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    Note: This interview took place in March 2011

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    [Daum Exclusive] IU's star interview revealed! - Part 4 On herself and her fans

    Q1. What do you mainly do when you're alone?
    [Asking IU] What do you mainly do when you're alone?

    I don't have time to myself. These days it's mainly following my schedule. When I'm by myself I'm on the computer or sleep. I don't really have a hobby; it's mainly going on the computer.

    (There isn't much difference. I was wondering if there was a change since we are doing this interview again)

    No. There isn't much change

    (I did think that you would sleep a lot in the waiting room or at home since you have a lot of things to do. It doesn't look like you have any new hobbies.)

    No I don't have any. Once I did tried various things to find myself a hobby. Since the composer oppas were into plastic models I tried that and I also tried collecting figures but it's not my style. So I stopped in the middle of it.

    Q2. When do you think you look the best? ♡
    [Asking IU] When do you think you look the best?

    The time I looked the best? When I was promoting 'Good Day' I think I didn't look that good. Especially on camera.

    (It seems like you never thought you were pretty)

    I always thought to myself, although I my makeup and hair gets done well why don't I look pretty. I thought that I wouldn't look that pretty in 'The Story Only I Didn't Know' but I think I came out better than how I looked in 'Good Day'.

    (I guess it's because of your opinion of what pretty people look like)

    Now that I think about it I think I looked awkward in 'Good Day' because I tried to look prettier, smile more and be cute while in 'The Story Only I Didn't Know' I didn't think about it and sang it comfortably I think I looked better.

    Q3. You're certainly slim, but IU, could you share your secret to dieting if there's one?
    [Asking IU] You're certainly slim, but IU, could you share your secret to dieting if there's one?

    I never tried it before. I don't like exercising although I really need it. Even my health trainer said I seriously have no muscles and need to exercise more. So I did it for about 3 months but now I really can't do it anymore. Then I was wondering how I could lose weight but I just started to lose weight during this promotion period without having to do anything else. Since I wasn't able to sleep and had a lot of activities. Because of that I ate less since stomach shrunk. So I naturally lost weight.

    (Looks like you started to lose weight starting from 'Good Day')

    Starting from the 'Good Day' promotion I started to lose a lot of weight. But now since I get to sleep after 'Dream High' filming I'm starting to eat so much that my mom is wondering what's wrong with me. When I don't do anything I eat these days. But it looked like I can't easily gain weight. Before I gained weight really easily and had a hard time losing it... These days I can eat whatever I want and I don't gain weight. Looks like my body is done growing. I'm eating these days thinking if I gain weight I can just stop eating.

    Q4. You're in your 3rd year of high school now, aren't you? In a year you'll be more mature, but before you become an adult, is there anything you definitely want to try?
    [Asking IU] You're in your 3rd year of high school now, aren't you? In a year you'll be more mature, but before you become an adult, is there anything you definitely want to try?

    Truthfully there's nothing really.

    (In the previous interview you said you wanted to become an adult)

    [IU] Before I was talking about actually being old and being an adult and not just having the front number of my age change. I don't really have any fantasy about being 20. My fans ask me why and my friends think being 20 is a big deal but I see that not everyone is at their happiest when the front number of their age changes to a 2. As a result I'm thinking that I'll become the same when I'm 20. Unlike my friends I think that when people are in their 20's they get stressed out more. I don't really have any dreams about being 20 but I do have some for when I become 30. It looks like I'll have some more responsibilities then and feel like I'll be more stable then. So that's why I don't have any fantasies about being 20.

    (Is there anything you did when you were in your 10's that you regret? Is there anything you want to do before you turn 20?)

