IU's 21st birthday message thread

Discussion in 'Support and Projects' started by jmillyu, May 13, 2013.

  1. jmillyu

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    Hi all! As we all know IU's birthday is this week on May 16th!! Being international fans its somewhat impossible for us to wish IU a happy birthday to her face and to send her something with the date fast approaching, but don't feel down if you wanted to do something for her! That's where this thread will come to use :D

    Here you can wish IU a happy birthday and leave whatever comment you'd like in hopes of making her birthday a great one! Hopefully she will come by the site and read everyone's messages :) Even though this is only a small thing we can do for her, its the least we can do. Please keep your comments friendly and appropriate, as we all represent not only WeHeartIU but also IU :) That's all, thank you!​
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  2. anpooh

    anpooh Hearters

    I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true
    Happy Birthday IU ( Lee JiEun )
  3. IloveloveU

    IloveloveU Hearters

    Thank you for making this thread! :D

    Well First, Happy happy happy Birthday IU!!!!!
    I am an 11 month old fan!
    I know that you've grown a lot as an artist!
    Just want to say that you are the one who introduced Kpop to me.
    And I feel like this is one of the most important thing that happened in my life.
    You inspired me and now I am doing all of my efforts to succeed and to see you personally in the future!

    I know I am a newbie fan in kpop, I know all the efforts I do is just a SMALL thing compare to other fans.
    But I just want you to know that all of them really came from my heart <3 ^-^

    I wish that you will enjoy your special day on the 16th! and more blessings to come to you! You deserved them all!
    언니, 사랑해!!! 화이팅! :D Thanks for your hard work to make us fans happy!
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  4. YeeKeat

    YeeKeat Donators

    Thanks julia for making this thread! ^^

    Happy 21st Birthday IU!!!!! :D (Korean Age)
    Thanks for all the fabulous music you have given us for the past few years~
    Hope to hear more awesome music when you make your comeback!
    I wish that your career will reach the highest point as possible!
    Will Support you always~~~ ;)
    As a fellow 93-er, i wish you once again,
    -Yeekeat from Singapore~
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  5. jieunism7

    jieunism7 Hearters

    Happy birthday IU ♥
    I can't believe my baby is 20 already keke. I've seen you grow so much as an artist since I first saw you. You're still your beautiful self; always cute and witty. You are such a down to earth, kind and lovely person. I could go on forever just describing you. No words can describe how great of a person you are. Your voice is so beautiful sometimes it makes me cry hearing you because you can truly convey the feeling of the song. I think IU with her guitar is the best. You are my inspiration and my role model. I live in Europe in an island called Ireland. You have many fans around the world. May you have continued success in life^^ I love you IU unnie! IU FIGHTING! I will continue to support you and I am very proud to be your fan. No matter what they say tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I am Uaena ~ You're the Best Lee Ji Eun!
    -Jazheel Luna from Ireland
  6. Raiden

    Raiden Hearters


    Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope you know that you are not only an idol, but an artist!!
    K-pop lacks in singers with talent who also compose their own music.
    You are something K-pop has tried and will continue to try to duplicate but cannot.
    Singer/Artist/Actress/Angel IU. May you have the best Birthday this year!!
    You're the best Lee Ji-eun!!! ^_^
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  7. Cutiegail

    Cutiegail Hearters

    Happy Birthday, Ji Eun! :) Hope you will enjoy your birthday. Stay happy, cute and blessed. You're one of my inspirations in life, I love your songs and your dedication and passion into your craft as a singer. :) Thank you for being one of my favorite singers. Truly, the meaning behind your screen name says it all, "You and I can become one through music." :) Thank you for inspiring all of your fans. Take good care of your health. I hope you will be happy and finally achieve all of your goals/dreams in life. :) I love you, IU! Saranghamnida. Continue inspiring us. I love you sweet voice, your calm personality and everything about you. You are near perfection! ;) Happy Birthday! Big hug and lots of love. :)
  8. xavier32lau

    xavier32lau Hearters

    Happy birthday Ji Eun ! This is my 2nd year as a fan of urs and i hope u will be reading this ! But thanks for being the motivation and inspirations in my life. your songs is already part of my life :) Hope you will be happy and take good care of your health regardless how busy you are ! Sadly the gift i prepared will not be delivered to u ( i don't know how to send it x.x ) but i hope you can realise there will always be fans like me out there supporting and loving you !!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IU <3 <3 Xavier Lau from singapore :D xavier32lau on twitter :p
  9. 蔡松宇

    蔡松宇 Hearters

    Love u so much, u are very cute!
    happy birthday
  10. just iu

    just iu Hearters

    Thanks so much for making this thread!

