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    [Daum Exclusive] IU's star interview revealed! - Part 1 On the repackaged album 'Real+'

    What's this celebrity been up to 'yozm*'? [NOTE: 'yozm/yojeum' means 'recently']
    Of the questions submitted to Daum yozm, 30 were selected for an exclusive interview with IU!

    Through her promotions for "Good Day", "The Story Only I Didn't Know" and "Cruel Fairytale", IU stands out from amongst the flood of idols, capturing the hearts of fans with her unique sound and color. Recently appearing in a drama, as an actress and through other various activities, she continues to show new sides to herself. Seeing IU tell us of her future plans so calmly and steadily, she didn't come across as a young 18-year-old girl but as 'singer IU' instead.

    Looking forward even more to her future activities, let's go straight into IU's interview!


    Q1. Your latest song "The Story Only I Didn't Know"!! Please introduce the song to us~

    Yoon Sang composed this song for me. Kim Lee Na, who wrote the lyrics for "Good Day", also wrote the lyrics for this song. It has an extremely dark quality to it. Yoon Sang-oppa explained to me that he was creating a nostalgic mood. The song feels dark, sad and somehow delicate.

    (What was it like working with Yoon Sang?)

    I've been calling him 'appa' [Dad]...

    (It seems he is of a similar age to your father?)

    They are one year apart ^^. Originally, at first I called him 'oppa' [older brother], but now I call him 'appa'. I call him 'appa' and he calls me 'our daughter'. I address him as 'appa'.

    I have always really liked Yoon Sang, so this time I made several requests to my company, saying that I definitely had to work with him. Director Cho Youngchul was the producer of my album, and having previously produced Gain's solo album, he had already worked with Yoon Sang at that time. So that is how upon my request, things just fell into place.

    (Since break-up songs don't suit your age, have you ever discussing avoiding them alltogether?)

    No. I don't think I ever said I wanted to avoid such songs. I just said that it would be difficult, that it would be slightly difficult because it would take me some time to grasp my lyrics, but I don't believe I ever said I wanted to avoid them.


    Q2. What was the toughest part of releasing the new single???

    Just, I think having to control my emotions on stage was slightly tough. If I only focus singing, then I can't express the lyrics fully, but if I only try to express the emotions in the lyrics, I get too emotional and my pitch will waver. So controlling that is still a bit... it was difficult even until the final broadcast.

    (Yoon Sang's ballad is one that requires restraint. That must have been difficult for you to express at your age)

    I too felt that restraining myself was hard. But I have always liked such songs. I'm not too crazy about the newer styles. Music with a bit of lightness, a bit of sadness,I find subtlety to be nice. I don't like music that's exciting just to be exciting, or music that is sad just to get you to cry. So I definitely wanted to have Yoon Sang write a song for me, since that's the style of music I usually listen to, and since I enjoy songs which give off the sense 'I don't really understand this person's feelings.' Although I like this kind of style, when I actually tried to do it by myself, it turned out to be rather difficult.

    (Have you ever had to sing in a lower register before, like you did this time?)

    I don't think so. For me, it's actually easier. Many people assume that IU's voice is high -pitched, but I've only recently started to sing in a higher register. From when I was still a trainee to the beginning stages of my debut, I think I mostly used my lower register. I've also heard from a lot of composers who say that my middle and lower registers are good. I don't quite enjoy singing in a higher tone.

    (Since you began promoting brighter songs more suitable for your age, you seem to have naturally ended up using your higher register more)

    Beyond what I expected, there seem to be way more people who like my bright voice better. For those who came to like me after hearing songs such as 'Good Day' or 'Marshmallow', they will probably feel that my lower tone in 'The Story Only I Didn't Know' is awkward. As for me, I initially found that producing a bright voice was much more difficult.

    (Did you feel any pressure releasing a song in the style like that of 'The Story Only I Didn't Know'?)

    I actually never felt any pressure. Yet, those around me thought I would. It must have been because most recently, my 'Good Day' promotions were so very well-received. However, because I never thought about the pressures of my popularity, and because it was only a repackage, I wasn't anticipating anything, and I didn't feel any pressure either. People also usually don't expect too much from repackages. Also, this was a song I truly wanted to sing and I was able to promote it because I begged my company, but even more so, those around me felt this to be a challenge. (Laughter) They said that it was going to be a real challenge for me. Even though I came out with this song without even really thinking about it. It was more so the people around me who were feeling pressured.

    (Such music is easily accepted by some, but not by others...)

    Surprisingly enough, almost none of my fans became fans from watching me on broadcasts of "Good Day" or "Marshmallow" performances. Many of them liked listening to me play the guitar on the radio, they liked the old songs I sang on 'Quiz to Change the World', so many of them liked it when I performed songs of my own choosing on 'Sketchbook'. Thus, for this song as well, fans were surprisingly very supportive. It's certainly difficult for slightly younger people to listen to. Even friends of my age had some difficulties. Honestly, it was difficult for me as well, but seeing as such are my tastes, I liked it, however, I do feel somewhat apologetic to those friends. As I was unable to meet their expectations.

    (We bet the ahjussi* [NOTE: older male] fans really liked it)

    That's why I tried slightly changing up the feel. Moving away from my younger fans, because there were more and more older people who began to recognize me... especially those around my mother's age said they found this to be refreshing. That they never expected to hear this genre of music again on a music program.

    (It's been a while since we've heard a song that gets better with each listen. It's an authentic ballad without a hook*.) [NOTE: A 'hook' is a recurring musical element that makes songs readily catchy and instantly recognizable.]

    Whether it's because it evokes feelings of the olden days, but in just one listen, you know it has that Yoon Sang feel to it. This is how many people put it. It seems Yoon Sang's fans approve of it as well.

