IU and Park Myung Soo become hosts in new quiz show.

Discussion in 'All About IU' started by LoveGoodDay <3, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Did u know that IU and Park Myung Soo (the comedian) are the hosts for this new quiz show called "The most consecutive wins quiz show'?? The new show features ten teams, each made up of ten members, participating in a quiz competition to determine the top one team. Once the final team is selected, the ten members within the team will then compete against one another to become the winner. The winner will then compete against the previous winner of the show to determine who will be crowned the final winner.
    If the winner is able to remain victorious seven consecutive times, he or she will be awarded a prize money of 300 million KRW (~ 266,000 USD), the biggest amount to ever be given out on a quiz show in Korea

    The first episode airs on the the 19th of August but I'm unsure of what channel it is on T.T If any of u know, please tell me :)
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    Wow that's great! I've never heard of this but hopefully more people will come around with information about it :))

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