People say IU should never show her skin to the public:)

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    Singer IU was recently chosen as a celebrity who should never show her skin to the public.

    On June 8, Y-Star’s Goong Geum Ta reported that IU ranked first as a celebrity who needed to be protected from showing skin to the public in a survey of 200 people recently conducted.

    The majority of the people said IU needs to keep her young, pure image.

    Actress Shin Min Ah was selected for the reason that women will be jealous if she exposes her figure, and actress Lee Min Jung was selected for the reason that her male fans strongly disapprove.

    In a survey on celebrities who have prettier bodies than faces, model Jang Yoon Joo ranked first.
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    Thanks for posting!
    Woah! I am a fan of shin min ah and lee min jung too! Nice!
  3. Cutiegail

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    Because she's the "Nation's Little Sister"! :) Hihi. Many of her guy fans and uncle fans would want to protect her image always, because they love IU. And we all love her. ^^ IU, stay as cute as you are. ^^
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    yeah better protect her skin from outsider
    she is still teenager >,<
    she is pure and innocent haha
    but about her appearance, it is the entertainment works (maybe)

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