    Happy birthday IU!

    Hope you realized by now that you indeed have a lot of international fans...who love you and support you in all your endeavors!

    I pray that you live a long and full life. God bless you Lee Ji Eun!
  11. heart

    heart Hearters

    happy birthday IU!!!

    stay healthy, cute, young, and smart!! keke

    i hope you can produce many great song and others in this industry music (sounds like producers ke ke ke) and i hope you always happy and full of cheers!!!

    heyy, right now you are grown up enough IU, that's mean you are legal to do anything!! And so many boy would look after you but please choose the right guy, the handsome one please ke ke. And introduce to us- your loyal fans- in the right time. Please! ;)

    Uncounted love fro IU fans in Indonesia^^
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  12. cristina

    cristina Hearters

    Happy Birthday My Princess / IU / Lee Ji-Eun

    I always thank God for giving us a cute, lovely, adorable, pretty girl like you :)
    You are the reason why do I love Kpop ....
    Thank you for the meaningful music that you shared to all Ueana ( not only Uaena... I should say to everyone in this world)
    You're song is always in our heart.... continue giving us a great music ;)

    I wish you a more blessing to come... more success in music industry because you are great singer....
    Not only singer you are now a ACTRESS ..... a award winning Actress ( You're The Best Lee Ji-Eun)
    You are my inspiration IU :)

    Happy Birthday IU <3

    Saranghamnida :)
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  13. nanzkee1

    nanzkee1 Hearters

    IU IU IU!!!! I love You so much. You are the reason why I love Kpop. HAHA! And yes, you are my ultimate bias here in Kpop industry. I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and more birthdays to come! Continue your success. Do whatever that makes you happy. Stay Strong! Don't mind the haters. They are just insecure. ^_^ FIGHTING!!!!!! ;)

    PS: Have a date with your bestfriends Jiyeon and Luna! When will be the debut of Soon Shin??? kekekek~ Soon Shin FIGHTING! IU FIGHTING~!!!! SARANGHEA~
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  14. Neala

    Neala Hearters

    Spain, Valencia
    I just have one thing to say... thank you for existing ♥
    I desire to you still with your deserved success, always smiling and remember we ALWAYS be here no matter what happens. And comeback~~~!
    I love you my beautiful princess ♥ I'm glad to stay here one year more, with you.
  15. aiyooaiyoo

    aiyooaiyoo Donators

    Midwest USA
    IU have a wonderful happy birthday! I know you can't keep track of all your fans individually, but I still want you to know that even though I haven't been posting here all the time, you are still my favorite and I am always cheering for you. I hope as you continue to grow that your days are filled with everything you wish and you learn and find all the things you hope for. I hope you are still "in your dream" and will keep making our dreams better and brighter.
  16. Stratos

    Stratos Hearters

    생일 축하해 우리 아이유! 아니면, 이순신이지?ㅋㅋ 언제까지나 행복하게 살았으면 참 좋겠거든. 무슨 일 있으면 이 오빠한테 얘기해 보는 것도 괜찮을 거 같아. 난 체코 팬인데, 한국에 올 수 있으니까! ㅎㅎㅎ 새로운 앨범을 기대하고 있는 팬이야! 항상 화이팅~
  17. taeeminn

    taeeminn New Member

    Happy 21st Birthday my princess!
    Well a 21st birthday, it's really important right! I hope you'll be able to spend it with your family at least and celebrate it with your friends. I wish you good health and be happy always! ♡

    Happy birthday again!! ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
  18. Xiao_Ai136

    Xiao_Ai136 Hearters

    IU Lee Jieun unnie!

    Saengil chukkae my dream sister! ^3^
    Always loving you and supporting you!

    stay cute and pretty unnie,you're my role model :3
    Saranghae ♥

    ~xiao ai-malaysia :)
  19. Laraelia

    Laraelia Hearters

    16/05/2013... happy birthday Lee Jieun, thank you for being born. Thank you for being IU... LETS GET OLD TOGETHER^^, nah! We are forever young... I love you.
  20. melonpop3

    melonpop3 Moderator Staff Member

    Happy Birthday IU!
    I can't believe how fast time has gone by-- I remember becoming a huge fan of yours almost 3 years ago! I've seen you grow up beautifully from a cute teen to a lovely woman. I really wish you could see the beauty within you and your songs that all of your fans see in you! Your quirky personality can easily make someone's day a lot better and I'm very thankful for all the smiles and laughter you provided me these past years.
    Please continue to succeed and strive for your dreams because your fans will always support you. I hope you have an awesome birthday and the wishes you blow off your birthday candles will all come true. :)
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