IU, "Due to the uncles, my album is a big hit!" [2011.11.29]

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    "Worries about being 20? Longing for a college life? I have none."
    "Predict 2nd Album will be a hit? I saw my manager's ghost."
    "Singer IU? Entertainer IU? I like both."

    On a cold day in a cafe in Kwanghwamoon, we met IU (real name: Lee Jieun). Even after releasing her second full album following her year-long hitaus, IU's bright smile and confident eyes were still the same. She was still happy. Once she started talking about her album after reminiscing about her busy days of being an actress and an entertainer, she was eager to show it off.

    "My second full album is filled with 13 songs that were created with many famous uncles. They are musicans that I always liked. I even got to write my own lyrics to a guide song that I got from the singer that I have liked since my debut, Corinne Bailey Rae." The uncles that she was talking about ended up being the nation's best musicans. Jung Jaehyung, Yoon Jungshin, Kim Kwangjin, Yoon Sang, Lee Juk, Kim Hyungsuk, Jung Sukwon, Kim Hyuncheol, Lee Minsoo, G.Gorilla, and Ra.D are the legends inside IU's second album.

    IU revealed, "When we were working on the songs they never scolded me once. Even though I am lacking, I couldn't help but enjoy being in the recording studio. The hardest part was each uncle had a different musical preference so when I was singing it was difficult to match what they wanted. Especially for this album's title song 'You & I', I re-recorded it twice. I think it was too hard for me to fully understand having a both happy yet sad emotion in that short amount of time." Through this, IU showed the hardships that took place during the recording.

    While working on the difficult recording process, IU said she saw a ghost of her manager. "I saw my manager walking into the recording studio, when he was supposed to be going to the bathroom after talking to an engineer in the hallway. I followed him in confusion but there was no one in there. Once coming out I saw my manager walking out of the bathroom. When I told him he said 'IU you're probably seeing things' and no one believed me. Maybe I was the only one who saw a big hit coming? (laughs)".

    Note: In Korea it is considered a sign of good fortune to see a ghost.


    That day IU looked really thin. Her symbol of cuteness, baby fat in her cheeks, was gone. "People around me told me that I looked like a skeleton and some said that they couldn't use me (for CFs etc). It's because of being an actress, a singer and an entertainer. My legs and arms don't get fatter anyway, so losing weight isn't neccesarily a good thing." She also stated that even if she loses weight, she likes being busy. If she was given a chance to do something that suited her, she would be happy to do anything including acting or being an entertainer.

    IU who was called 'Girl Singer' and 'Diva Girl' has become a star. She is also no longer a quiet and shy girl. Due to the fact that many took interest in her, she started to shine. As a result, she revealed that she took careful notice of every action that she made, being fascinated but causing herself to worry at times. "Before, I was always the kid that was in the background. It was hard for me to get casted in even one program, and when people thought that I was a guest on a show for the first time when I had been on before, it saddened me. Suddenly getting the spotlight? That's! Not! True!"

    With her comeback date coming closer, IU says her way of promoting her album is to be truthful. "It's not because it's my album, like I said earlier I want to see the effect of the uncles helping me. I also want to see the uncle fans' chants! In my songs, there isn't a catchy melody like most of the songs that the idol groups create. I want to throw out the analogue emotion that a 19-year-old has."

    Saying that she wants a duet with John Clayton Mayer, IU's greed for music is never-ending. It is because of that 'greed' that IU is not afraid of going into 2012.


    -IU's Bonus Interview
    1. IU likes designer bags?
    Not at all. It was T-ara's Jiyeon's birthday not long ago so I went to Dongdaemun to buy a bag. Later on I found out it was a imitation of a designer bag that wasn't even worth 50,000 won.

    2. Your ideal type since debut, Kim Taewoo, is getting married.
    One day I couldn't go to sleep so I went online and searched for G.O.D. I was like "Oh my god!" and was really suprised. I was the first star to send him a text message to congratulate him. I'm still young. So even if it's not Taewoo oppa, there are still many others, hahaha!

    3. One of the "Superstar K3" cast, Do Daeyoon, wants to have a duet with you.
    I would love it. I have fun on weekends due to that show. Same with "Star Auditions 2".

    4. Celebrities' "Airport Fashion". Do you put any effort into that?
    I felt humiliated before. Others go around with no makeup on and still get recognized.. I think my no-makeup face is all wrong. (laughs) They didn't take any pictures. I won't say what day that was.

    5. SBS Inkigayo with Kara's Hara and Nicole. Did you adjust well to being MCs together?
    Since I became close with Nicole through a variety program, we use 'Kakaotalk' and talk in Japanese. Since she's so nice to me, I'm having fun while learning Japanese. I recently exchanged numbers with Hara. She's a lot nicer than I realised. I want to become closer with her.

    Translation: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
    Edited by: TheFly @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: The Star
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    lolz at iu answer at being young so it's okay for kim taewoo to get married
    n i love nicole n iu
    and saw a ghost? maybe that's a lucky sign
    and i would love to see iu speak japanese
    bet her japanese would be kute
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    Hueco Mundo
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    she's so cute!!! i'm replaying her new mv "you and i" for like the past one hour!!! XD
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    "There are still many others.." i think one of 'others' is Taeyang haha!
    She's just so cute! Well, I hope it's really a sign for her good fortune. Emm, not fortune really. I hope it's a big hit sign for her new album =)
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    If you watch her performance at the Tokyo Legend 2011 concert on Youtube, she speaks some Japanese to the audience in between the song The Story I Didn't Know and Good Day.
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    If IU went to the airport without makeup i will definitely recognise her! She should stop depreciating herself.. She still looks really cute and beautiful without makeup on. ^__^
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