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    Today I was lucky enough to attend IU's first fanmeeting, marking 1004 days since her debut. I've spent the last four hours writing up this experience before I forget the details. I've had to do this all on my phone as I'm in a hotel room in Seoul with no access to a computer, so be aware there wil be a lot of typos! Oh and this is extremely long because there is so much in my head I wanted to get written down. Short version: it was amazing, IU is an angel, I am forever grateful to those that made this possible for me.

    And now the long version...

    I had arranged to meet up with iuline and other u-ana members at around 4PM, so after doing some sightseeing in the morning I headed off on the subway to Gwangnaru station, the closest to AX Korea (the fanmeeting venue).

    I got a bit lost between the subway and the venue so iuline had to come and find me. She took me to the venue and introduced me to some of the other fans who were waiting outside. She also gave me a bag of IU goodies (Z_ZIN magazine and Le Coq Sportif bromide), thank you!

    While we were waiting to be let in, various reporters were lurking with cameras. Inevitably it wasn't long before I was spotted and a female reporter handed me a microphone. Note that all the Korean fans around me had scattered out of camera shot when she arrived so I was left alone which would have made answering her questions quite difficult. :D However iuline took pity on me and reappeared to translate. The reporter was asking what I liked about IU and I had one of those blank mind moments. I think I said things like I like her voice, she's pretty, I like her personality, she's mature even though she's young... but I'm certain I looked like a gormless idiot looking anywhere except the camera. After that the reporter asked me to say things like "IU fighting!" and "IU saranghaeyo!" which I attempted but omg my Korean was even more fail than usual. I think I somehow managed to both slur and insert an extra syllable into saranghaeyo and no doubt looked like an idiot. Fortunately iuline told me afterwards that it was just some cable channel, so I'm hoping it never sees the light of day (or at least the light of the internet).

    For the next 45 mins or so I joined the Korean fans in playing dodge-the-TV-camera, which became an increasingly difficult task. The networks we spotted were KBS, OBS, tvN, mnet and ystar, there may have been others. Suffice to say there was basically a camera whatever direction you looked in.

    Inevitably another reporter eventually spotted me and asked me to say "IU JJANG" and make a thumbs up to the camera. I complied but omg cringe... hopefully that footage gets lost.

    Anyway eventually around 5:30PM we were allowed in to the hall. I was sitting separately from iuline due to how we obtained the tickets, so I went and found my seat on my own, three rows back and a bit to the left of centre. It was a fantastic seat, I had direct line of sight to IU who must have only been about 15m away throughout. It helped that the seat immediately in front of me was empty and the front row had staff or reporters who weren't sat there the whole time and who were short enough to not block my view at all anyway. So in summary, it was basically perfect.

    The stage had white drapes on either side and steps in the centre leading down from a raised area directly in front of the big screen. There are lots of pics out now so you can see it for yourself. While waiting for the fanmeeting to start, the screen was showing footage from the Unionbay and Le Coq Sportif photoshoots.

    Promptly at 6PM the lights went down and the screen showed an image of IU as an angel. As feathers settled at the bottom of the screen, IU was raised up on a platform onto the raised area of the stage. She appeared to lose her balance a little as the platform neared the top which I thought was adorable, her grand entrance given the clumsy IU touch we all know and love. :D

    She was wearing a white dress with ballerina-style frills, and insanely tall heels. I was worried she wa going to fall down the stairs but she made it safely, launching into Good Day. She sang the first verse alone on the stage, with her backup dancers (including of course the famous main dancer) joining her after that.

    The only point of the night I would class as a disappointment (and to be honest this fades into insignificance given what followed) was that she didn't sing her famous 3-level high note, instead going with the "it's so beautiful..." version. I was expecting the high note and it was an anticlimax when it didn't come. But I understand they are protecting her voice and that is extremely important and has to take priority over what fans might want.

    Anyway after Good Day was completed, the MC for the night came out (comedian Park Jisun, you'll probably recognise her face even if not the name). Next followed a Q&A session where IU had to yell "STOP" (the MC was very specific it had to be pronounced "STOP" not the Konglish "STAEP") as random numbers appeared on the screen. Each number corresponded to a fan-submitted question, which she then answered. Obviously with my inability to understand Korean I struggled to follow this section, though I picked up on a few bits and just watching her talk and laugh was entertaining enough. Hopefully there will be fan accounts from Korean fans with more detail about this section.

    One bit I do remember was a question that prompted her to sing a few lines of a Corinne Bailey Rae song (I think it was "Put Your Records On"), because she complained beforehand that the English was hard. :D

    And another bit, which has been captured in a lot of the news agency pics, was where she did her famous wink (WINKEU!) to every section of the audience. Totally adorkable.

