IU: "I Feel Both Amazed and Fear 'IU Syndrome'" [2010.12.30]

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    IU’s new song entitled “Good Day” ranked atop the various music charts.

    When high school student singer IU (real name Lee Ji Eun, 17), who has emerged as the “nation’s little sister,” sings the song “Good Day” on the stage, male fans cheer for her with deep masculine voices, chanting, “A great success of IU’s ‘Good Day.’”


    When she sings the chorus with the lyrics “I really like you,” the cheers become a roar. Many new buzzwords such as “IU Syndrome” and “IU Watch” have been coined on the internet, and the title song “Good Day,” which is included in her new mini album entitled “REAL,” bears another nickname of "three octave song" because of her excellent singing ability in high-pitched tones. Her song has ranked atop the various music charts, reflecting her huge popularity.

    She debuted in 2008 as a middle school student singer. Her duet song with Im Seulong in 2AM entitled “Nagging” and another duet song with Sung Si Kyung entitled “It’s You” achieved great success this year, and she is now at the height of her popularity with the song “Good Day.”

    During the recent interview, IU seemed to be dazed at this huge popularity only within two years after her debut. She said, “There was a news article analyzing me, and my mention about my ideal type suddenly became a news topic. So I am really bewildered. I feel very good that people have come to like me, but I am also very worried because this situation could change whenever. These days, I just try to focus on singing without caring about the situation around me. I will also stop screening articles about me on the internet.”

    There are many girl group members with beautiful appearances, but people from elementary school students to grown-up males are crazy about this relatively common girl singer IU. What makes them crazy about IU? She answered, “Maybe it is because the song ‘Good Day’ is a very good song with unusual melody. I am only 161 centimeters tall and I do not have a pretty appearance. I think that this plain appearance and ordinary manner might have given friendly images to people.”

    Some people say that she suddenly became a star, but it is not true. A recently released video footage of her audition at JYP Entertainment, in which she actually failed, proves that she is not a sudden star. IU said, “From the time when I was in the first grade of middle school, I attended many auditions, and I failed more than ten times. I needed more qualifications at that time. I was not that pretty and my voice was a little bit different from now. If I apply for the same audition now, I might most likely fail again.”

    But her singing ability with her now mature voice, which is totally different from her young appearance, has already been recognized by senior singers such as Lee Moon Se, Yoon Sang, and Yoon Jong Shin. IU considered Lee Moon Se as her role model. She said,” There are many singers whom I really respect, but I like singer Lee Moon Se’s way of singing. I am not interested in any technical skill for singing, and Lee Moon Se sings with his nice voice without adding any technical skill. Frankly speaking, when people called the new song the 'three octave song' after the first performance on the stage, I felt pressured. I have not made any mistakes until now, but whenever I come up onto the stage, I feel nervous about making mistakes.”


    As she is in the spotlight, any trivial thing about her and her comments and behavior always become headlines. She gave rice cakes to students at her school, Dongdeok Women’s High School, and this also became a headline again with the title “Love Towards Her School.” About the question of whether she personally celebrated her top ranking, she waved her hand. She said, “I gave rice cakes to my classmates because I felt sorry for them. The average mark for my class has fallen and the school has always been noisy because of me. I had to leave school early due to busy schedule, so I am not good at studying now. I will enter the third grade next year, but I think that I have to agonize more about entering university because I have become busier than before, so I might not be able to find time for studying.”

    In addition, she mentioned several people including Tae Yang, Yoo Seung Ho, and Yoo Ah In as her ideal types, and it also created noise on the internet. She said, “In fact, I am young and I do not have any particular standard for an ideal type yet. I am still excited whenever I see entertainers in person. But definitely I have to be more careful about making any comment.”

    She has her own outspoken way of speaking and she revealed her peculiar charming with her speaking way when she appeared on the SBS TV’s entertainment program “Good Sunday – Heroes.” IU will also appear in the KBS 2TV drama “Dream High,” which will begin airing from next month, by playing an impressive character named Kim Pilsook. She said, “I am not familiar with acting, but the character that I will play named Kim Pilsook is similar to me because she has a complex about her appearance, so I think that I might be able to play her very well.”

