| INTERVIEW | 2010.12 | Cyworld Digital Music Awards ‘Song of the Month’

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  1. janeberryblue

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    Congratulations! For the month of December, you’ve received the honor of receiving the Digital Music Awards ‘Song of the Month’!! What are your thoughts on this? ^^

    I’m so grateful to be given such a great award. I would like to return the favor to all those who listened to ‘Good Day.’ Thank you so very much!!

    Though everyone is sure to already know, could you introduce to us the award-winning song ‘Good Day’ ^^

    ‘Good Day’ is composed by Lee Min Soo and lyrics are by Kim Ina, and its bright melody contrasts with the sad lyrics depicting a break-up, making it a very impressive song. It’s fresh with a melody that’s easy to sing along with, and so I think that’s why it’s received so much love.

    ‘IU Syndrome’, ‘IU Alert’, ‘3-level octave’, such various terms have been coined due to your rising poplarity, so how are you feeling these days?

    At first it felt surreal, but these days I’m slowly starting to realize it. I feel bewildered but on one hand, I feel great. I’m also a bit worried because of the sudden rise in interest. Though there are a lot of complicated emotions going on, I’m trying to enjoy this moment. Even though they’re busy, the fans show up despite the cold weather, and they cheer with such passion that it’s really encouraging. I’m very grateful.

    Other than this award-winning track, your other tracks are receiving lots of praise as well. Please tell us if there’s a specific track that is particularly special to you ^^

    Though all the songs on the new album are great, my favorite is the song ‘Night of the First Break-up.’ Yoon Jong Shin wrote it, and the song has a calm acoustic sound to it. I could really feel the lyrics expressing a first break-up. It was the first time I felt such emotions, and so it was amazing and surreal. Yoon Jong Shin was able to express it so honestly, and I learned a lot from him while recording the track together.

    Tell us about any future plans concerning the album or your performances ^^

    I will continue to promote ‘Good Day’ on music programs. I was also cast in the KBS drama ‘Dream High.’ I think filming will become very busy very soon. Please gives lots of love to ‘Good Day’ and ‘Dream High’~^^

    Lastly, we’d like to request a closing statement to all Cyworld fans out there ^^

    Cyworld fans, this is IU~ Because of your great love, I received the ‘Song of the Month’ award. Thank you so much. I will show a side of me that will always keep you anticipating more, and so please keep sending me your love. Oh, and lastly, happy new year~^^

    Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Original Source: http://music.cyworld.com/chart/chart_dma_interview.asp?award_date=201012&type=S
  2. Lucian1KR

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    Thanks for the translation!

    I just noticed that what IU mentioned as her favorite tracks from her albums are not also my favorites ('Thump thump date' and 'Night of the first break-up').
  3. Kyzuki

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    London, UK
    If I was in Korea I would so brave the cold and go watch her!
    Thanks for translating!
  4. futureone

    futureone Hearters

    "I will show a side of me that will always keep you anticipating more" I hope this doesn't mean she will start sounding like main stream k pop or being slutty.
  5. ChriSLanZ

    ChriSLanZ Hearters

    Hope her popularity will not hinder her movements since she's free-spirited. For me that's her best charm.
  6. phoung

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    iu jjang
    i am proud of her
    and her fav song is ‘Night of the First Break-up’? gotta go listen to it again
    thanks for translating
  7. melonpop3

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    Congratz IU ^^
    She deserved it :) Good Day is a unique song ^^ It reminds me of the type of songs they sing in musicals because it's so fun and energetic.

    Awh~ The fans are so sweet. IU is getting lots of love these days~

    Thanks so much for translating :)
  8. soapy

    soapy Hearters

    Thanks for sharing!
    IU deserved the price for all her effort that she gave out :) I would want to go korea to support her too..
  9. romantaec

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    IU Syndrome! :D Definitely have that.. lol. thanks for translating and congrats to our girl! :D
  10. Celi

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    Thanks for the translation!
    And this is so nice, realizing fans' cheers always feels sweet :)
    She's the next hot idol for sure
  11. StarShapedGummy

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    New York
    so glad she has gained a lot of recognition especially with this song =). this is sure to be the first of a long line of songs of the month IU will receive. i hope she wows us with another unique touch to the song...like how "good day" wowed us with the 3 octave part.
  12. weheartiu123

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    I totally love IU and her voice!!! I hope February will be IU month too!!! I totally can't wait for her comeback!!!
  13. xithieuiot

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    Thanks for the translation!
    IU deserved the price for all her effort that she gave out :) I would want to go korea to support her too..
  14. gdayiulove

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    you n i
    iu....popularity will increase more n more n more!! i hope she will become the most famous korean so;o female singer n actress!!!
  15. guohao91

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    Thks for the translation:D
    Her popularity is increasing,i am so proud of her hehe
  16. IUkawaii

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    Viet Nam

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