| INTERVIEW | 2011.01.18 | IU “Besides not getting any sleep, ‘Heroes’ is fun”

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    IU revealed her thoughts as a cast member of SBS ‘Good Sunday-Heroes.’

    In a phone interview with SBS on the 15th, IU answered all questions about her involvement with ‘Heroes’ with a cheerful voice.

    When asked “For ‘Heroes,’ you have to film on location for two days. Isn’t this difficult?”, IU answered “Of course shooting on location is hard. But other than not getting any sleep, it’s so much fun. It’s hard because we only get about 2-3 hours of sleep, but now that we all get along so well, it’s a wonderful atmosphere.”

    When asked which member she was closest to, IU stated “we’re all so close and we all look out for one another. I get along well with Yoo Inna because we have a lot in common. Shin Bongsun and Jiyeon look after me as well.” She further added “all the members monitor each others’ performances and give advice. Bongsun-unni always encourages me by saying ‘All you need to do is try your best’.”

    IU was cast on ‘Heroes’ long before she came the ‘hot trend’ she is today. IU expressed “I’ve been having so much more fun getting close to all the ‘Heroes’ unnies,” and “Thanks to ‘Heroes,’ I now know that TV appearances can be fun. I’m also grateful that the program has given me such confidence.”

    Lastly, IU ended with “I’m thankful for the fans who tune in to watch us every Sunday. The show is a story about female celebrities who have no pretense about them. We’ll continue to show our energetic selves, so please continue to support our ‘Heroes’.”

    Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: newsen
    Original Article: http://newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201101180758551001
  2. kajie18

    kajie18 Hearters

    Lol i definitely loooove Heroes..at first it was just all about IU that im after...but as episodes come i learned to love each and every cast....they are all so funny and sweet to each other...girl power!
  3. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    T.T She is not getting enough sleep and yet she is always so energetic on Heros. That is so touching.
    My goodness, I'm really never going to stop loving Heroes. That is one of my fave variety show in Korea.
    I just love how they support and encourage each other.
    All Hero cast, HWAITING! ;D

    And ty Jane for translating! :)
  4. Kyzuki

    Kyzuki Donators

    London, UK
    I'm glad she enjoys Heroes even with the lack of sleep.
    I started off watching it cause of IU but I've grown to love them all.
    Every time the subs are out, I'm watching it in the evening on my own, literally laughing out load! My family probably think I've gone crazy.. but I don't care xD
    Thanks so much for translating this!
  5. tk198

    tk198 Moderator Staff Member

    on your screen
    Terrible that she's sleeping so little. Especially with a hectic schedule like hers, she should be getting so much more each night. At least she's enjoying it ^^. I've seen a bit of heroes and she seems to have so much fun with the other cast members. Can't wait for the subs to come out.

    Thanks for translating.
  6. margot

    margot Hearters

    I started watching the show out of curiosity and that's how I came to know about IU. I keep watching every episode even tough I don't understand the language but the interactions between the members are so fun that sometimes words are not necessary to make me laugh nonstop.

    Thanks for translating the article.
  7. Princ3ss_J

    Princ3ss_J Hearters

    England, London
    I'm glad she's having fun ^^ but..
    2-3 hours sleep is really not enough D:
    At least 6 hours sleep is ok!
    IU please get some rest~ I don't want any problems being caused!
    And stay healthy!~
    Thank you so much for translating and posting <333333333333333
  8. lalala_89

    lalala_89 Hearters

    i watch heroes because of IU as well. =) it's fun seeing how close she is with the other members.. =)
  9. grrr

    grrr Hearters

    the first time i saw iu was from that heroes vid where she is dressed like a bunny singing good day. I really enjoy that show.
  10. elavip

    elavip Hearters

    hehe it's like a girls' slumber party/sleepover every week! it should be fun of course. few little sleep shouldnt faze them too much when they're playing with each other.
  11. musjo89

    musjo89 Hearters

    i love IU after saw her the first in Heroes (Fall at first sight). Up until now i'm always monitor IU through internet.
    i love IU and Heroes hopefully the show more success in future.
  12. estrangedlover

    estrangedlover New Member

    in hyuk's heart<3
    i will unnie~ i actually started liking you after heroes ~
    my fave was the one with taeyang <3 (I SHIP THESE TWO SO HARD)

    take more care of your health, ok?
    hearters luff you <3
  13. Catie

    Catie Hearters

    IU is such a fighter but that's why we love her. Must be so tiring for to go between "Heroes" and "Dream High".
    IU fighting!!! <3
  14. phoung

    phoung Donators

    poor her if i only get 2-3 sleep a day i wouldnt be able smile the next day
    and yet iu is so energetic it makes me feel bad
    anyway i love iu on heroes. in fact it was because i watch heroes that i love iu so much
    ehehe thanks to taeyang episode
    thanks for translating this article
  15. melonpop3

    melonpop3 Moderator Staff Member

    Glad she's having fun and making new friends ^^
    But she also needs more sleep! It's important for her health.

    Just like a baby needs a naptime XD
  16. pinkjelly88

    pinkjelly88 Hearters

    2- 3 hours is not considered as 'sleep', it's only a long nap x_x
    but that's how shooting is because they have to packed everything into 1 -2 days
    since IU is so enjoying it, i won't say much about her hectic schedule ^^;;
  17. Akira

    Akira Hearters

    IU FIGHTING~! I wish that she could get more sleep or else she may become ill T.T
  18. RicKyoM

    RicKyoM Hearters

    I hate hearing when people get little sleep.
    But I guess it's ok since she's having fun?
    Hope she's ok and continues to have lots of fun.

    and thanks for translating!
  19. soapy

    soapy Hearters

    She is only 17 and she can only sleep for 2-3 hours per day T_T Its good to hear that she is optimistic about that and getting well with her unnies :) Thanks for the translation!
  20. xinrumi

    xinrumi Hearters

    One of the reasons that I love watching Heroes is due to the close bond that the cast shares. I'm glad that the bond is real as IU gets along well with her unnies. It's sad that she only has 2-3 hours of sleep each day, but it's good that her unnies are there to take care of her.

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