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    We all knew that IU's IDEAL GUY is BIG BANG TAEYANG,but there's one guy *before TAEYANG* which IU revealed once on TV that she had once liked.


    IU’s selca friend explains their relationship on SBS’s “Dalgona”

    IU's now infamous “selca friend” recently appeared on SBS's "Dalgona" and clarified their relationship.

    The singer’s pre-debut sticker pictures with a mysterious young man sparked curiosity amongst many when the photo first surfaced on the internet. Dalgona, which is dedicated to reuniting celebrities with old acquaintances, brought the two together in its most recent episode.

    The ’selca guy’,
    Goo Myung Hoon
    , made a guest appearance on June 10th’s broadcast and even brought out his selca with IU to explain any false rumors.

    He said,"I'm the guy in the sticker picture.Fans still didn't believe [our relationship] when IU said on TV that i was an oppa that she had once liked and not her boyfriend."

    He elaborated on their relationship,saying,"We are just an oppa and dongsaeng to each other.We were once very close and we attend the same acting school.I'm definitely not her boyfriend."He explained that they took the sticker picture to celebrate IU's move and didn't not have any deep meaning.

    He also added that he experienced some trouble due to IU's fans' exaggerated reactions. *Source: kpop-news*

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