    In addition, she revealed her ambitions, saying, “I want to continue releasing albums and appearing on entertainment program. Most of all, music is the most important. I am taking guitar lessons and studying music when I have time. I want to become a leading solo female singer soon.”

    Source: KBS Global (in English)
  2. Tetsuya

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    First !

    After reading the entire article,one can understand all the confusion when a sudden burst of popularity thrusts her into stardom.

    To achieve so many things after just debuting slightly over 2 years ago is absolutely astronomical,and that it is definitely no mean feat. At least now everyone's taking notice of her,with that,i feel happy for her.

    Thanks for posting ela!
  3. janeberryblue

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    so much to deal with at such a young age... i'm so grateful that despite the sudden fame thrown in her face, she is still the same humble IU as she's always been. BUT WHY DOES SHE INSIST SHE'S NOT PRETTY?!?!?! girl needs to seriously go look in the mirror :p hehehehe
    i'm so honored to be her fan!
    thanks for sharing this~!
  4. Zero

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    Well I guess she denied that she is pretty, but she didn't deny that she's cute. =]. Keep releasing albums girl, I'll be waiting for your next release while enjoying 'Good Day' at the moment.
  5. burntbiscuit

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    싱가포르! [Singapore]
    yeah, in addition she's a solo singer! so for the sudden rush in popularity, it might be really tough on her sometimes. :( worrying about this and that. haha, but even though its great that she's popular now!

    and our humble IU, please don't deny that you are not pretty. hahah. appear more on variety shows!
    ~~thank you for sharing this with us!
  6. Block-ster

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    I guess she must have been taken aback for her sudden boost of popularity.
    And that is something none of us can imagine.
    She must have been going through a lot of stress.
    The sudden focus from the media and stuffs.
    But well, I think everything will work out in its own way.

    Seriously, I just love how IU has a complex of her looks.
    It's so much better than those other stars that are competing with each other on appearance. ;X
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! :)
  7. grooveiu

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    Thanks You for this article... reading it makes me understand IU more and love her more :)
  8. MintRainbow

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    Thanks for posting this article up ^^
    Why does she keeps on saying that she does not look pretty??
    She is as pretty as the girl idol groups...
    But I think most of the fans are fans due to her melodious voice, right? (cause I'm ^^)
    I wish IU success in the upcoming drama :)
  9. KQI88

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    I too was amazed abou this. I still remember the time no one knew her or she was called the girl of kpop covers on youtube or the My boo kid. Really make a improvement so proud ^^
  10. ClaireFogi

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    She's really made it so far.. congrats.
  11. guohao91

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    Thks for sharing the LONG and informative article,which makes me understand more about IU hahaha :rolleyes:
  12. meljijang

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    IU land ♥
    Long article ! but after I read it , I love IU more > <
  13. Goodman

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    she definitely will become the leading female solo singer!
  14. idkakkak

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    Thanks for translating. She's really made it so far.. congrats.
  15. MrJunRong

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    She's cute and i love her voice!^^

    All the best IU!
  16. Kath

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    I like how she's humble. :) Good Day is a great song, I'm glad she's still going strong on all the charts!
  17. efretz

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    Her voice always better everyday
    With Good Day I hope many people will give love and support you, IU
  18. vince007

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    I'm so happy that she is gaining more popularity now! "Good Day" allow her to show everyone what she is capable of... and I can't wait what surprises she will throw at us in the future. Her popularity will increase exponentially!!!
  19. chyyeeah

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    Bay Area, California
    She needs to accept that fact that she is beautiful. Personally, I think she is a REALLY cute girl because of her personality AND her looks. However, there is the saying that beauty is not determined by looks and she definitely fits this considering how far she has come to achieve so much. I am also happy for her that she has finally become "popular" even though I feel that she could have achieved this earlier if everyone opened their minds to other artists instead of just the three major companies. Nevermind that though since it has past, she finally made it this far and still has the potential to go farther and beyond!
  20. arcanjo

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    I'd say that haha ^^

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