    I don't have any regret. I did everything a person could when they are in their 10's. I had a lot of friends in middle school before my debut so I don't have any regrets about that. I did make some celebrity friends too. I get more allowance than kids my age so I'm not lacking any money. However I don't really feel the need of having money since I don't have any reason to use it. So I don't have any problems with money. My goal was to get in 1st place. Until last year when people asked me what I wanted to do before I turned 20 I always answered getting in 1st place but I met that goal... I'm not really rushing to have a concert either. One goal could be I guess composing a song by myself? I asked my producer about it since I believe that composing your own song when you're in your 20's and 10's would be different. Since I only have 1 more year until I turn 20 I told him I'll need to put one in my next album (haha).

    Q5. Besides Luna, you don't seem to have any close celebrity friends ㅠㅠ
    [Asking IU] Besides Luna, you don't seem to have any close celebrity friends ㅠㅠ

    (Last year you said it was Luna but I want to see if there's any change now)

    Now it's Jiyeon. We became really close during 'Heroes'. At first I thought we wouldn't get along but it was the opposite. Since she had a lot of aegyo, always bright, and received a lot of love from everyone I was jealous at first. I really wanted to become like her. Jiyeon's personality. But in the end I couldn't copy her. Jiyeon was born with the ability to receive love from others. So I ended up just being myself and then I became close with the other unnies. In the beginning I was worried that I would be left out since I couldn't act like Jieyon. After I got used to my surroundings I became more comfortable and talked to Jiyeon a lot. These days I actually can't meet up with Luna that much since she's so busy with concerts. Once I was looking through my schedules to see if I could meet up with her but I saw that I had more time to see Jiyeon due to 'Heroes' and music programs. Also, because Luna is close to Jiyeon, the three of us meet up together as well. I was able to become really close to Jiyeon. I'm actually very thankful to have someone that can understand me.

    (Luna and Jiyeon was 'ok' at first, it looks like you become close with people that you think you won't be close to)

    They are the type that are outgoing and gets loved where ever they go. For me I don't really give a bright first impression on people.

    (Is there anyone else you are close with?)

    'Heroes's In Na unnie

    (Looks like you became close with your sunbaes)

    I became close with Bongsun unnie and In Na unnie. In Na unnie and I understand each other really well. We have a lot of things in common but the appearance is different. In Na unnie is really lovable too and has a lot of aegyo. I really don't have much aegyo. I thought we were really different but once we talked we found out that we had a lot of things in common. Our situation growing up was similar, the types of music we like were similar, and the type of music and even liking Corinne Bailey Rae was the same. I get close to people that have a lot of age difference from me.

    (Looks like that's more comfortable for you)

    Unnies or oppas, I'm more comfortable when there's a lot of age difference. In Na unnie and I have a 10 year age difference. We became close because of that.

    (It looks like you have more close celebrity friends than before)

    (Laughs) It's because it's been a year

    (Last time we ended the talk after just talking about Luna)

    Q6. What are your hobbies?
    [Asking IU] What are your hobbies 0_0?

    Once I did tried various things to find myself a hobby. Since the composer oppas were into plastic models I tried that and I also tried collecting figures but it's not my style. So I stopped in the middle of it.

    (For more in depth answer check '[Asking IU] What do you mainly do when you're alone?')

    Q7. What's in IU's bag?
    [Asking IU] What's in IU's bag?

    I don't have a bag (While laughing)

    (You don't take anything around?)

    If you ask my stylist you'll know but how I dress when I come out of my house is... A lot of people are surprised when they hear this but, I just come out of my house wearing my clothes and carrying my cell phone.

    (You don't carry around your wallet?)

    No. I don't take it around

    (I guess you won't need it when you're doing your activities)

    Other people always carry it around. Carrying a variety of earphones, a diary, and a wallet. There are some people that carry around a doll too. But I don't have a bag

    (That's sad. What do you do then, since you don't have one?)

    I lose things easily so that's why I don't carry it around. I'm bad at checking things thoroughly. I only carry it around when I pay attention well. I can carry it around when I think to myself 'I shouldn't give any trouble to anyone else' but since I don't do that most of the time... I don't take anything around.

