IU, the star who should not bare all:)

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    Singer IU has been named the star who should not bare all.
    For the episode of cable channel Y-Star’s ‘Goong Geum Ta’ to air on June 10th, a star survey was conducted against 200 citizens to name the star they want to protect from nudity.
    On the survey, IU of the young and pure image has topped the list. It appears that the people want to protect the young singer who after all, is the national little sister.
    Actress Shin Min Ah who boasts the perfect body line also made the list for the reason that people thought they would get jealous if they see her bare it. Actress Lee Min Jung made the list also with the support of the male fans who strongly opposed nudity for the actress because they felt they wanted to protect her.
    For the ‘Face is Hul, Figure is Huk!’ survey, the stars whose superior figures outshine their look were selected and model Jang Yoon Joo topped the list. Singer G.Na also made the list even though she has a very pretty face because people surveyed felt that her fantastic figure really draws the eyes before her pretty face ever gets a chance.

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    hello! a topic about this was already made here, please go there for any further discussions! Also please do not repost other articles from other sights such as allkpop here without citing them, its against the rules. Thank you!
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