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Discussion in 'Completed Projects' started by Matt, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Happy New Year IU!

    IU was kind enough to wish WeHeartIU members a Happy New Year, so let's return the favour! Leave a message for IU here wishing her the best for 2012 as she enters her adult life!

    At the end of 2 January (KST) we'll pick two messages at random and give those members a Last Fantasy album!

  2. tamtam

    tamtam Hearters

    I've had the album already, so anw...IU happy new year! do u get any new year resolution? well, whatever they are...i hope you'll manage to accomplish them! anw, don't worry too much about your fame or look...your fans will be with you whenever and wherever in whatever situation! hahaha! IU HWAITING! i believe in your daebak-ness:p
  3. NoctisYusuke

    NoctisYusuke New Member

    i got the album also~ i got the special limited album with the poster xD but its such a pity that i can go for the fan meet(?) or rather getting her autograph since i am a fan from singapore... but nevertheless, happy new year and good luck for the year ahead. wish you may have a smooth and good year. stay happy always. IU all the best to you :)
  4. khema wijaya

    khema wijaya Hearters

    아이유 언니 아!! >,<
    Wish you a very very happy new year!! ^w^
    Aaah it's been a year for me of becoming an U-ana (IU's fans)
    It's officially my 2nd year :)
    I still remember last year while waiting for new year, I listened to Good Day ^^ i'm planning to listen to You and I now :)

    IU ah, It has been 4 years of becoming a singer
    4 years of hardwork
    4 years of tears
    4 years of happiness
    It has been a sweet year for IU right? ^^

    Well, thank you so much for wishing us a very happy new year :)

    We will exactly love and support IU
    We will always there to comfort IU
    Thanks for showing us so much love this year :D

    Ah this might be just a simple world, but I think it's really meaningful, IU FIGHTING!!! 아이유 파이팅!!! d^^b and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 해피뉴여어
    !!! :DD

  5. natalie307

    natalie307 New Member

    IU now it's only 10 minutes that new year will arrive in korea and you become real adult. I hope that you feel well these days even though with yore packed schechule. you had endured and go through lots of hardship in the past, but your possitive attitude, look at you now, you attract everybody even they are your fan or not with your real talents and kind personalities. I just wish you have a happy life with your family, enjoy doing what you are trying to pursue. becoming a adult definitely open a new life, new experience for you, just like you had mentioned in heroes show. if you are still a child, everything you do will be praised by everybody even it's right or not. however, the way they look at you in adult' position is different ,!, so I think with your mature thinking and just keep work hard like now ( but remember remain your health ) humble thinking, keep the adorable-bright smile and the way you treat your fans, you make sure you will become a good person. you are the first singer in korea I am really like and you inpired me in many ways".........I hope one day I will have a chance to meet you in person. and now happy new year my sweetheart Lee Ji Eun !,
  6. MissIUx

    MissIUx Hearters

    In a blink of an eye, you have turned into a lovely adult. Before 2011 ends in my country, let me thank all the good people like you, who made 2011 so much beautiful for me. I pray you to be blessed with faithful years ahead, a light to guide your path, serenity within your mind. Have a victorious 2012, and a happy new year lee ji eun ( ゚▽゚)/

    And, have plenty of rest after your promotions end, all the best.
  7. Kun_

    Kun_ Donators

    Happy new year IU! May your wishes come true in 2012 and as always stay healthy and take care!
  8. IU.Hwaiting

    IU.Hwaiting Hearters

    Happy Year New to IU and to all IU fans!! It's been an amazing amazing year for her, I don't even know where to begin...well she did begin the year of 2011 on a high, winning her first ever Mubank Triple Crown with "Good Day" and then ending the year with Mubank Song of the Year "Good Day", how amazing is that?! Just when you think the year was over, news articles would appear of another record broken, award achieved, milestone reached by IU. This really has been a year to remember for IU, one that she established herself as one of the top artists in Kpop who has such a future ahead of her. IU will never cease to amaze us and I can only wish the best for her and her career, and may 2012 be just as wonderful and successful as 20IU 2011 has been

    IU, we will always keep supporting you no matter what! IU Hwaiting!
    p.s. Since I already have the special edition album, don't pick me :p hehe Just wanted to share my IU love.
  9. sweetIU

    sweetIU Hearters

    IU unnie!!
    Happy new year! Thank you for singing those great songs for us. Those songs are always make my day. I hope as you are going to be an adult in 2012, you could enjoy your adulthood! I love you unnie. I really2 do. Please keep singing for us for 2012, and so on! :) <3
  10. yooshu

    yooshu Hearters

    lalala land~~~
    um...i already had the album ;P
    anyway, i'll still drop my new year message for our precious IU
    hello my little princess...opss, you're not little anymore...already an adult in korea^^
    i'm hoping for the best to you...may 2012 will be another successful year to you...good luck for your japanese debut, I can't wait to listen to your japanese songs.
    be happy and keep wearing your cute, pretty smiles..don't you ever lose them :wink:
    himnae IU and saranghae! :razz:
  11. iCatRawrr

    iCatRawrr New Member

    Happy new year, IU unnie! All the best, and good luck :) . You're an adult now, ^-^ . I remember that time when you first debuted, you were only 16! Your debut song, 'Mia' has really caught my attention and I've been a fan of you since :D . Time flies past really fast, isn't it? Keke, keep looking pretty, keep smiling, keep working hard, and keep that awesomeness of yours! Most importantly, stay healthy! :) .

