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    This interview took place in March 2011


    IU, the Nation's Little Sister who attracts Uncle Fans.
    "My complex is my nose, before my debut I was advised to get surgery."

    On March 4th, 1:30pm, in a cafe located in Yeouido, Seoul, she appeared right on schedule. With her long curly hair put back, she was wearing skinny jeans with a hooded jacket. She looked a lot cuter in real life than on TV. It was hard to look away from her small smiling face. This is the story of the 'The Young Diva', 'The General Trend' and 'The Nation's Little Sister', also known as IU.

    Out of all the drinks that were on the menu, IU had ordered Misutgaru*. It seemed like she didn't have time for lunch due to her hectic schedule. Recently due to her schedule she had no time to get interviews. Her manager had stated, "It was hard for her to have this interview, we barely made the time for it." Even a year ago nobody would have known her life would suddenly change like this.

    * Traditional powder made from rice that has been cooked, dried and ground, along with nuts and other grains.

    Trainee that Self Taught herself in a Small Room

    ▼ How do you feel getting called the Hot Trend IU?

    'It's a compliment. But I still get burdened by it.'

    ▼ Your voice is unique, was it always like that?
    'My voice used to be husky. When I talk it's still a bit husky. My vocalist said that was too common and told me to find my own special voice so I tried hard to find one. The voice that I have now is my new voice.'

    ▼ Weren't you afraid of the competition with the idol groups when you debuted as a soloist?
    'I didn't pay attention to it. I think being a soloist and in a group are two different things. It's natural that more people would be attracted to idol groups. Their performance is more superior so I didn't dare to think of them as my rivals. Although things may seem missing when singing by myself, I just have to do what is right for me.'

    ▼ Was there a time when you were a trainee?
    'I was a trainee for 10 months. I thought my time as a trainee was too short and wasn't ready to debut but my company said that I could. They trusted me more than I could trust myself which is the reason why I debuted quickly.'

    ▼ We heard you didn't pass many auditions
    'I tried about 20 times. JYP was the most famous company that I tried out for. Then I tried out for many small companies. Before I came to LOEN Entertainment, I was a part of Good Entertainment and trained there for a little bit. I was training alongside the trainees that were supposed to debut as '5 Girls'. It was G.NA, After School's Uee, Wonder Girl's Yubin, 4 Minute's Heo Gayoon, and Secret's Hyosung. Whenever I see them on music shows I greet them happily and we all have a good relationship with each other. I'm happy that they are all doing well.

    ▼ You must have been disappointed every time you didn't pass the audition.
    'I'm optimistic so it didn't frustrate me or give me a hard time. Even when I tried out I didn't have a big expectation. I just tried out because it was fun. But I knew that I could be a singer one day. Now that I think back to it, I think I was being reckless.'

    ▼ Were you uncomfortable filming 'Dream High' with JYP's Park Jinyoung who didn't pass your audition?
    'Working with the President of the company that I wanted to go into was an honor. While making the OST Park Jinyoung sunbae gave me the song 'Someday'. The lyrics were really good. As I thought about the hard times when I first debuted when I sang this song, I was able to fully understand the song. I really like the lyrics that he wrote. When we recorded it he even directed it. I received a lot of compliments from him. Because of him I was able to gain more confidence.

    ▼ As a musician what do you think about Park Jinyoung?
    'An amazing artist and dancer. While I was acting with him I could see that he was a pro. Whenever he was practicing his dance moves or his lines, he was always facing the wall and practicing it. Even though there were a lot of rookies he was the one who worked hard the most.

    ▼ How was your life as a trainee?
    'I had a lot of free time in my room. During those times I practiced my guitar as well as my singing. I didn't get a separate lesson to play the guitar, I learned by watching others so I'm lacking a lot of the basics. When the composers told me how to play one chord, I kept on practicing that in my soundproof room. I kept on practicing my guitar for 4~5 months. Although I wanted to learn how to sing while playing the guitar, it was also because I didn't have anything else to do. It was a way to pass time.

    ▼ Is there another instrument that you know how to play?
    'I played the piano for a while but since I didn't play it for a while I got rusty. Recently my fans sent me a piano as a present so I'm trying to learn again.'

    In the beginning there wasn't a stage where I could perform.

    ▼ Since when did you want to be a singer?
    'I loved singing ever since I was a little kid and when I was in elementary school being an idol was one of the things I wrote for my future job. I was in 7th grade when I officially wanted to become a singer. I loved the feeling that I got from singing in front of my school. It was then that I knew I should become a singer. I started to go audition after that.'

    The company gave her a debut present by creating her name 'IU'. IU has the meaning 'You' and 'I' will become one through music. However she didn't get her name known through her debut song 'Mia'. IU remembered this time as one of the hardest things that she had to go through in her entire life.

    'I was really disappointed. I was already disheartened for failing a lot of auditions. The time between my debut until my first album was the hardest for me. I wanted to sing but there wasn't a place where I could. But I still didn't regret being a singer.'

