No old cast in dream high 2?

Discussion in 'All About IU' started by aidz143, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. aidz143

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    IU's Heart

    It’s being reported that J.Y. Park will appear in ’Dream High 2‘, the sequel to the popular teen drama series which is scheduled to air in early 2012.

    According to a representative who revealed on November 21st, “J.Y. Park is scheduled to play a character that will connect the events of

    Season 1 to Season 2. At this time, the scripts for the first three episodes have been completed and J.Y. Park’s character (Yang Jin Man) is in

    there. He is the only character from Season 1 that will appear in Season 2. Unless the script changes dramatically, it is nearly confirmed that

    J.Y. Park will act in the drama.”

    In the first season, J.Y. Park starred as the poor English teacher, Yang Jin Man. But he didn’t just teach English — he also taught the

    preparatory music lessons as well.

    While his role was very comedic, it was also very endearing. Through this, J.Y. Park was even nominated for the ‘rookie actor award’ at the

    47th Baeksang Arts Awards.

    The series is currently in the process of casting the main roles for the drama. They’ve scouted potential candidates and are holding

    auditions and camera tests. It’s said that the crew hope to finish casting this month and start filming in December.

    Meanwhile, “Dream High 2″ is scheduled to air on January 30th through KBS2TV.

    Source: OSEN via Nate

    Huhuhu i hope the script changes dramatically! HUHUHU! I WANT IU!!!
  2. mathova

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    NO !!!! I can't believe it, I really disappointed if they not take IU in dreamhigh season 2

    I hope they will change the script, I want IU, soo hyoun, eun joung, suzy, woo young, and taecyeon still as the main character in dreamhigh.... :sour:ad:
  3. belle

    belle Hearters

    I really want iu to be in dream high 2! I WANT WOOU COUPLE T.T
  4. iAdoreIU

    iAdoreIU Hearters

    :eek: yah... :sour:ad: I want IU! and all the Dream High 1's casts! ♥ them!
  5. CKrysIII

    CKrysIII Hearters

    This is too heartbreaking <//3 ME WANTS TO SEE IU!!!!!
  6. jmillyu

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    hi! there already is a Dream High 2 topic here, so you can go there to share whatever you'd like about the cast.
    closing topic.
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