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  1. janeberryblue

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    오늘 하루정말 이악물고 달렸는데 돌아온건… 누구를 위한 노래일까요 전 요즘 잘 모르겠어요
    Today I bit my tongue and just ran, but in return... who am I singing for? Lately, I'm not so sure

    Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: http://me2day.net/i_u0516
  2. Bananaaaa

    Bananaaaa Graphic Artists Staff Member

    jieun ahh D:

    poor girl, she had such a hectic schedule today =[
    i REALLY hope she can feel better and be happier

    thank you for translating jane!
  3. StarShapedGummy

    StarShapedGummy Hearters

    New York
    i hope she gets better soon. she sing for all the fans who appreciate her talent and voice and person....

    i hope she realizes there's nothing to be sad or mad about if she is feeling this way...
  4. RHEAAAxx

    RHEAAAxx Hearters

    D: D: D: jieunah =/
  5. elavip

    elavip Hearters

    is our iu going crazy? :(
    damn, loen please give our girl a REST. if you want her to be active, don't make her work on no sleep (which appears to be the case)!
  6. futureone

    futureone Hearters

    Lol is she saying this because people were angry at her for being late to that concert? I would be grateful just to hear IU live even if she is late one hour. I guess they aren't really fans if they get angry at her for arriving late.
  7. resolve

    resolve Hearters

    they were probably fans of the other participating singers and pissed that the concert was delayed because of iu.
  8. p00pie

    p00pie Donators

    Poor thing, shes feeling frustrated herself that she even questions who shes singing for :( I hope she get some rest. Reports are so over exaggerated about her being late and having attitude after writing this comment... sigh~~~ IU fighting!!! i would want to hear you sing live anyday anytime :)
  9. starmint

    starmint Graphic Artists Staff Member

    under an ☂
    ahh~ all the crazy work and schedules and stuff must be catching up to her. Since she's still young I guess she'd be confused about who she's singing to/dedicating music etc...hopefully she'll get through this and be back on her feet again and get lots of rest.

    thank you for translating!
  10. jinhong1990

    jinhong1990 Hearters

    Hey IU... u did not sing just because of other people's sake...u do not sing for anyone...
    u sing because u want to...it's mainly because u have your dreams that you continue singing...
    IU I hope you don't give up, though there will be hard obstacles in front... IU fighting!
  11. Caricactures

    Caricactures Hearters

    IU fighting! Cheer up, your hard work can be seen. That's right, you sing because you love singing.

    IU's been so busy lately, running from here to there. The girl needs her rest! LOEN, I am currently very impressed with the way you manage her, so please don't ruin your good reputation.

    And netizens, please give her a break. She's only 18. Sigh.

    Aja Aja Hwaiting unnie!
  12. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    It really hurts my heart to see IU like this. T.T

    Seriously, she needs to take a break! After seeing the articles of her from allkpop, my heart ache so badly.
    IU, cheer up! You are singing for your passion for singing! And you are singing so you can use music to communicate with everyone who love you and even those who are going to fall for you! Remember IU! That's how you get your stage name. ;D There is no distance between I and you through your music. We will always be there for you! <3
    Don't let those matters affect you cos you still have us. :) HWAITING UNNIE! <3

    Thanks for the translation Jane! ;D
  13. margot

    margot Hearters

    I've been reading the articles related to the Dream High concert incident and know that IU's message above is something she initially posted in regards to that. I must say the whole situation just makes me angry. Why? Because people are so good at judging others without even listen to their explanations. Since december when her Real album was releasead and in the following weeks when her popularity just exploded, IU has had a tremendous hectic schedule but not paying attention to herself, she has always been there for her fans and audience in general. I have seen dark cirles going bigger and bigger under her eyes and found myself posing the question of how a young girl of her age could take so much work without falling sick. Just yesterday I saw a behind the scenes of the Seoul Music Awards and in there I spotted IU coughing constantly. The fact that IU is so devoted to her fans to the point of neglecting her own physical health makes me so sad and remorseful. I felt that way because despite realising her growing fatigue I kept expecting things from her: more Tv appearances, new songs, new ads, fan meetings, etc. I forgot the human being and thought only of the artist and for that I am very sorry. So please, do not use terms like "crazy" to refer to IU, the message of her m2day was the result of her sadness after receiving so much criticism for an incident that was not even in her control (overlapping schedules and its consecuences is something her management should resolve, not her). Nevertheless, IU has apologised for the incident and that makes even angrier. This whole thing was blown out of proportion and I just hope the cruel treatment she received will not leave a scar in her heart.

    IU figthing!fighting!fighting!
  14. Jooeun

    Jooeun Hearters

    poor Iu..maybe this is getting too much for a 17 year old teenager. She probably just needs a break and come back fresh again.. I hope she is alright.m cheer up iu!! U can do this!!!!=D
  15. Meaud

    Meaud Hearters

    I always wonder what idoles are thinking when they post that kind of things. I mean, I'd like to kno< why IU felt down that night... Because she said it has nothing to do with DH concert
  16. NirU

    NirU Hearters

    This is 1 of the reason why I don't want to audition. when you're popularity rises, you have a hectic schedule. JEBAL! Give her a rest, not just a rest but a very good sleep. Is Jieun a robot? :evil:
  17. Cwk<3IU

    Cwk<3IU Hearters

    Poor girl...she's having so much schedules now and the netizens wouldnt let her off.. sigh..
  18. casablanca

    casablanca Hearters

    oh my IU
    she really tired
    when she work with REAL, Loen began making her shcedule fully to earn more money
    please take care of her
    she need a good spirit and good health to sing
    she can't sing if she feel tired :(
  19. fanboy1413

    fanboy1413 Hearters

    hope she finds her inspiration again and feels better soon!
  20. tallpuppyboii

    tallpuppyboii Hearters

    Not fair... IU is such a hard working girl, and now she's getting blamed for being late for a little bit. How dare they call themselves fans, showing up to her concert and then yelling at her for being busy. Gosh. =/

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