Let’s Try Raising One like IU… A Different Way of Upbringing [2010.12.30]

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    Instead of physical discipline,* it’s reading and weekend conversations… a different way of upbringing.

    ‘IU’s upbringing’ is becoming a hot topic.

    IU is a 17-year-old female singer who has risen to fame with the song ‘Good Day.’ She has been receiving much praise for her polite manners and well-managed behavior on her various TV appearances. Thus, many parents are interested in raising their daughters to be like IU.

    IU’s parents are in no way engaged in the entertainment business. She was raised by a father who runs a local business and a mother who works at a wholesale trading company in Seoul. IU’s parents implemented a very unique method for their daughter’s upbringing. Instead of disciplining her physically, her punishments consisted of reading, and the importance of family was taught through regular ‘weekend dialogue.’ Though they were a two-income family, they tried hard to maintain the family unit. Since they were raising a daughter of good character, they never failed to make sacrifices when needed.

    In a recent interview with SportsKorea, IU stated “education was considered to be so important, that I started attending after-school study programs at the age of 5. I was told to read a lot as a child, and later on, this turned out to be of great benefit. Early on, I got to learn about the characters that I portray in my music, and so that confidence was naturally ingrained.”

    Whenever her daughter did something wrong, IU’s mother didn’t spank her, but instead, made her read a book as punishment. Her mother conversed with her as if she were a friend [and not a child], which led to her always needing books nearby [as vocabulary references]. As a result, upon entrance to high school, IU had already read nearly 1,000 books.

    IU’s father was concerned with developing her character. Whenever she went to karaoke [to practice], he was the one to tell IU that her vocal talent was out of the ordinary. He instilled confidence in her by saying “you can become a singer.” IU explained that “there were many opportunities for me to sing with my dad. Thanks to him, I know a lot of songs from their generation. As I began singing for fun more and more often, I naturally started to enjoy singing.”

    IU plans to make a more final decision about college after consulting with her parents, since they always highly respect her opinions.

    *Translator’s Note: Many Asian cultures, including that of Korea, consider physical methods of discipline to be a proper way to raise a child—but in no way, does any society condone physical abuse.

    Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: SportsKorea
    Original Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20101230n03004?mid=e0102
  2. mrthomasbeckwith

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    theres no hurry for her to study at the moment i guess. she should just focus on her career at this point :)
  3. wbae912

    wbae912 Hearters

    i wish i was raised like that T.T
  4. jineun

    jineun Hearters

    No wonder IU is so well raised :D I want a girl like her
  5. MrJunRong

    MrJunRong Hearters

    so fortunate to have such a good dad ! :D
  6. omgtiffa

    omgtiffa Hearters

    her family sounds so cool! haha
    my parents yell at me when i read too much what is this.
  7. pjparties

    pjparties Hearters

    She's so lucky to have parents like that haha. :)
    I'm glad that she was raised that way, or else we wouldn't have the sweet IU we see today <3
  8. Tetsuya

    Tetsuya Banned

    Never have i heard of parents who were so supportive of her being a singer in her younger days.
    Not to mention the fact that the punishment meted out by her mother was to read a book.

    It'd be nice ( and fortunate) to have parents like IU's.I wasn't that fortunate,having to learn many life skills the hard way...TT

    Thanks for the translation jane~
  9. liesrcool

    liesrcool Hearters

    I agree that physical punishment is not a good way to discipline one's child. I'm glad that IU did not have to go through the pain that I had to go through. I wish that I was punished by reading books, maybe I would have been smarter, instead I got punished for getting answers wrong to maths questions and so forth. maybe i will use the same method to discipline my children xD
  10. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    Wow. Reading book as a punishment. I received caning instead. ><
    That explains her humble and polite personality.
    Okay, now I have to use the same way to teach my child in the future.
  11. guohao91

    guohao91 Donators

    I agree,indeed she has the talent to sing and her vocals are out of the world i should say,she never failed the high not when she was promoting recently LOL :D
  12. tk198

    tk198 Moderator Staff Member

    on your screen
    Haha, a kid's nightmare punishment: reading books (or just mine). Smart parents though, educates their child in the process. Also very unusual of many Asian parents to put education in second place, especially under the more risky career of singing. So glad that her parents are very supportive.

    Thanks so much for translating.
  13. Kyzuki

    Kyzuki Donators

    London, UK
    Don't think I've heard of anyone's parents using this sort of method to raise a child. I mean teaching them no matter what they are doing if it's talking or punishing them. Explains why IU is how she is :wub:
    Thanks for translating!
  14. meyou

    meyou Hearters

    wow her parents really gave a lot of how to raise their daughter. her parents must be really proud of her now.
    i hope i can be the same if i ever have children. help to nurture their growth, instead of forcing it.
    thanks for sharing this news.
  15. KQI88

    KQI88 Hearters

    I few more clouse to her now because i to was raise in this way. My parents never hit me and always tought me the importance os studying and trying hard in whenever field i wa interest ^^
  16. jessa394

    jessa394 Hearters

    i wonder how it is to be raised like IU was..
    1000 books are a lot! :eek:
    in my 16 years of life i probably read only 10 books,most of them
    are like harry potter LOL
  17. sunmikiwangjang

    sunmikiwangjang Hearters

    I like how her parents treated her. Even though she is a child they treated her with respect and encouraged her to become someone. No wonder she is very well behaved and respectful.
  18. Meru

    Meru Hearters

    Her parents sound so cool! xD
  19. Goodman

    Goodman Hearters

    cool parents she got~!
    parents should learn how to bring up their child/children from IU's parents.
    beating them and screaming at the kids just won't do.
  20. idkakkak

    idkakkak Hearters

    Thanks for translating. She's really made it so far.. congrats. I like how her parents t

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