    After the Q&A which lasted for around 10-15 questions, she sang Raindrop. This is one of my very favourite songs, so it was a pleasure to hear it live.

    The exact order of events after this I can't remember exactly so the below may not follow the chronology precisely.

    She sang Someday which I confess is not in my list of top IU songs, purely due to the style of music, but of course her performance was great.

    They showed IU's teaser for Sunny Hill, who then came out and performed Midnight Circus (at the second attempt - I think someone started the music before they were ready as the first time there were backup dancers on stage but only two members, both of whom were out of position). This was the first time I've seen it performed since I've been so busy the last few weeks I haven't been keeping up with music shows. Sunny Hill can certainly put on a show (wasn't there a guy in the group though? lol).

    IU changed into a new outfit (pink short skirt, blue shirt, pink bow, pigtails, CUTE). On the screen they showed a compilation of images and videos made by Korean fans to wish IU a happy 1004 days since debut, some of which were very amusing. The backing track to this was Hold My Hand, recorded sadly - she didn't sing that live tonight.

    Something she most definitely did perform live though, and my personal highlight of the night, was Love Attack. I have always liked this song, it's just so HAPPY and it's impossible to stay still while listening to it. Appropriately they had created an energetic choreography for it, centred on IU attempting to attack her dancer oppa, swinging her arm at him as he ducked and then kneeing him in the leg. :D I'm sad we'll probably never get to see this again, but so very glad I saw it tonight. I was grinning like an idiot the whole way through.

    Continued in next post...
  2. Matt

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    This is getting totally out of order now but I'll just carry on writing everything I remember. A cake was brought out with a model of IU on top in one of her Good Day outfits. We all sang "cheonsa chukha hamnida" ("happy 1004") to her and she blew out the candles, only to be told by the MC she had to do it again because she had failed to make a wish. Coming up with a wish seemed to be quite a challenge for IU but she managed it eventually - didn't tell us what it was though (hey IU, sowoneul malhaebwa!).

    Cameras were banned at the fanmeeting (and this was strictly enforced) except for at this one moment. IU posed with the cake and we were all invited to take pictures. The MC joked that the pictures would be on twitter straight away, which was certainly true since I tweeted pics myself. :D

    I feel like I'm forgetting songs or something but never mind, iuline can correct me. A screen was brought out against which four people were silhouetted. IU was sat with the MC on the other side of the stage and the voices of the four people were obscured (by making them very deep - which caused Jieun and the audience to crack up whenever they spoke). There were 2 males and 2 females, and they had O/X boards which they held up above the screen to respond to yes/no questions from the MC. I didn't really follow the question/answera (though IU laughed a lot) so I'll just skip ahead to the reveal. I'd been pretty sure from the start based on the silhouette that one of the females was Luna, and I was right. The others were her coordi unni 주희, her road manager 정현 (the one who kept his eye on me in my London fancam) and the composer of Good Day and Nagging whose name escapes me right now.

    The coordi and manager scarpered off stage pretty quickly while the MC and IU had a chat with Luna and composer dude. They talked.about various things - I remember talk of the 93 line between IU, Luna and Jiyeon and the composer dude saying he was 70-something line. :D

    Luna and the composer both said some nice things about IU and she returned the compliments. There were some nice LunU moments where they hugged and grabbed each other's hands, shame we weren't allowed to record it.

    At some time after this there was a random prize drawing. A large plastic box was brought on stage with everyone's ticket stubs. IU picked several out and read out the seat numbers, each person winning a prize (tickets to something I think? not sure). Several times it came very close to me and my heart skipped a few beats - two people on the row behind me won.

    Then she came to the final winner. This person was to receive a very special present - a signed guitar from IU. I was on the first level, section A, row 3, seat 9. She started to read out the winner.

    Level... 1.

    Section... A.

    Row... 2. Aww so close.

    Seat... 12. Wait a minute, that seat is empty. FAIL.

    So she had to pick another one. :D The eventual winner was a smartly dressed guy, probably about my age, on the second level. So lucky. But I'm not sure how I'd have got a guitar back on the aeroplane anyway.

    The "final" song was, appropriately, the song she debuted with 1004 days previously: Mia. Hearing this live for the first time in nearly 3 years there is no question her voice has matured and she has grown as a performer. Still a simply beautiful song.

    There was a video on the screen after this which I think had a written message from IU, though obviously I couldn't read it. Afterwards everyone was shouting "encore!". Suddenly the intro to You Know struck up and IU appeared on the screen surrounded by audience members. Everyone was searching frantically for her location - she had reentered the rear of the hall, on the opposite side to me, and was making her way towards the stage. She was mobbed by fans initially until security cleared her a path.

