IU's 3rd anniversary project - gift report & contest winners

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    IU's 3rd anniversary project - Gift Report and Contest Winners


    Back in September, we asked WeHeartIU members to make donations to support the 3rd anniversary project being run by Korean fansite 930516.com (aka IU.com, or "aadot"). I know this was a couple of months ago now and I apologise for the lateness of this post, but I now have a full report of how the donations (ours as well as those of Korean fans) were spent.

    In addition, we offered prizes to two donators picked at random, and I have those names to announce too. So let's get to it!

    Gift Report

    I'm going to explain this using a combination of my own words, and those of the IU.com admin (translated from Korean). Wherever you see a quote box below, it's a translation from IU.com.

    You'll have already seen pictures of the posters that IU.com put up in the subway station. As you would expect, this cost a *lot* of money.


    LOEN's office is located in Samseong-dong, and exit 8 is the one LOEN employees use when arriving for work each morning. So it wasn't long until it was spotted and LOEN tweeted about it:

    Ad made by IU's fans in celebration of IU's 3rd year anniversary (9/18)! I keep on glancing at it on the way to work^^ To the sensible fans!! Let's go until the 100th year anniversary :) Thank you!!

    Lots of articles were written about the poster, so much so that "IU subway ad debut" became an auto-suggestion on Korean search portals.

    But a lot of the articles identified the advert as being placed by IU's uncle fans.

    The new ad actually has written on it that it's not just by uncle fans. :D


    Later, once the posters were taken down, both versions were sent to IU.

    As you'll have seen at the time, IU posted on her fancafe acknowledging the efforts of her fans:

    My fans are the best <3

    So this first part of IU.com's anniversary project was a big success, but it was also very expensive. It was at this point that WeHeartIU offered to help, so that they could still buy gifts for IU's actual anniversary date. In the end we sent $400, and below you can see how that was spent.

    (IU previously said that she'd kept the character cakes that had been given to her on previous anniversaries in the fridge, instead of eating them. :D)









    You can see the gifts laid out above. They were given to her at Inkigayo on the day of her anniversary. The sticker design included the chibi IUs used on the subway posters:


    I'm sure you'll agree that IU.com picked out a great selection of meaningful gifts, not only for IU but also her family and staff too.

    Contest Winners

    We originally said that we'd give away Mexicana mousepads to two donators, and that one of those people would also get a copy of IU's new album when it's released. To make up for the delay in announcing the winners, we've decided both winners will get the album as well as the mousepad.

    The two winners, picked at random, are ringringrang and burntbiscuit. Congratulations, I'll send you a PM soon.

    We'll soon be asking for your help again for a new collaboration with IU.com for IU's comeback, details coming soon!
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    Congrats ringringrang and burntbiscuit!! :)
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    grats^^ :)
    I can't wait to participate on future projects whi will offer
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    on your screen
    Great gifts and glad that WHI could have a part. Congrats to the winners :)
  5. mathova

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    congratulations for the winner :)

    I wish I can take a part to next IU project kekeke :razz:
  6. ringringrang

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    Hoorayyy~~~ I'm so happy I'm one of the winner *hug and jump in joy with burntbiscuit* :D
    Thank you guys for organizing such a great and meaningful project so I could participate in.
    Looking forward to new WHI's projects for our girl, IU
  7. Chydori

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    Congratulations to the lucky winners!!

    The gifts are indeed meaningful! The fans are awesome!
    And IU's pic with her poster is oh so cute!! ^^
  8. aidz143

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    IU's Heart
    The gifts are really great!!!! IU fans are DAEBAKKK! &lt;3 hopefully i can participate in the near future :)kekekeke
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    싱가포르! [Singapore]
    OPPS. i'm replying at such a late time! HAHAH.
    yeah!! (throws confetti) I would be more than willing to participate other projects in the future too. thanks a lot for the hard work put in(i'm sure there is a lot of processes getting our $$$ sent there, liasing, etc.)
    and for now, let's await for her album release!
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    Wow. Thanks for sharing all the updates regarding IU's 3rd year Anniversary, TheFly! :)
    It was so glad and happy to see that WHI had a contribution to this project.
    WHI fighting! Congratulations also to Ringringrang and Burntbiscuit! *wink*

    I love all the gifts that was given to her, it was very cute yet very memorable. It was the best!
    IU hwaiting! WeHeartIU fighting! :)
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    i wish i could join too .. :sour:ad:
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S I U H E A R T E R S ! !
    G O O D L U C K A N D F I G H T I N G ! ! ! :razz: :razz:
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    I can't wait to participate on other projects in the future!

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