    Along with IU's first album came her fans. While there were barely 1,000 members in her official fan cafe 'U愛나' in the beginning, there are currently more than 60,000 members. While idol groups are loved by mainly teenagers, IU was receiving love from all age groups (especially from uncle fans). IU also has a lot of fans that are stars. Soccer player Son Heungmin is one of them.

    ▼ Do you know that soccer player Son Heungmin has picked you as his ideal type?
    'Yes. I'm happy to hear that from the player that receives the most attention. I heard that he is a nice and friendly person. I was able to call him once through Noh Hongchul. After saying 'Hi, nice to meet you' he told me to work hard and be healthy.'

    ▼ If you go on a blind date would you ever go out with that person?
    'I don't really like blind dates but I would try to become friends with that person.'

    ▼ It looks like your fans like bright songs like 'Good Day' more than ballad songs.
    'That's why I'm having a hard time creating this new album. Creating a song that my fans and I will both like. I like melancholy songs. I can say that 'A Story Only I Didn't Know' is close to my type of song. The people that became my fans during 'Boo' and 'Marshmallow' promotion were disappointed to hear this song. I understand them though. Although I haven't made a decision yet, I'm planning to release songs which my fans will like while time to time I'll release songs that I like. I think that'll make everyone happy.'

    I became interested in reading because of my mom

    ▼ Is there a star that you respect?

    'I respect Yoonsang sunbae. I know a lot of songs since I went to karaoke rooms with my parents but I like all of his songs. I like him as a composer and a singer. I told my company that I would really like to work with him for my upcoming album.'

    ▼ Did you ever have any crushes?
    'I liked a lot of people. I liked my friends, oppas, this person, that person but I still don't know what love is.'

    ▼ Do you have any complexes? I was thinking that it might be dancing but...
    'It's not like I became a singer due to my dancing skills so I don't have to do it. Thankfully it's not like I absolutely can't dance so if I ever need to dance I can still dance a bit. I have a lot of complexes about my face rather than dancing though.

    ▼ Do you not like your face?
    'It's not the matter of liking or not liking my face but since I'm an idol I wish that I had a prettier face. But since I'm receiving love with this face I have got I guess it really isn't a complex.'

    ▼ Before you debuted did you ever get the advice to get plastic surgery?
    'At first I said I didn't want to. It seemed scary and my mom disapproved of it. I did bring it up once before releasing 'Good Day' but then they told me not to. They said if I really wanted it I should get it after I turn 20. Although there are fans that like my small nose I still wish it was a bit higher.'

    ▼ What do you think you would be doing if you weren't a singer?
    'I would be studying since I'm in 12th grade.'

    ▼ How's your school life?
    'There are a lot of times where I can't attend the afternoon classes, so I don't have anyone that I can call my friend. So in order to help the school I try not to reject a school performance.'

    ▼ How's your atmosphere at home?
    'It's filled with happiness. My mom smiles and laughs a lot but because she's hot-tempered once she gets mad it's not even funny. My dad is really sincere and stern but unlike his personality when he laughs it's uncontrollable. During those times my mom makes fun of my dad saying that he's like a kid. My parents sell accessories and since they were busy, my grandma raised me. It's really fun to be around her.'

    ▼ What kind of a daughter are you?
    'Before I used to be unsociable but now I fool around more and have more aegyo**. My little brother acted like a girl while I was fooling around so people always said our personality must have been switched. Even now I still fool around in front of my brother.'

    ** Charms/cuteness.

    ▼ Does your brother feel uncomfortable for having a celebrity sister?
    'Before, my brother said he was getting stressed out from his friends asking him to get my autograph and my phone number. After changing schools he said he won't tell others that he's my little brother. I felt bad.'

    ▼ Did you go through puberty?
    'I think I went through it quietly. I didn't do anything outrageous.'

    ▼ We heard you were class president in elementary school. Your parents must have had a high expectation in your studies.
    'My mom was hoping that I would focus on studying. Thankfully my brother became better than me at school so she stopped paying attention to my studies. I was 1st/2nd place in my class but I've never been in 1st/2nd in the entire school like my brother did in middle school.'

    ▼ We heard you decided not to go to college. Did you give it up or postpone it?
    'It'll depend on if I have enough time to study. Right now I don't have time to study and I don't want to. I feel that it won't be too late to go when I finally have time and decide to go.'

    ▼ What's your hobby?
    'I like reading. When I was younger my mom made me read a lot and it became a habit. Recently I read a book called 'Little Nicola'. It was like a story book fit for an adult. I also watch the news so that people won't call me dumb.'

    Has the same stubbornness like Dream High's Kim Pilsook

    ▼ How did you feel at first getting a part for 'Dream High'?

