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Discussion in 'All About IU' started by litt0piggy, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. litt0piggy

    litt0piggy Hearters

    As we know, she will be recording and participating in this year's MBC Chuseok Dance Battle.
    What can of songs do you think she will dance to?
    What kind of dance do you think she will do? Will it be cute or power?
    Expectations? Anticipations?
    Will she be dancing at all or will she be just a guest or mc?
    What do you guys think since nothing is confirmed for now.

    I am psyche about this so much that I cannot wait! I'm hoping that for it to be a power dance with a song that has strong beats since I remember her saying that she had dance training with Beast's Hyunseung during her training days on this one radio back then. He's a good dancer so hopefully she will be too. However, I have a feeling it might be cute because of her concept... :(
    I hope she will actually be dancing and not just a special guest or MC because I want to see her dance!
    I just hope she'll do well and have fun!
  2. Chelliera

    Chelliera Hearters

    Truthfully I have no idea what the Chuseok Dance Battle is *slaps self*
    But since we're on the topic of IU dancing, I would love to see IU dancing some powerful songs for a change.
    Or something loose and ballet-ish.
    Or fast like the tango!
    Really, anything other than cute dances. I want to see IU trying something new ><
  3. starmint

    starmint Graphic Artists Staff Member

    under an ☂
    omg dance battle :O I agree with Chelliera, seeing her dance a more powerful song would be awesome *u* since all we've seen her do is cute, it would be nice to see another side of her~

    there's this tiny part in me that wishes she'll dance with Taeyang or Eunhyuk or something. Like a tango. But chances of that are close to impossible ;A; orrrr do a dance cover of like, Wedding Dress or Sorry Sorry~ my poor fangirl heart needs to see some interactions D:

    @OP: she danced with Hyunseung? :OOOO /searches Youtube
  4. NokiCooki

    NokiCooki Hearters

    Wah, I'm not sure if IU would be able to dance well because in "Heroes", it looked like she was having a hard time doing KARA's "butt dance". Which is totally fine with me, because I fell in love with her voice and cuteness. But now that the POSSIBILITY of her particiapating in a dance battle, makes me anticipate it more. If she dances, well, IU never really ceases to amaze me anyways, then that would be wow. If she is MC-ing, a bit of a let down, but at least we still get to see her.
  5. litt0piggy

    litt0piggy Hearters

    sorry to cut your post but what I meant was that during her trainee days, she and hyunseung had the same trainer. She revealed it in "091128 Suh Kyung Suk's Music Show"
  6. redevil

    redevil Donators

    Do you happen to have a link or something where I could watch/dl? :]

    Anywho, when was news of this announced? :O I've been following her avidly since her first mini, yet failed to hear of this. x_x
  7. litt0piggy

    litt0piggy Hearters

    sorry I dont have the radio with me anyone more... but try searching it up? It might work...

    Yea this even it on her schedule. Check the schedule section in News. She'll be recording it this weekend.
  8. I♥IU

    I♥IU Hearters

    when is this?!? I am so totally excited. I hope she dances to the newer songs like Miss A's song or Secret's song. :)
  9. Missa

    Missa Hearters

    woah ..im so excited...i was wondering if she was gonna participate yeey
  10. thecarrot

    thecarrot Hearters

    from fancams well she's dancing to SDB's Queen. and the pics kinda showed that she's pretty good at it XD
  11. frotzn

    frotzn Hearters

    owh im waiting for this...
    i would love if any guys will copy marshmellow dance
  12. PaulHD

    PaulHD New Member

    Her cover of Son Dam Bi's queen was amazing!!
    Gahh, she did it even better than SDB herself! I loved the acoustic intro at the beginning. Odd to have at a dance batlle, but when its IU singing.. who cares?!
  13. StOrMeR

    StOrMeR Hearters

    wants to see a strong and powerful dance
  14. Silence

    Silence New Member

    IU did Queen and it was awesome. I hardly finished listen to Queen by SDB, not that i don't like her but i wasn't into it. But when IU sang it, i was like...more..more. She was good when playing the guitar.
  15. norman28

    norman28 Hearters

    IU's vocal cords~ ♥♥
    IU's Version of Queen was so GREAT! Yoseob was a big fan of her lol
  16. vicng87

    vicng87 Hearters

    IU's rendition of Queen was absolutely adorable. i just might like it better than the original
  17. IrrasO

    IrrasO Hearters

    whenever IU does a cover of another artist's song, it always comes out like 10 times better than the original lol.
  18. ayaelectro

    ayaelectro Hearters

    She was great! I love son dambi's queen. And it was just too good when she sang it in guitar version
  19. littlehalu

    littlehalu Hearters

    I totally love her version of queen. she's so cute and sweet.
  20. Kkey

    Kkey Hearters

    I think that IU sang Queen better than Son Dambi ♥

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