  12. peiqi93

    peiqi93 New Member

    Happy new year IU!!!!Even though i have only started to listen to k pop just for a month,you were the first k pop singer that attracted me with your new song,you and i.I admire your perseverance and determination, you are my inspiration that make me realize my actual dream in life!!!I hope for a successful 2012 for you and every IU fan like me!!!IU daebak!!!<3
  13. wolfish_way27

    wolfish_way27 Hearters

    IU unnie <3
    I hope you will have a great new year, the first as an adult. I hope that when the clock reached 12 a while ago, you were able to enjoy it with your loved ones and also with your fans who love and support you so much. The year of 2011 was incredible for you, and also for me, as I got to learn about K-pop for the first time and discover you as my role model! I know that 2012 will be as and even more amazing than 2011 for you, especially with your Japanese debut coming up, and also many other great songs from you. I hope that you can be happy and confident in anything you do, knowing that us fans will always be there for you, and we never want you to lose the smiles on your face :) Please star in more dramas so that we can see your lovely face more often! When you eventually start having solo concerts, and I'm sure it'll happen, I want to be there to support you, and it would be the greatest moment ever if I actually met you. For now, I'll settle with supporting in whatever way I can from the sidelines :) Saranghaeyo, IU unnie <3
    ~당신을 사랑~
  14. Alfie

    Alfie Donators

    To: 아이유 (IU), THANK YOU for being the person you are(you're an inspiration)...continue to do the things that you like, I wish you SUCCESS in your Japan debut, HAPPINESS in life and GOOD HEALTH.. =)

    [YOU] - sing [AND] - - listen keke....<3

    -ALL THE BEST in 2012, Happy New Year!~~
  15. apid

    apid Hearters

    Happy new year IU.
    Last year, you made my new year eve better with your goodday song
    And this year you make it better with you you and i and all song in your last fantasy year.
    I'm sure you gonna make another beautiful song that will make my day better
    Wish you nothing but the best for every activity in 2012

    We love you
  16. tumemanquexo

    tumemanquexo Hearters

    Happy new year IU. I'm really proud of you, I'm so happy and proud to be in this wonderful fandom.
    Take good care of your health and I'm looking forward to your next masterpiece.
    Let 2012 be another IU year!!! Let's work hard together in this year, unnie~~~ !!! <3

    I only manage to get the regular album, I was told that the special edition album was out of stock~~ !!!!!
    I guess I have to be faster the next time round, dear next/future special edition album, I'll... run to you.
  17. _ZH_

    _ZH_ Hearters

    Happy New Year,IU! I've been a BIG fan of yours since '미아'~..I watched almost every single videos of you ㅋㅋ
    Love your voice,personality..everything about you!hehe
    I hope 2012 will be a successful year for you and many many years to come~
    and.. I hope you'll come and have a fanmeet here in Malaysia.really wish to see you ^^


    (I really want her album! ^^)
  18. gloaroyo

    gloaroyo Hearters

    IU eonnie !!! Happy new year !!! Xin nian kuai le !!! LOL
    Saranghae~ <33
    Take care of yourself... Keep make good music, hope the best for ur carrier, hope all of ur wish come true, hope u'll find someone soon LOL
    We'll be waiting for ur next music, especially ur original composition ^^
    This year, u've been 20. Chukkae~ we're so proud of you (feel like I'm ur omma) :D
    Anw, love u sooo much!! Hope u can read this message!! Saranghamnidaaa~ *kisseu* um-maaaah~ :*
  19. sunflower

    sunflower Hearters

    Happy New Year IU!! <3 <3
    You're so wonderful ^v^
    Hope your own concert will come up soon or even your next album!
    You're just so perfect. :)
    Oh and hope you have a very great 2012!! Stay happy & beautiful. :)
    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. 21cssk

    21cssk Hearters

    아이유 낙원
    아이유 언니!!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ^^
    it's now 2012 eh? time went so fast. just now i ended my last minutes of 2011 watching your appearance at Strong Heart. and you will be able to tell how touched i am if only you see my face. Your spirit, i never recognized it before but now i know it all. Thank you for filling my days with your music. thank you for making me smile when seeing you. thank you for being my role model, my inspiration.
    i hope 2012 will be a better year than last year, and whatever wish you are wishing for will come true.
    let's spend more years together shall we? i will always be here for you, then, now, and always.

    Happy new year!! ^^ 사랑합니다~ 아이유 홧팅!! ♥
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