IU Discusses Plans To Retire

Discussion in 'All About IU' started by mahalkosiiu, May 30, 2012.

  1. mahalkosiiu

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    Batangas, Philippines
    I read this news to other site and I just want to share this to others, although I guess almost all of the fans are from Korea and heard about this news.
    Look for this link: http://www.jpopasia....ire::11197.html
  2. ayeh

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    aww.. :? i hope she still be a singer even after her marriage..
  3. aiyooaiyoo

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    Midwest USA
    I support whatever choices IU wishes to make for her life, but I hope she reconsiders this. I think she could have a wonderful career as a singer and songwriter without pursuing the idol lifestyle of constant appearances. Writing music and singing in a home recording studio can both be done by a mother staying at home without interfering with domestic life. A musician doesn't have to do constant performances and publicity.

    I would hope that any man lucky enough to marry IU would say to her that he wanted her to continue making music.

    Also, I think IU's children - in the future - would prefer this. Imagine being IU's child, and learning that your mother was one of the great singers of her generation - but she decided to stop singing entirely when you were born. Wouldn't you feel bad about that? I am very glad of the contributions my parents made to the world with their work in the world, I do not wish that they had stopped doing those things to spend more time on me.

    I hope that IU realizes that her gift for music is something that benefits the whole world, and that the music she makes can enrich her children and husband's lives. As I said, it is her choice, and I fully support her decisions for her own life, but I think she is mistaken to think that having a fulfilling marriage and family would mean that she should stop being a musician.
  4. danielkim90

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    Yeah whatever happens, wish her the best whenever she chooses to settle down. I read this funny comment somewhere, don't remember where, but someone joked what if her future husband didn't know that IU was gonna retire from entertainment business before he married her.
  5. enqin

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    i will miss IU voice~~~
  6. sakura_teppei

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    I've watched somewhere in youtube where one of the japan tv doing some segment on her. And on one of the segment, the MC brought IU to some shop and shows her bridal gowns. they talk in japanese of course,which I scarcely understood, and when the MC as IU when she want to get married, she answered that she want to get married when she turns 30.

    but then again, I might make my own translation .....

    I do hope she will continue singing forever~
  7. beetlejuice

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    whatever happen, I will support her decision :D
  8. secko

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    I think the same... we as fans can only support her decision.
  9. konfesobear

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    this news really makes me sad..it's been almost just a month when i discovered IU's voice and i want to hear more of it..but if it's her decision then my only choice is to suport her and be happy for her..right?

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