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Discussion in 'All About IU' started by observer_an, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. observer_an

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    According to this article , one of FIESTAR member, Hyemi, is most senior trainer in LOEN. She also a member of girl group whose debut date got pushed because LOEN choose to debuting IU first. That girl group eventually disband and it's member become trainee in other agency. Then some trainee join and Hyemi at last debut in FIESTAR this year.

    I just wonder maybe the reason why IU so intense in promoting FIESTAR (even more intense than LOEN itself) is because she feel responsible for delayed debut of Hyemi and make it up by promoting them hard.

    I don't have intention to blame anyone for anything, just want to share my opinion. Sorry for bad grammar.
  2. NewNugget

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    It's just showing support for your peers, particularly for a brand new group. IU did the same thing for Sunny Hill when they were promoting. It is out of her character to promote FIESTAR solely based on guilt trip.

    Anything IU is associated with, turns to gold. LOEN and marketing knows this very well, so they will milk it any chance they can get.
  3. J.IU

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    My opinion?
    if you look at her character, i believe that guilt do play a huge part in the added enthusiasm
  4. Maxachew

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    Orrrr IU sees potential in them and wants it to be seen in the audience as well its almost as if shes saying to the fans "Guysss I Know you'll love them because i love them tooo"
  5. noiha

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    i've heard about many idols debuted later because the company choose other to debut first, it's something usual in idol-trainee system, so iu doesn't really have to feel guilty. if anything, she probably feel deep attachment to her company that she always try to promote her peers. ^^ all i can say is, LOEN is lucky to have IU, she's the best spokesperson ever. lol.
  6. kpopjjang247

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    Is that even important? I mean like an idol-company is always like that you know. You enter the company first doesnt mean you'll debut first. It depends what the CEO sees in you. If the CEO decided to let you form a group, then you'll need to wait till the members are enough and are ready to debut which usually takes more time than going solo. Same time, if the CEO plans to let you go solo, if he thinks you're not ready to survive yet, still you won't debut yet.

    But of course your opinion COULD BE a reason. OR just a plain sunbae responsibility to promote hoobae in the same company plus they're also close for a long time. So despite whatever reason, with or without reason or just plain helping to promote, SO WHAT? It's a 'family' thing.. xD
  7. Mellow_Day

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    I honestly don't see why we should be contemplating this at all. I just think it's nice of IU to give FIESTA a little help. ^^
  8. Marlystar

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    I think that in LOEN there's many many trainees that don't have do their debut, but see something.. IU loves so much Cheska! She shows many entusiams for her! Maybe she don't feel responsable! She just are promoting because is nice when the family grow up more bigger! Actually she is a solo artist so she feel alone when send her to the music and concert and shows! So now she will be have the company (not every time) from Cheska and the rest of FIESTAR! ^^

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