    And then she was dancing around at the front, holding out the microphone to people on the front row to sing lines of the song. She came right over to my section and as there was nobody in the seats in front of me I had a clear view to her no more than 2 metres away. OMG. I've been that close before of course, but in London she was hiding in her hoodie, here she was jumping around in all her stunning glory.

    She went up to the stage where a box had been brought out. Along with a couple of her female backing dancers she started throwing the contents into the audience - they were balls signed by IU. The very last one was heading right at me but I failed to jump up for it, so the person in the seat next to me got it. Never mind. :D

    By this point paper confetti was being blown out over the audience. IU finished up You Know, said goodbye several times (including an oh-so-cute English "bye bye") and left the stage. It was over.

    I know I've missed some things out and got things out of order but I just wanted to get this all written down before I forget it. I had an amazing night and feel so honoured to have got the opportunity to share this experience. I am really REALLY thankful to iuline for making this possible (수지씨! 정말 정말 감사합니다!), to her friend who sold the ticket, and to all Korean fans for allowing and welcoming this foreigner to today's event.

    And of course thank you to Jieun herself, who shared two hours of her time with us tonight. The theme of the event was angel because the word for 1004, cheonsa, also means angel, and it is such an appropriate word to describe her.

    When she eventually has her first solo concert I hope I can return here, along with other WeheartIU staff and members. I have no idea if IU noticed me tonight (she looked directly at me a few times but if she recognised me or identfied me as a foreigner she didn't show it), but we know she is definitely aware of her international fans now. Let's continue to do our best to support her as she heads towards her comeback in September and the next stage of her career as a singer-songwriter.
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    lalala land~~~
    woah...daebak fanacc...thanks a lot for this^^
    i hope i can meet iu too...well, someday...when i already got my own career and my own money><
  4. margot

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    Even though I wasn't there, just by reading your account I can feel how wonderful the event was. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
  5. jmillyu

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    your fan account was awesome!! XD sounds like she was so happy the whole time^^
    gosh looking at the pictures she really did look like an angel, smiling every 3 seconds ;D
    so jelly that you went , but thank you for writing this all down! feels like i experienced it too~
    congrats IU~^^
  6. tk198

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    on your screen
    haha talk about dedication. typing this out on your phone...
    Sounds like you had such a good time Matt. I'm really happy for you (and at the same time terribly jealous). Can't wait to see your TV interview :p
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    unforgettable precious moment that night!

    thank you to share IU's FM scene!
  8. davidleehk

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    you are being spotted on KBS TV?

  9. Viviana Choo

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    wow~~~ u had a great experience... ^^ great job~~~

    oh yeah~~ IU, hwaiting~~~ we support u forever~~~ ^^ <3 <3 <3
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    Woah, reading your experience and i know that it was a great fan meeting! :D
    Thanks for sharing with us! :D
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    oh god!!! This is sooo cool!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing ur experience and thoughts bout the fan meeting to us!!!
    I am so happy while reading it!! Like i was at the fan meeting!!
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    OMG! Thank you for the awesome fan account! I was so happy reading them~ I hope one day I could be there :)
    Thank you~
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    I'M SO JELLY OF YOU! But thanks for the fan account of the meeting! Your so luckkyy!
    I wish I meet IU someday. :)
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    you're so lucky! :D
    thanks for sharing your experiences! :))
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    Wow! You really had an amazing night.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!
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    wow.. i heard one foreigner who from U.K came to fan meet before, so i wondered who is he/she.. but it was you? amazing! :D
    im glad youre having a great time in kor (= are yoi still here?
  17. Matt

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    Yep! I fly back on Tuesday so tomorrow is my last day here. I spent the evening down by the river in Yeouido tonight, so pretty. Seoul is so different from any other city I've been to (in good ways!), I love it.

    Were you at the fanmeeting yesterday? If so I guess you probably saw me, I stood out from the crowd. :D
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    Cooooooool !
    wow !
    you saw IU 2 times already ^-^
    you're so lucky !! :)

    i'm jealous though :)
    hehe ..

    Thank you so much for sharing ^^

    (is that you ? the one circled in the photo posted above ? :D )
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    No comment. :D
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    Little Red Dot - SINGAPORE
    Awesome fanacc . Im very happy for you too ! And i cant wait for her first solo concert , and her comeback in sept ! I wanna visit Korea when i can also. :3 hope i have the chance to do so ! Okay, im getting way off topic. Thanks for the lovely fan acc, i smiled when i read the whole thing !

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