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    Sorry for the innocent of me to ask this.. Is this website are Ji Eun noona's official website? Because i heard some news from Ji Eun noona's fans said that she will reply our questions on her official website. Or can someone tell me which is her official website? Thanks you so much!
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    Hi :)
    this is IU's international fansite, she did visit us once and left us a message here.
    If you're looking for her official korean website here's the link: http://iu.iloen.com/ but there isn't any place on that site where fans can ask questions.
    I think you're mistaking it for her official korean fancafe, she replies to her fan's comments a lot on there, here's the link http://cafe.daum.net/IU
    However you need a korean social security number to sign up for that cafe and recently she hasn't been using sns sites to talk with her fans.
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