Fan Account: Real Fantasy 2012 in Seoul, Day 2

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    TheFly has done a really great job in writing down the fan account for the first day, and it inspired me to write one for the second day, so here I am now :)

    I arrived at Kyunghee University around 3pm on Sunday 3rd June (the concert start at 5pm). I wasn't so lucky that day as the taxi dropped me off outside the university, so I had to climb up the steep hill to the Grand Peace Palace where IU concert was held. Along the way I saw many unofficial IU merchandises, and being her hardcore fan (I literally flew to Korea just for her concert haha), I bought so many of her stuffs even before hitting the official MD stall lol :) Some of the pictures of those shops:

    Finally reached the top of the hill, and already saw a long line of queue, so I quickly went to the ticket booth to redeem my ticket and then joined the people waiting to get into the concert hall. The toilets are all inside the hall so I was quite worried that I had to wait there for about 2 hours haha. Luckily at about 4pm, the door was opened and they let us in. The lobby was amazing, filled with her posters, well wishes from other people (even the donated rice were there), and this big board of IU Love Contact and a small box besides it.

    I asked around what's the board and box for, and a Korean-American student explained to me that it's for us to write to our friend who were unable to attend her concert, and IU will then choose the lucky winner and call the person herself to deliver the message. Sadly I can't write in Korean... Anyway, some of the pictures inside the lobby:

    Around 4.30pm the concert hall was opened and I went inside. I was greeted with the huge stage and 2 giant screen at each side. Those two screens were playing random IU videos to kill time before her concert. Audience started pouring in so I quickly found my seat and settled down. Slightly past 5pm, the light was dimmed and IU appeared on screen doing some actions to voice-over telling people to turn off their phones, not to use photography, etc. Then the introductory video of her concert started playing, and I got so excited at this point haha. Some of the photos inside the concert hall:

    The special effect for the opening was breathtaking, it's so magical and fairytale-like. IU appeared on top of a staircase singing Cruel Fairy Tale with full orchestra at the background platform on top and the band on the middle platform. Once below she continued with You & I special arrangement, which got all of us really excited. After saying hello, she continued with Everything's Alright, then she finally introduced herself properly before singing Sleeping Prince of The Woods (complete with a bed prop and literally a sleeping prince lol) and she left the stage for the first time for us to watch more stuff on the screens.

    She reappeared on a moon with her guitar, singing Peach and two more acoustic songs which I can't remember. Then she followed by singing a more traditional Korean song for her parents and the older audience, while showing us her parents and childhood photos. She also showed a video with her grandmother introducing herself to us, and T-ara Jiyeon was in the video as well.

    After that she introduced to us what seemed to be a meter to measure our cheers and claps for her, and our aim was to fill that meter up as the concert goes, what an interesting way of making us enjoy the concert more haha. Then it was time for her to pick the lucky winner for the IU Love Contact. A large board was brought out with 3 lucky winners already chosen previously by the staff, and now she needed to choose the 1 grand winner. At first she called Yoo In-na to help her choose, and she picked number 2, but the audience insisted that she pick number 3 for some reason, so she called the 3rd person. Unfortunately the person didn't pick up, so she had to call the 2nd one instead (like what Yoo In-na suggested). The person didn't believe it was IU calling on the phone haha.

    Concert resumed with Rain Drop. At the end there were 5 backup dancers carrying umbrellas to cover her, 4 of them left the stage and the 1 remaining was actually 2AM Seulong. They continued with Nagging duet which really made the audience go crazy as they couldn't see it on the first day. IU then left the stage and the rest of 2AM members came on to perform their songs.

    IU came on again to perform Night of The First Break Up and Mia (I've been waiting for this, the song which got me hooked onto her haha), she performed the remix version but it was still amazing. She followed with Teacher (with Ra. D as guest appearance). Then Ra. D himself performed some of his songs.

    Now is the part that everyone had been waiting for, the full dance performance of Every End of The Day (first time revealed during her concert), Love Attack, Marshmallow and Uncle. Right after Uncle, she went offstage telling everybody that there's a surprise, and Lee Seung Gi came out to perform his songs. The audience really went crazy as they didn't expect this at all.

