IU acknowledges WHI?

Discussion in 'All About IU' started by crazy4iu, May 17, 2011.

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  1. crazy4iu

    crazy4iu Hearters

    I'm really curious...
    Does IU know about WHI now. I have read a post that was posted a long time ago that said that IU didn't know about us. But does she know about us now?
    I'm wondering because we all love IU and I want this love to reach her.
  2. wongeen

    wongeen Hearters

    New York
    Yup! IU does know about us :D when iuline met her at the YSB fan sign she says she knew WHI and that she would visit sometime XD heres the fan account: http://weheartiu.com/forums/topic/2434-fan-account-back-from-ysb-fansign/

    I'm hoping she will visit WHI soon because the staff made like a "how to get to WHI.com" poster for her and included it in her birthday presents. So hopefully she will follow the guide and log onto her "IU" account and say hi to us ^_^
  3. tk198

    tk198 Moderator Staff Member

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    Similar thread here: http://weheartiu.com/forums/topic/221-discussion-does-iu-knows-about-whiu/
    Please check if there are existing threads of the same topic before starting new ones.

    Closing topic.
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