    'I was doubtful. I thought I wasn't ready for it. But once I heard it was a story about singers and that Kim Pilsook would sing a lot I gained some courage to do it. In addition, the character Kim Pilsook was different and kind of similar to me.'

    ▼ What parts were similar?
    'The stubbornness and high self-respect.'

    ▼ What was the hardest part about filming?
    'The fact that it took 4 hours to put on the fat suit, had to record for 10 hours and for 20 hours I couldn't eat. That was the hardest part and I didn't get enough sleep either. I didn't go to sleep for about 3 days a week. The other actors and staff were in a similar condition.'

    ▼ How do you keep healthy?
    'I don't like exercising so I watch what I eat. I eat meat about 3 times a week and I also take medicine.'

    ▼ Were you ever fat like Kim Pilsook?
    'I wasn't ever fat but I was chubby. These days it seems like I'm losing weight. I was about 50kgs when I debuted and now I'm 43kg. I don't have time to be on a diet. Due to my busy schedule I'm losing weight.

    ▼ Is there any episodes that you remember on the set?
    'I'm not that social so it was hard for me to get to know the cast. Once I found out they were trying to find me so that we could all go out to eat but I found that out after we were done with filming. I felt bad after that so I tried to go out and eat with them more often. I finally got to talk to 2PM's Taecyeon after the last filming. Now that I think about it I feel stupid. If I saw what was going on faster we could have had more fun while filming. It took me until the last episode to finally stop talking formally to Miss A's Suzy.

    ▼ You had a lot of scenes with Suzy. Why did you keep on talking formally to her?
    'It's because I was shy. But I really like Suzy. I think she's the prettiest out of all the singers. If I was born again I wish I could look like that. She has everything that I want. White skin, high nose, eye smile and she's tall too. I was interested in her from the start but I was afraid to talk to her. Since she was one year younger than me I didn't know how to talk to her. Suzy kept on telling to me stop talking so formally but I kept on using formal words. I felt bad for not making her feel comfortable around me. On the other hand I became close with Wooyoung. I was awkward with other actors but he helped me to feel more comfortable around them.

    I want to become a singer for the long run

    ▼ We heard you were supposed to have a kiss scene with Wooyoung?

    'There was a kiss scene. However my parents were against it so I had to follow what they said. Wooyoung also said that a kiss scene wouldn't fit with the couple's cute image. After explaining our situation to the director he decided to take it out.'

    ▼ Which do you like better? Entertainment shows or acting?
    'Both have their own uniqueness but I really liked acting. I think entertainment shows are still too hard for me. When I'm acting there's a script I have to read off of but for entertainment shows I need to react instantly.

    ▼ Are you planning to keep on acting?
    'I had fun while filming Dream High because I was able to sing and act. I think it's too sudden for me to try acting again.'

    ▼ Your rise to fame was fast. Are you afraid of going back down?
    'I think it's too early for me to be afraid. I'm not afraid of going back down but I'm afraid of the popularity. Popularity can bring someone up or down. I don't think I could ignore it even if I wanted to.'

    IU's dream is to compose her own song and perform it on stage with her guitar like Corinne Bailey Rae.
    6 days after this interview IU was able to perform as a special guest in Corinne Bailey Rae's concert. She was able to stand on the same stage with her role model. After hearing that I remember what IU had said at the end of the interview:

    'I'm glad I became a singer. I hope to be one for the long run.'

    (Note: The parts about the songs that IU had promoted and the description about IU's character in Dream High were omitted from this translation.)

    Translation: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
    Editing: TheFly @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: Shindonga
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    IU, I'm pretty sure everyone here thinks you're perfect just the way you are. I hope you really follow your passions and discover yourself. :)
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    did you go through puberty? what the heck kinda question is that!? XD zomgosh that made me laugh, good thing she went through it 'quietly' :p
    i feel bad for her brother though, poor kid must've been hastled alot, and IU probably feels bad now : / its a shame too that she didn't get to know the other dream high actors that well either, i hope she can make alot of friends~

    an IU stan should like her ballad and cute image, so i hope she doesnt stress about that for her new album, sooo excited for either choice ^^

    wooo thanks for the trans!! another good interview
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    'That's why I'm having a hard time creating this new album. Creating a song that my fans and I will both like. I like melancholy songs. I can say that 'A Story Only I Didn't Know' is close to my type of song.

    Personally I got no feeling for a song like "Good Day". I love the IU that sing ballad, the performance in Immortal Song 2 while IU singing Good Person from Toy, it makes a ripple in my heart...

    But if isn't Good Day, IU wouldn't have more chance to get popularity and chances to continue do performance, struggling >"<.
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    "I was training alongside the trainees that were supposed to debut as '5 Girls'. It was G.NA, After School's Uee, Wonder Girl's Yubin, 4 Minute's Heo Gayoon, and Secret's Hyosung."

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    Everything abt her is perfect. There is not a need to do her nose higher. It is perfect already. Just be natural. Natural is a beauty.
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