    It's DANCE BREAK TIME! IU reappeared dancing hip hop to Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas, followed by Michael Jackson songs (complete with the moonwalk), and finally Rainism (the screen wrote Jieunism when she danced, it was rather cute haha), and ended with a sexy dance to Trouble Maker. After dancing, it's finally PHOTO TIME! and IU went around the stage posing for us to take pictures of her:

    After that she told us that a special guest was present today, and the camera zoomed in on Park Ji-Sung, fulfilling his promise to her during Running Man haha. His entire section stood up and looked at him in excitement. They started waving and taking pictures lol. She then performed You Know (or called Hey these days), the rock version with the full band. she asked the audience to stand up and went crazy with her haha. And followed by, finally, Good Day! Omg, the fan chant during Good Day, it's literally like surrounded by the military, you have to be there to experience it, it's just too scary haha :)

    Final animation and story rolled in, dry ice and smoke came out, then she performed The Story Only I Didn't Know, followed by Last Fantasy with full orchestra. The curtain started closing in, and IU told us to shout encore in her cute way lol. So we did and we shouted encore for quite a while before the screen started playing her messages for her fans.

    The curtain opened again with her performing Hold My Hand (The Greatest Love drama OST). She then let her band perform solo one by one: Drum, Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, and Backup Vocals/Chorus. Then she performed the last song for the night, Believe In Love. Confetti, sparks, explosions, smokes, laser and holographic effects ended the awesome concert and as the curtain was closing, she gave us the final bow together with all the dancers, band and orchestra members.

    I really can't wait for her next concert now! :D

    Sorry for the not-so-detailed fan account, so I'll make it up by taking pictures of IU Official MD (posters, photoframe, photobook and light sticks):

    [color=#000000][font=Verdana][color=#000000][font=Verdana][color=#000000][font=Verdana]PS: If you want to see more from the photobook (including the 10kg worth of her souvenirs that I bought lol), you can visit me in Singapore :) Btw TheFly, I met your friend who went to both days of the concert with you who also stayed in the same hostel as me lol, she told me I might know her from WeHeartIU forum, so if you're reading this can PM me haha :p[/font][/color][/font][/color][/font][/color]
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    Malaysia Fantasy
    amazing fan account!!
    I really enjoy reading this with the pics and all :D
    how it's a pity I had to let this chance pass :(
    thanks for sharing Sylpharionz!!
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    Whaaa, thank you for the detailed fanaccount of the concert! I'm so incredibly jealous ;~;
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    Thank you for the nice fan account and sharing your experiences with the concert ^_^ It sounds so amazing T_T I hope I can go to one of her concerts in the future T-T Thank you~
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    Wow, such an amazing Fan Account. Thanks for sharing this to us. All of the songs that IU performed on her concert was daebak! ^^
    I love those songs too. Wish that I can watch her concert and get a chance to see her personally! :)

    Thanks for the wonderful Fan Account. It made me feel that I also experienced being in her concert, only by using my imagination while reading your post. Hihi. ^^
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    daebak!!! i want all those merchandises!! :D thanks for posting!
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    Midwest USA
    Thank you for writing this and sharing it! So great to read about the experience. Congratulations on being able to be part of this unique experience! Someday I too will see IU perform, but until then I am very grateful to those who take the time to share the experience!
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    Singapore~! :)
    Hey thefly and other iu fans from singapore , maybe if iu have another concert near nov or dec i hope that i can go with y'all ^^ 17 this year must take my o's first hehe
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    wow. Thanks so much for all the detail. I really hope there's a concert video. can't wait.
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    Medan, Indonesia
    AAAHHH....!!!! why i didn't see this thread??? i just come back from singapore this morning.. if only i've read this thread, i could starting to find you to see the photobook.. T.T
    anyway, thank you for sharing.. :)
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    Amazing fan account, I haven't even looked at this and I can't believe I haven't! Anyways definitely seem like you enjoyed the concert lots. I wanna go to her concert in the future or at least she her perform live somewhere
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    thanks for the fanaccount! is she going to release her concert dvd?
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    You are so lucky . Thanks for sharing ~
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    woo you get to meet IU,i'm jelly:3
    btw in the fanacc did you mean jiyeon met iu's grandma?hee i'm jiyeon-iu shipper

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