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Discussion in 'Support and Projects' started by ele, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. ele

    ele Forum Founder Staff Member

    If you have any ideas as to what we should do for a project here at WeHeartIU, please feel free to post them here.

    Please be serious about this as we will consider every idea.
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  2. tsehong

    tsehong Hearters

    IU debuted on Sept 2008, maybe something to celebrate her debut anniversary by??

    it dun have to be an expensive gift.. I am sure even a Big Card or something will make her happy that someone out there cares to remember it and that she has fans internationally...
  3. Sayuri

    Sayuri Hearters

    ^ yeah, good idea, we could do something to celebrate her 2nd anniversary! ^^
  4. MaiMai!

    MaiMai! Hearters

    Los Angeles
    I think we should ask for donations of some sort, or do a fan project where we like, write messages and then with the donations create a message book for IU and mail it to her ^^
  5. giantsiopao

    giantsiopao Moderator Staff Member

    follow my vista~
    I agree. It doesn't have to be expensive but it should show IU how much we adore and support her. Maybe a message book? :)
  6. chaae

    chaae Hearters

    ^ I'm up for a project to celebrate her debut, and a message book does sound like a fantastic idea :)
  7. ele

    ele Forum Founder Staff Member

    I will definitely be up to a debut anniversary project!! Hopefully I can bring this up with the staff's and see if we can arrange it! Keep on the look out okay? ^^ (PS: you can also suggest ideas that you would like here, but please keep them reasonable!)
  8. cecelialorene

    cecelialorene Hearters

    maybe we could do a cover of one of her songs, like mia or marshmallow, where whoever wanted to participate could sing a line of the song [or a few words each if we have a lot of people] and have those who dont want to sing create graphics for the audio to show how much we care [and if you aren't good at making graphics, snap a photo of yourself showing support]

    this idea wouldn't cost the forum money so funding wouldnt be an issue. We could post it on the fancafe or something where she could see it.

    a message book is always a good project to do too :]
  9. Kipumab

    Kipumab Hearters

    A message book or a big card sounds genius and get something she really likes, like a mini doll of some sort. Its best to have people search around and look for what she likes, it could be a 5-10 dollars donation from like 5 people and thats already 25-50 dollars, and thats enough for a big card :)
  10. koreamPUFF

    koreamPUFF Hearters

    How about a mini Marshmallow plushie or something?

    Or send her a DVD with messages from forum members or smething... Like- spill out your heart! Then translators can translate or something!! Maybe...? :D
  11. Chelliera

    Chelliera Hearters

    Something cute, as cute as her ;D
    A cute message book I say. Maybe something... furry and colourful O.O
    Or else we can customize an accessory for her!~
  12. litt0piggy

    litt0piggy Hearters

    I totally agree with the anniversary project. I actually LOVE it!

    I think we should get her things that she can use. Quality over quantity!
    Like instead of buying her a bunch of toys, we should get her a necklace/bracelet or clothes... iono something that she can actually use.

    As for the video idea, its a good idea but there might be people, like me, who are not comfortable with showing their faces but really want to participate for IU to know that she has international fans. I'm in with making a message book. However, instead of a simple/typical message book, maybe we can add a little spice to it? Like make it resemble something in shape? Or maybe something within it that uniquely divides the message of fans from different continents?
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  13. MaiMai!

    MaiMai! Hearters

    Los Angeles
    Thanks for this! We will definitely take your ideas into consideration. ^^ Also please remember that we have a limited budget and IU's fanbase is not as large as...say.........Big Bang. So, with that in mind, remember that we will always try to do our best for IU and all her fans. It's the thought that counts ^^. Please continue to give feedback to this site. It is much appreciated.
  14. melonpop3

    melonpop3 Moderator Staff Member

    Please read my comment~ :p

    My idea...
    mmm how about for IU's anniversary or birthday we can ALL pitch in to make something nice! :D

    We can make her a scrapbook!!! ---with small cute messages either handwritten or emailed to the admin or whoever is in charge. Include original photography of fans. Or really cool edited images of IU with her fans :D or maybe even drawings to go with it. Anything...just make it cool for her to look at :)

    Or maybe like a marshmallow book--- all of us can draw our versions of the marshmallow and either send or scan it to the admin or person in charge. :D and put lil messages for her to see! ex "Iu! You are so awesome! Please be happy and have good health. Saranghae! Hwaiting! " something like that... :3 It'll be so cute <3

    or a maybe like a mix cd?---im not rly sure how to do this but...maybe we can somehow sing a cover of a few of her songs with a message for her. And also put like a little booklet into the cd case too xD

    a photobook!---this is really simple and easy! everyone just take a picture of yourself and where you are from and post a message to her! put it in a cute photo album so she can look at it and see all of her fans!!! :p

    yes im serious :)) I think she would like a gift from us especially if its handmade because its not as fun to get gifts that are just bought... =__=;;...itz better from the heart riiiight? AGREED!!!
    so can we all pitch in?
    also...we cant do this unless we have an organizing sheet or something.
    and plan the dates and deadlines.
    and scan or email or send the pics/ messages.
    people here need to be active too.........
    this is mostly just to support her and let her know that we love her!! xD

    please consider this. :)
    ---i write a lot---
  15. vitasoy

    vitasoy Hearters

    aww there's not alot of comments but I think the practical and video idea is good =)
  16. Nyokou

    Nyokou Hearters

    United States
    vitasoy The project for her 2nd anniversary is completed, that's why~ :-D

    Is WeHeartIU planning something for her birthday? Yeah, I know it's in May but planning as soon as possible would be the best, right? I'll edit my post later or post again if I come up with any ideas for her birthday. I think it'd be pretty cool to get her a new guitar or something like that though. But still... I'll edit/post later haha.
  17. chansoriya

    chansoriya Hearters

    I think cute things match IU's style then again I think she'd appreciate anything from fans! Thats' just who she is! Maybe plushies are good to start off with ^^
  18. ruihong.lu

    ruihong.lu Hearters

    hoodies, plushies will be good! ^^ maybe some tees & stuffs like chocolate? ^^
  19. idiort

    idiort Hearters

    i'd be interested in helping any project for iu in future...

    not sure wad she need though.. she recently got a nice camera..
  20. mymindpower

    mymindpower New Member

    We should not do what every other fan group does and buy stuff ..She can get whatever she wants... we must do something cute as her. A jesture which makes her fans unique...

    i would suggest something like supporting UNICEF on behalf of IU/

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