho PD's tweet | Info about song and MV

    New album
    Scheduled release: Sept 2011
    Read article about IU's dream

    Major performances and events

    [2011.05.15] Tokyo Legend 2011
    Read article | Watch perfs | Video msg | Japan TV | IU's coordi tweets | Fan accounts

    [2011.05.28] Dream Concert
    Red carpet photos | Perf photos | Fancams | Mascot proposing to IU | Watch broadcast, Download

    [2011.05.29] Sung Si Kyung's Concert
    Read article | It's You duet fancam | Good Day fancam | Photo

    [2011.06.07] Seoul Osaka Music of Heart 2011
    Info | Broadcast info | Broadcast preview | Watch opening/MC, Download MC cut | Watch perf, Download perf

    [2011.06.18] First official fanmeeting
    More info | Read article | LOEN's tweet | TheFly's fanaccount | Q & A translation | Thank you letter from IU
    Photos: Arrival | Perf | Pink ribbon outfit and fancams | Official LOEN photos
    Audio: Love Attack audio recording | Full audio recording
    Videos: Ent weekly interview/report (with subs) | OBS Ent News (Download) | Vivid news (Download) | Ystar News (Download) | Raindrop perf and cake fancam | Love attack fancam | Fancam with fanmtg cuts

    [2011.06.26] Inkigayo Summer Special Stage with Luna - 'Festival'
    More info | Watch perf, Download

    [2011.06.28] Disney Channel launching event
    Photos | Good Day perf | Marshmallow perf + Talk | Another video with perfs + full convo

    [2011.06.30] Changwon 1st Anniversary Concert
    Watch preview | Photos | Fancam | MBC broadcast, Download

    [2011.07.01] KBS Music Bank Mid-Year Special

    [2011.07.13] Kpop Festival Music Bank in Tokyo
    More info | Scheduled to air later this year

    [2011.08.17] Mexicana mini-concert
    More info


    Dream High - Ended
    Special Making Book scans | Photocard scans | Comic book scans | Purchase DVD (Eng Subs) (Director's Cut) | Dream High giveaway!

    Heroes - Ended on May 1st
    Watch episodes | me2day update | Ep 24 - IU Bunny (with SUBS) Watch Part 1, 2, Download | Another wedding dress photo | Kwanghee's daum yozm pic with IU

    Inkigayo MC cuts (with SUBS)
    3/20 | 3/27 | 4/3 | 4/10 | 4/17 | 4/24 | 5/1 | 5/8 | 5/15 | 5/22 | 5/29 | 6/5 | 6/12 | 6/19

    Running Man
    Watch (with SUBS)

    Kiss and Cry
    Ep 1 (with SUBS) Watch, Download | Gifs | Undisclosed footage (with SUBS) Watch, Download
    Ep 2 Watch, Download | Undisclosed footage (with SUBS) Watch, Download
    Ep 3 (with SUBS) Watch, Download | Undisclosed IU cut | Undisclosed dorky dance
    Read article | 'Dorky dance' article | Couple practice photos | '5hr practice sessions' article
    Ep 4 (with SUBS) Watch, Download | Undisclosed footage
    Stills and gifs | Selca | Read spiral article | HQ perf pics | BTS photos | Read 2nd article
    Ep 5 Watch results, Download | Undisclosed footage
    Article about next theme and elimination | Tweet about recording session | Greeting video | Current rankings
    Ep 6 Watch short IU cut, Download full ep
    Yoo Sunhye's selcas | me2day update | Elimination update | BTS photos | Couple perf 2nd round photos | Synopsis
    Ep 7 Watch preview of IU's perf

    YHY Sketchbook
    Read article | Photos | MP3 | Watch (with SUBS), Download

    Immortal Classic 2
    Watch perfs here and here, Download | Watch full ep with subs
    Read first article | Press conference | Preview 1, 2, 3 | MP3s | Read second article

    Sweet Hometown Trip
    Read article | Read second article | Childhood pictures | Sexy dance article | Watch part 1, 2 , Download


    Event | Kid interview | 'samsung & u' magazine interview | IU & Yoon Sang video, BTS photos, More photos

    SK Telecom
    LG 4TE Event

    Mexicana Chicken
    Ads/Bromides 1, 2, 3 | Inside the Photo Note

    Home Plus
    Discount coupons | Home Plus bazaar photos

    S-Oil wallpapers | Jeju S-Oil perf | S-Oil ad at KTX train station

    iPhone/galaxy S covers | Posing with the cover

    Summer photoshoot | BTS photos | BTS video/interview with SUBS | Fansign | Summer dress | Summer fashion

    Le Coq Sportif (with Song Joong Ki)
    Summer photoshoot and BTS | HQ shots | BTS vid with SUBS | BTS vids on official YT | Summer Styling vid | Polaroid

    Union Bay (with Seo In Gook)
    Summer photoshoot | Photo diary #1, 2, 3 | BTS video (30s) |BTS video (2 min) | Photos from fansign event | Tweets on fansign event part 1, part 2 | Coke/popcorn tweet | New photos | Stickers and Summer sale

    CFs (with SUBS)

    Samsung Galaxy S II
    MotionUI | SMART Mailbox | BTS and interview

    Home Plus
    A Good Family Gift (Download) | Making of the CF (Download)

    The Strength of 1 Litre | Shaolin Table-tennis | Kim Tae Won version | BTS gif

    SK Telecomm
    Info | Photos | Watch, Download | BTS video | ETN Corner Station (also BTS)

    Other appearances

    IU's first outdoor performance

    IU skipping rope on KBS2 'National Heroes at Your Command' (with SUBS)
    Watch, Download

    IU singing f(x)'s Danger on SBS 'One Night of TV Entertainment' (with SUBS)
    Watch, Download | Selca lesson

    Sunny Hill's "Midnight Circus"
    (IU not in MV, only teaser)
    Watch teaser | Read article | Stills and gifs | me2day | BTS vid

    Z_ZIN magazine
    Photographer tweet | Z_ZIN tweet | Scans | BTS video | Interview

    IU undisclosed 'Good Day' practice video

    IU on Sponge Zero listening to Hyun Bin version of "Good Day"
    Read article | Watch, Download

    IU calls in to Heechul's Young Street

    IU on Japanese show Hey!Hey!Hey!
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