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Discussion in 'Completed Projects' started by Matt, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member


    16 May 2011 will be IU's 19th birthday (Korean age), and WeheartIU is planning a birthday project to help her celebrate.

    Following the success of our first project for her 2nd anniversary last year, we will again be sending her a package of gifts along with a collection of fan messages. Right now we're still at the early planning stage and we need your help.


    The first thing we need help with is gifts. We will be buying and shipping from the US which is cheaper and opens up more options to us than last time when we shipped from the UK.

    We've already thought of some things we want to buy her, but we need a lot more suggestions. Here are some things we've come up with so far:

    • Books
      Our IU is a big reader so we thought it would be nice to get her some English books that have been translated to Korean. Suggestions so far have been:

      "A Thousand Splendid Suns"
      "Love in the Time of Cholera"
      "Water For Elephants"
      "Little Prince"

      If you have any comments on these suggestions please tell us, and also recommend any other books you think she might like.
    • Oversized lensless glasses
      IU wears these all the time so we'd like to get her a pair or two. We haven't yet found any that both look good and aren't stupidly expensive, so suggestions please!
    • A purse/handbag
      Something more practical rather than a pure fashion accessory as we think IU would prefer this.
    • Hello Kitty goods
      The Hello Kitty fleece blanket we bought her last time was obviously a big hit as she's been spotted using it several times, so we definitely want to get her some more Hello Kitty-themed things.
    • Headbands and watches
    • Jewellery
      Not a necklace as the previous one didn't get worn, but something else of decent quality.
    • Fun/novelty gifts
    You can suggest things that fit into the categories above, or anything else you think IU might like.

    Fan messages

    Last time we made a simple scrapbook-style message book. We want to do something different this time, but we need suggestions.

    One staff suggestion was to try to make an IU fairytale book, to tie in with her "Cruel Fairytale" song (but this would be a happy fairytale). That would require a lot of original artwork though so I'm not sure if it's possible.

    Please give us any other suggestions you can think of for how we can present fan messages, as we'll need to get started very soon on producing whatever we decide on.

    One thing to note is that this time we will translate all fan messages to Korean, so IU will be able to read everything you write!


    We will need to ask for lots of donations to help cover the costs of buying gifts and shipping them to Korea. We will post more info soon about how you can contribute.

    For now, please give us lots of comments and suggestions for gifts and how to present the fan messages, and any other ideas you may have about how we can make this birthday really special for IU.


    Please promote this project on any other sites you visit! You can use any of these graphics, and link back to this thread.

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  2. clarissapatricia

    clarissapatricia Hearters

    you can try to look things up at ebay
    is there any specific most wanted items?
    how will we do the fan msg?
    is it based on each person's msg?
  3. burntbiscuit

    burntbiscuit Donators

    싱가포르! [Singapore]
    she doesn't have a instax right? so far only saw her using her iphone and sony nex. probably...we could give one to her? hahah. :)

    i'll update this post when I think of other suggestions!
  4. ryehanah

    ryehanah Hearters

    between IU guitar strings
    i love the oversized lensless glasses & hello kitty good idea.
    mickey mouse good also will be good bcuz the mickey hairband that she used in dream high bcome a big hit after she used it.

    hmm, this one maybe kinda hard & also copy from another fansite idea,
    but how about we find a star & name it after her.
    a real star just like heechul (super junior) fan gv it to him for his birthday last yr.
    just a suggestion.
  5. pumpkinpie

    pumpkinpie Hearters

    A thousand splendid suns is a really good book!!!! I think that we should also get her a product for her panda eyes. It's getting worse. Plus, it'll shows that we really care about her and want her to take care of herself first.
  6. Camilledark

    Camilledark Hearters

    HEY :)

    i want to write a letter to her. but i dunno where to send it.i want to suggest something in the fan letter :) and, i suggest to give her a pop-out card. which we totally work hard for :) && there are many tutorial pop-out cards in youtube that are unique. thats all. komapsumnida! :) IU, HWAITING! x)
  7. p00pie

    p00pie Donators

    What about guitar picks :) Different cute and cool design.

