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  1. janeberryblue

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    Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I last left a message!^^
    I’m sorry it’s been so long. When I placed #1, when I released my follow-up track, I wanted to post whenever I had good news to share, and so I’m sorry that I’m unfortunately having to return with such words as these. I had no idea that words I posted earlier so late at night, out of emotion, would turn into all this. I was being careless, I’m sorry, Yesterday I was so tired that
    without realizing, I began to complain. I made you worry a lot, didn’t I? I’m sorry. It won’t ever happen again. But before I say even that, I apologize for causing a delay at the Dream High concert yesterday due to my tardiness.. It was an official event and a lot of people showed up,
    To everyone in the audience and to all the staff and cast members, I feel like I placed too great of a burden on everybody.
    I should’ve apologized to everyone on stage, and that was very thoughtless of me. I am truly sorry. The me2DAY post I wrote earliest had nothing to do with the Dream High concert.* Since I am very aware of my wrongdoings, I don’t wish to make any excuses for myself. It was late at night and I had a bad attitude,
    and that’s why I felt like complaining. To everyone who was worried and displeased with me, I sincerely apologize. From here on, I will be a more grown-up and mature IU. If I make another mistake, everybody, please scold me a lot! Once again, I am truly sorry.

    *NOTE: IU is referring to this me2DAY post: http://weheartiu.com/forums/topic/1723-me2day-110225-0230-am/
    Also, please refer to this article http://weheartiu.com/forums/topic/1731-iu-%E2%80%9Ci%E2%80%99m-sorry-for-being-late-i-regret-any-misunderstandings%E2%80%9D-20110225/ for further details regarding this matter

    Translation: janeberryblue
    Source: http://cafe420.daum.net/_c21_/bbs_search_read?grpid=1I7Yc&fldid=LqmI&contentval=0000Kzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz&nenc=&fenc=&q=%BF%C0%B4%C3%C0%BA+%C1%A4%B8%BB%C1%A4%B8%BB+%C1%C1%C0%BA%B3%AF+%5E%5E&nil_profile=cafetop&nil_menu=sch_updw
  2. jinhong1990

    jinhong1990 Hearters

    oh my god... this is too saddening... though i wana say that this is how the real world looks like...though the reality is always harsh like this...though i wana say that this is just the beginning of IU's successful future...but, looking at these apologies and criticisms simply make me feel sad and heartache... just dont know why that this kinda sad feeling keep falling upon me...IU please continue singing, we love you always so please continue with your dreams...
  3. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    Silly IU unnie. We are understanding people.
    Even if you are IU, you are still a human being. Just like us, you have emotions, you have times when you are sad, happy, troubled, irritated, you still have your ups and downs.
    We all have times like this too. So you shouldn't blame yourself too much.
    And dear IU unnie, you are really mature enough to even post this up. So you shouldn't be worrying this much. I hope those netizens could be more understanding and would cool down after seeing what you had post.
    Lastly, cheer up unnie! I hope you will become stronger after this incident cos I bet those netizens will be there to watch you even tighter and would try to find any ways to bring you down again. So you should be prepared and pull yourself stronger for you will not know what more horrible things they will say. Even if they did say things that hurt you and to make you sad, don't pay much attention to them! Just take it as a reminder for your popularity boost. Cause the higher your popularity is, the more hurtful things they will say.
    Once again, hwaiting unnie! Saranghae~ <3
  4. kyoko_kazuski

    kyoko_kazuski Hearters

    someone said this line before
    'Love your hater, they're your biggest fan! Why? Because they keep on wasting their time just to watch your every wrong move.'
    so, be strong IU!
    their are a lot of thing, good things, bad things will come in your future. Like you have said in Heroes. People will go harsh with you when you grow up. Sometime it just like this, unfair!
    Just keep moving forward!
    And when you look back, we alway be their for you!
    like our 4rum name 'weheartiu'.
  5. LuvIU<3

    LuvIU<3 Hearters

    This is so sad. Why did they put all the blame on her?
    It's ok. I mean she wasn't even that late.
    We still love you just the way you are.
    The netizens just need to take a chill pill...no offense. ^^
  6. chromo44

    chromo44 Donators

    I feel so upset for her! She's been under so much pressure lately and she's solo so there's no group members to commiserate with her... I really wish her all the best!! and I hope her fans continue to stand by her!!
  7. p00pie

    p00pie Donators

    so heartbreaking to see this situation where some stupid netizens are scolding her and with the media blowing this out of proportion. I guess its good that she apologise although I dont feel the need too, but in Korea they expect you to. sigh~ IU looked terrible at last night MuBank, she looked as if shes gonna faint during the kchart winner :( IU dont stress and rest well please!!
  8. superman26

    superman26 Hearters

    In Superman World~
    thanx Jane for translating this~

    manz~ People are so harsh~
    I feel that IU doesnt need to apologize for this as its not her
    fault for being late for the event~

    IU fighting~~ I hope she stay strong and stay positive to keep on going
    forward and put this behind her~
    Hope she can find comfort from her frens and family members~

    As a fan~ I can ony support her from afar and pray that she will be well and
    wishing her all the best~
    I wish i could do more~

    IU Fighting!!!
  9. daniellapanget

    daniellapanget Hearters

  10. StarShapedGummy

    StarShapedGummy Hearters

    New York
    i think the lack of sleep due to the packed schedule she has had to go through...from filming heroes and dream high...to going forth with her comeback has mad her too tired... and that's why she said those words....though i'm still not certain what she is referring to...but i'm guessing it's towards one of her live performances...

    get well soon IU...it's nice to know you apologize on behalf of your scheduling team =)
  11. sanz

    sanz Hearters

    I LOVE YOU IU!!!
  12. shayne

    shayne Donators

    there are times that we will feel lost... and helpless..
    dun think too much.. go to bed.. and continue fighting the next day!!
  13. yooshu

    yooshu Hearters

    lalala land~~~
    i really hate it when she needs to bow her head,apologizing to everyone likes she had done some terrible mistakes or something..poor her..for god sake,she's on 17yrs old girl..how come the netizens treat her like that? korea is such a rotten country! i'm so sad thinking about how she felt..she has a tight schedule,with all her hard works..this is what she get in turn..hey iu,keep your head up,be strong girl!
  14. garyloun

    garyloun Hearters

    support IU no matter what, I'm sure she has a legit reason for being late and she has a jam pack schedule. ppl should cut her som slack seriously. shes working her ass off already.
  15. Viviana Choo

    Viviana Choo Hearters

    IU~~~ aza aza hwaiting... always support IU... <3 IU~~~ :grin:
  16. jmillyu

    jmillyu Moderator Staff Member

    dont worry IU we got your back! :D ~<3333
  17. guohao91

    guohao91 Donators

    OMG! why does she keep apologizing in the message,i feel sad for her,its not even her fault T_T
  18. MrJunRong

    MrJunRong Hearters

    dont worry IU! its ok!
  19. burntbiscuit

    burntbiscuit Donators

    싱가포르! [Singapore]
    i hope she's not pushing herself too hard these few days because of this! hmm.
    the organisers already screwed the "concert" up in the first place. bleh.

    thanks for translating, jane!
  20. wjs

    wjs Hearters

    Its alrite. Himnae! We understand.

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