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    Note: This interview was conducted in June 2011.


    ◇Smart multi-star

    - Being involved in all kinds of activites in the entertainment industry, from singing to acting to variety programs
    Compared to when I was juggling both my acting role on the KBS2 drama 'Dream High' and my 'Good Day' promotions, nowadays I'm a bit less busy so I can catch up on my sleep too. However, as I can't sleep very well, it seems I'm even more tired than before. While filming 'Dream High', I got to sing on the show too and I found that kind of acting really interesting. In order to film 'Kiss & Cry', I've been practising a lot recently too. It's alright to hear people say that I'm not good (at skating), but it hurts to hear people say that I'm not putting in effort, so that makes me work even harder. Singing, acting and variety are all difficult, but I think variety programs are the most tiring.

    - Before debut she was 'Mom's friend's Daughter'*
    During Elementary school I was the Class President and during middle school I was ranked 1st/2nd place in my class. After debuting during 9th grade and till 10th, I tried my best during school however due to my schedules, starting from 11th grade I couldn't attend the classes and I only showed up for the attendance. Saying that my grades were amazing on one program wasn't a joke. hehe

    - What IU thinks a smart person is
    I think that a smart person is an open person. Not someone who is stubborn but someone who is faithful and takes in what is going on around them while still doing what they have to do. Whenever I see someone like that around me I want to become like that.

    * NOTE: This means a daughter that everyone wants, AKA the perfect daughter.

    ◇Music is my Destiny

    - The moment when you wanted to debut as a singer

    When I was little I loved to sing. During 7th grade I was able to sing on a big stage for the sports competition at my school and it felt great so I went to auditions after that. I usually went by myself, with my friends or with my cousins.

    - We heard you auditioned 20 times and didn't get accepted. How do you feel when you see the audition programs these days?
    After the JYP audition I failed a lot of auditions but since my personality is to forget all the bad things that happened I was able to have fun while auditioning. After seeing 'The Great Rebirth' and 'Superstar K' I was able to see people having fun while singing and showing passion which made me envious.

    - These days you are gaining a lot of attention for composing your own song 'Hold my hand' for MBC's 'Greatest Love'.
    The response that it received wasn't what I expected so it made me feel good and my greed for composing songs became greater. I hear that 'Greatest Love' is gaining a lot of interest but due to my schedule I don't have time to see it. However I do get to hear about that show due to my mom watching it. I tried to write the song to fit the drama's bright and cheerful atmosphere. It was different than just writing what I usually wrote since the drama producers personally requested me to compose a song. It was then I felt that it's hard composing a song for someone else. From now on whenever I have time, I'm trying to compose my own songs for my album. I started composing songs when I was learning how to play the guitar in middle school. I'll throw away what I don't need and fix things that need fixing.

    ◇Analogue Emotions

    - You play the guitar and sing many emotional songs. Do you like social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook?

    I like acoustic guitar and singing emotional songs. Ever since I was young I liked listening to the guitar and when I was a trainee I saw the producer and songwriters playing guitar so I learned how to play by sight. I was scolded a lot but I still practiced by myself. I use me2day but I don't use it as much as other kids around my age. However I do write in my journal every day. My treasure is my journal.

    - Song that you like the most out of your own songs and the song that you like singing these days
    I like the song 'Ugly Duckling' from my first album 'Growing Up'. The lyrics matched the situation that I was in back then. These days I like the songs by 10cm so I sing a lot of the songs from their album.

    ◇The happy meeting with your role models

    - You did a concert and commercial together with your role models Corinne Bailey Rae and Kim Kwangsuk.

    During March I was able to appear as a special guest for Corinne Bailey Rae's concert which made me glad that I was a singer. I was happy that I was able to have an opportunity so quickly to sing with someone that amazing. I was able to be on a SK Telecom commercial with Kim Kwangsuk sunbae. Time to time I wonder, if he was still alive, if I would be able to stand on stage with him.

    - You donated all the money from the fan meeting
    It was the first fan meeting that I had since my debut and I was wondering how I could give back to my fans then I decided to show kindness to repay my fans. I'm planning to donate more whenever I have a chance.

    ◇Timing is important

    - Do you have any plans on doing something while singing such as a musical or radio DJ? Plans for college?

    I believe that whenever I do something I need to do it reasonably. I won't be greedy. I currently don't have plans for college. I will go when I feel that I will be able to focus only on studying.

    - After 3 years since debut, all the songs that you promote are getting a lot of love.
    As a singer this is the beginning for me. I feel I have gained a lot of responsibility and am planning to study music more. I'm going to focus on studying harmonics and composing songs. I still have a lot to show and I hope to become a singer that people can't wait to hear from.

    - Objective as a singer
    I plan to compose my songs by myself for my 2nd album.

    (Note: The introduction to this article about who IU is and what she does was omitted from this translation.)

    Translation: -Hope & squishyblob @ WeHeartIU.com
    Editing: TheFly @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: Sports Seoul
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    oh dear she's more tired now that she can sleep!? >.< IU you're supposed to rest more! lol
    and i really hope they put her songs for her second album T____T i really wanna listen to all of them ^^

    thanks for the trans guys~! (horahh jenny for your first one! :D)
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    lalala land~~~
    i do believe that she used to be a smart student before><
    but bcos of her schedule, her grade dropped...that's kinda normal^^
    can't wait for your next album...iu;p
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    Sleep more IU, you need energy!

    Can I steal your journal and look at it? :x
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    on your screen
    Hopefully we'll see alot of self composed songs in her 2nd album ^_^. Oh and glad that shes not too distracted with all the social networking nowadays. I think that will benefit her in the long run.

    Thanks so much for translating Hope and Squishy.
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    New York
    Smart,Cute,young,talented, Thats our Iu ^^. Hope you get more sleep and don't bad about people who said your not trying. I bet half of that crowd didn't even take up ice skating so it good to see you trying.
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