IU wins #1 on M! Countdown

Discussion in 'News' started by Block-ster, Dec 23, 2010.

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    It was a battle between IU and T-ara for the #1 spot on M! Countdown today, and in the end, it was IU who came out on top as she ends T-ara’s run of two consecutive wins plus nabbing her first solo win on the show! Congratulations to IU!

    IU won for the Best eve girl for MCD Awards too!

    By: Casper
    Source: allkpop
  2. Dream_Angels

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    Ahh! I am so happy for her!

    I hope that she will be able to get three wins in a row!!!

    It's too bad that on that day there weren't many performers.

    But regardless, IU did great!

    Hopefully she would be able to sing with Thunder soon. (Or a member from BEAST).

  3. deadwicthdoctor

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    so happy for her...
    look like her future is bright...
    congarts to her for winning in MCountdown and wish that the win would continue to the other show..
  4. heart_IU

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    chukha hamnida IU :)
    hope she will win at mubank today ^^
  5. burntbiscuit

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    싱가포르! [Singapore]
    congratulations to her!
    and i want to hear her sing with thunder soon too! having a duet perf is going to be so awesome. :)

    music bank's today!
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    Songstress IU was named the winner once again on Mnet's music cable channel show "M! CountDown" with her song "Good Day" on Thursday

    "I want to thank my family including my mom, dad, grandma and my older sister. I also want to thank all my fans," IU was quoted as saying during her acceptance speech.She also took the stage to sing for the first-time her Christmas carol "Merry Christmas in Advance."

    IU has made a successful return to the local music with her third mini-album "Real." She has been promoting the title track "Good Day" which has swept various online and offline music charts since its release early this month

    Other singers on last night’s show included GD&T.O.P, the three duo unit performances from boy band BEAST, Seo In-young and Boehemian.

    Reporter : Heidi Kim
    Editor : Lucia Hong​
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    Congrats to her... 2 down one more to go... Heard she will be going up against KARA this time for Music Bank... crossing my fingers for an all kill for her :D
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    congratulations ^^

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