    (When we heard you'd be releasing a song made by Yoon Sang, we worried about how you'd handle it, if it would be possible at your age...)

    Honestly, I did think about it a lot during recording. I wondered how to express this so it doesn't come across like an act, but instead, like something that was my very own. The lyrics are extremely difficult. I had to read it almost 10 times before I understood them, I felt that they were really good lyrics, but when I read them at first, I didn't really get it.

    (The lyrics seem difficult to understand at your age...)

    I could only get the general shape of it, but I couldn't understand it word for word. And so, before recording, I just tried singing it about 10 times, while receiving instructions from Yoon Sang for the understanding of the lyrics. After singing it 10 times, I was slowly getting the feel for it so when we started recording, he just let me be. He didn't say another word. He said that singing using my interpretation would come out sounding the most like me, and so without another word from him, we did it like that from beginning to end, and ultimately, it turned out better than we had hoped. Honestly, if a senior singer with more mature vocals sang it, it would've been much better. If I look at it one way, it's obvious that it didn't quite fit me just yet, I couldn't yet handle it well. I felt it was a song I didn't deserve, even so, it was a song that I couldn't give up on. When I first received the demo, the producer asked if it would be difficult, and of course it was. Regardless, I really liked it. I couldn't give it up and I decided to be greedy for once.

    (Just like how good actors can sometimes accomplish roles they haven't had experiences in, we think you understood the emotions and sang very well...)

    Yes. Thank you.

    (All the more, that's why you're so popular)

    That's why I'm so happy. When I placed #1 on the music charts, I too felt really proud. For some reason, it was even better than when I was promoting "Good Day"


    Q3. IU... What do you think of when you're singing? We think you do a really good job of delving into the emotions.

    I think of the lyrics as I sing. On second thought, perhaps I don't really think of anything while I sing... At any rate, because the lyrics are already ingrained in my mouth, I think I sing while listening to the sounds that come from my mouth. What's slightly confusing is, whether to think about the lyrics as I sing or to concentrate on the emotions as I sing, it's confusing for me these days. It's difficult for me to answer this, but I don't think I'm imagining anything great while I sing.

    (That's an honest and frank reply. IU's unique emotional code seems to have worked well for Yoon Sang's song...)

    Yes. It appears to be so. (Hehe)


    Q4. What comes to mind when you're singing 'Cruel Fairytale' and 'The Story Only I Didn't Know'??

    (Please comment on 'Cruel Fairytale'.)

    While I'm singing 'Cruel Fairytale', I thought it was even more of a challenge. Even for the people who were my fans from the beginning, I think they found it sound very fresh

    (What were your thoughts when you received the song 'Cruel Fairytale'?)

    That this too was something I would do. At first, there was the 'Good Day' album. Aside from this repackaged album, during the production stages of previous mini-albums, I received a whole bunch of songs. I listened to around 20 demo songs. When I said I liked this song or that song, most of the songs I picked ended up in the album, but it was at this point that 'Cruel Fairytale' and Yoon Sang's song were excluded. And so it was such a shame. A real shame. And so when a repackaged album was set, 'Cruel Fairytale' was the very first track. Out of 20 demo songs. It was the first one, and I thought it was really good. At that time, there were no lyrics, but just the feeling was that of a fairytale, it was majestic and the fusion of waltz and pop was very fresh. I was able to paint a magnificent picture from it. I could imagine it for the stage and even for the music video. 'Cruel Fairytale' was the first song I knew I just had to do, so when the lyrics came out, it really turned out to be a great song. This was exactly the kind of fairytale I enjoyed.

    (Fairytales which aren't just pretty?)

    Yes. I really like this sort of stuff. Because I even like just the word 'fairytale', starting with the title, I loved everything about it. Instead of thinking of it as singing, I actually thought of humming while I sang it. Even if I sang it with passion, this song doesn't allow my voice to stand out, and so I tried to bury myself in the sounds of the accompaniment.

    (It's a unique song that's strange yet beautiful due to its underlying grotesque nature. Have you thought of its performance?)

    Grotesque... that's difficult hehe. That's the reason I chose it initially. If I performed this for my concert, we could have an amazing stage design. That's what I was thinking, so the song became my first choice.

    (So there was that reasoning as well.)

    That was just my first thought. If I perform this on stage, it's going to be really cool.

    (To date, through your hit songs you've shown us a bright and pretty image, and now with this song, you'll also be able to show us an impressive stage. It makes us wonder about your performances...)

    In this album, all three tracks are quite dark. And so what I really liked about it is that for all the listeners and fans I've gained through 'Good Day,' I get to somewhat break the image they have of me.

    (So you're saying, you were all the more feeling pressured that you may have been stuck with one image.)

    What was worse was that it felt like my image was becoming too good, as if I was always this bright and cheerful child. Honestly, that's not true, and I felt like I was being packaged too nicely. I thought it would be good to use this method to shatter the expectations of those who are wanting to only see the adorable and cute side of me.

    (In order to sincerely show us that you have many different sides...)


    ---> Part 2 - On Dream High

    Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU.com
    Editing: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: Daum
    Credit: WeHeartIU
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    Oh wow, thanks for the translation! That's a really in-depth interview IU had. Found out more about how she have matured coming out with REAL+. She may be young but she understands the music.

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    seems that, IU's more dark, maybe cos of her past(?) well, even so, i find that her songs are still good, and she has many different faces. I kinda like her style of music.

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    I've never thought how much work it required for a singer to fully understand and express the emotions of a song, but reading this interview makes me realize that. IU feels a true passion for music and she is totally committed to deliver good songs although some of them might not be as bright as some people woud expect from her. Not afraid to experience new genres, IU is a versatile singer.

    Thanks Squishyblob for the translation, It was a long interview so your hard work and of course the others' subbers is really appreciated.
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