IU's- First debut and how she became Our IU now :D

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    Please Read this if u care about IU :D -Hey guys IU is a girl filled with all compliments and she is really brave one of the bravest and most confident girl i have ever met. Watch this vid- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UuJqbFNrW0 this vid is IU's first debut MIa. And the ppl at the bottom of the stage were cursing at her at the end but in this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KZ3ygnZcRI&feature=related (eng subbed) IU says about this and tells her feelings about her first debut and the curses that flew at her. It tells that IU really loves the stage and we should be happy for her and always support her. After finish watching these 2 vid think about if u were back then would u have tell her to get of the stage? I thought about it really hard coz i was really angry at those ppl and i decided that i won't coz i love her from back then till even now. :D
    [​IMG]IU <3 Fighting!
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    IU FIGHTING! haters gonna hate! if only i was there when they start cursing at IU.. im gonna smack their face real hard :))
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    when people chasing for a idol or get crazy over somebody, they just forget the basic fact: music itself is the most important

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