    And from Heroes episode, I see her wear Mickey Mouse quite a few times, is she a fan? Maybe somthing mickey mousey...

    As for jewelery what about earrings? or bracelet.

    >< i dont have much ideas... :(
  8. venonat_101

    venonat_101 Hearters

    Inside IU's ♥
    well.. as you said, IU is a book lover so i really suggest to give her books to read. and also making a scrap book that have fan messages is a great idea so that IU will know that she have strong supporters and fans outside korea. but again, IU is still a girl so jewelries and cute items is a MUST.
  9. Caricactures

    Caricactures Hearters

    How about some personalized WeHeartIU stickers for her guitar? Disney stuffs too, perhaps? Personalized IU oversized glasses? But I really like the ideas being put up here. They're great birthday gifts! And the book A Thousand Splendid Suns would be awesome too.
  10. superman26

    superman26 Hearters

    In Superman World~
    Hie~ Seems in the suggestion we are leaning to the a scrap book~
    and i saw some suggestions in here to give a pop up card~

    If the scrap book is about FairyTales (the happy version)..
    Mayb we could make a fairytale book with pop ups~
    It may sound fancy~ bt the work to put into dat will be quite a big one~

    I agree with getting a product for her dark eyes~
    so dat she can nt worry so much abt her dark rings getting worse~
    or health product for her skin or for herself to take?

    Will coem back for more~ when got more tings to say~

  11. Bananaaaa

    Bananaaaa Graphic Artists Staff Member

    What if we get her the new iPad2? :D and then maybe we can design our own WeHeartIU case and gift it to her together :D
  12. jinhong1990

    jinhong1990 Hearters

    how about a guitar?? since she plays acoustic songs... a pink guitar maybe? or guitar of her favorite colors? someone suggested that in some page and i think it isn't a bad idea... and i will come up with more ideas and probably help out with the artwork once my exam is over, just one more week ;)
  13. StarShapedGummy

    StarShapedGummy Hearters

    New York
    along with a scrapbook type of dealie...send her a usb containing fan-generated gifs and photoshopped goodies....notes...fan-generated covers/music messages

    also send her a cute pillow to sleep on =)
  14. BreadBoy

    BreadBoy New Member

    Why not get something related to a guitar or something? or maybe like things related to song writing? :) just a suggestion.
  15. p00pie

    p00pie Donators

    Guitar is a bit expensive, what about a cute ukulele HAHAHA.. oh and last night I thought of... diary/journal. I remember she kept saying she kept one and still writes in them even though shes tired. hehe just some more random ideas.

    And cute t-shirts and hoodies? IU is a simple girl, sometimes I think getting her a backpack is better than handbag lol maybe cos i havent seen her walking out all girly with handbags etc. :p
  16. Bananaaaa

    Bananaaaa Graphic Artists Staff Member

    ^haha yea i thought that maybe a backpack would be good for our IU too xD
  17. PenguinJihye

    PenguinJihye Hearters

    I'm a heavy reader as well, and i got some books in mind that I think are good~! ^^
    Here are the list:

    1. The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
    2. The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult
    3. Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult

    I've read all these books and they are all very interesting. Especially Jodi Picoult's books. Mostly they are all inspiring stories about families and relationships~ ^^

    Hope my recommendations can be some help for u guys~
    I really want to join this project~~~ >-<
  18. Nicasaurus

    Nicasaurus Hearters

    ^^ i like the idea with the pop up card... or maybe a pop up book with the fan messages?... though it would be kind of difficult... it would be good ^^
    and maybe IU would like some cute plushies? ^^ haha suggestions suggestions~
  19. venonat_101

    venonat_101 Hearters

    Inside IU's ♥
    hrmmm.. a costume made guitar would be great. we can put WEHEARTIU on the guitar.

    also as you all said, IU is a simple girl so a backpack is a great idea <3

    still brainstorm guys... !!!
  20. touji

    touji New Member

    It would be wonderful if we could make / recreate an arrange for happy birthday, and have a gigantic chorus wishing her a happy birthday through song~!

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