    Q8. IU's opinion towards U-Ana?
    [Asking IU] IU's opinion towards U-Ana?

    How should I say this? I think it's a place where I can become good-natured

    (How many members are there now?)

    It's a little over 6 thousand. When I visit the fan cafe the world just seems to get brighter and all the stress that got piled up during the day disappears. Also I think 'Why did I do that to that person' (laughs)... In U-Ana they are all on my side.

    (Since all the people on there are good-natured)

    In their there's a lot of people that thinks about me. 'IU noona probably spent the day acting like an angel'. There are a lot of people on there like that so I think 'I shouldn't have done that before', 'I should be nicer’ and things like that. When I visit U-Ana, it's a place where it makes me nicer.

    (That's a good answer)

    [Asking IU] It looks like you gained a lot of popularity, is it not a burden?

    (It's similar to what I asked before but...)

    Yes it's a burden. Not the popularity but the interest that I get from people. Since it suddenly changed from before. Now the things I say carelessly will become an article or when I take a picture with someone it becomes an article so that's a burden. Truthfully that worries me and scares me a lot. But popularity isn't anything really. So I'm really thankful about gaining more popularity, when you think about U-Ana is the one that can actually feel the popularity growing. Once I go there all my burdens get washed away. I'm always thankful but there are times when people's interest scares me.

    (Looks like you'll need to keep on watching over that)
    (After the amount of fans suddenly increased is there any present that you got that was unique?)

    Unique present? I think you are asking me if I got any mysterious present but no I haven't received anything like that.

    (Even if it's not mysterious, any present that you normally don't get?)

    Something I usually don't get? Mostly... books? (laughs)

    (Mostly books... That's unique. That's it's mostly books)

    I receive a lot of books and chocolate. Since I told people that I like chocolate

    (You receive a lot of books.)

    Mostly Books, chocolate, letters, edible things. CDs... Those kinds of stuff

    (It's not that unique. Since we are talking about books do you still read 'The Sound from my Heart'? You said it was a good book in the last interview.)

    Does it still come out?

    (It comes out on the internet)

    When it comes out as a book I buy it and read it but I don't have time to read it on the internet. It's really good.

    Q9. If you could organize an event with your fans, what kind of event would you want it to be??
    [Asking IU] If you could organize an event with your fans, what kind of event would you want it to be??

    If I can do it can I do it at a company? (laughs)

    (Even so tell us)

    Event that I want to do with my fans... Generally I want to record a song with my fans. I want to do something like that, you know how when you listen to a song sometimes at the end there's a lot of people coming together to sing, I wonder how it'll sound like if I did that with my fans. If I just pick one fan and spend a day with him/her only s/he would enjoy it so I want to do something everyone can enjoy. I went to see a movie with my fans, Atom Man. (haha) But to do something that big is hard. I think it'll be fun to record together.

    (Other people want to go camping with you)

    If I do that it'll be hard because I won't be able to spend time with each and every person. I'm sure there'll be someone that won't have fun. I want to do that once I'm sure I can make sure everyone would have fun. If I don't the camping trip would only bring sad memories to them.

    (Since you are shy with new people won't you be awkward with your fans?)

    If I do something I need to be responsible for it so I'll do it carefully.

    Q10. Ah... and among the signs that U-Ana fans have brought to support you, which was the most memorable?
    [Asking IU] Ah... and among the signs that U-Ana fans have brought to support you, which was the most memorable?

    There wasn't anything that was that memorable. They wrote stuff like 'Us fans carry around towels instead of balloons' and 'IU let's go to the top'. Last year Taeyeon unnie came out to the radio show and told me that having a sign can be a problem with fan groups so she recommended having towels and I like that the most. When I see them I can tell that they are my fans.

    (Looks like IU won't get any special signs. Other singer's fans sometimes make a negative sign card in order to catch their favorite singer's attention...)

    That's true. I'm thankful that my fans are nice.

    Translation: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: telezone.daum
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