| DISCUSSION | Post here your favorite sayings and quote/s from IU :)

Discussion in 'All About IU' started by Cutiegail, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Cutiegail

    Cutiegail Hearters

    Hello Uanas and fellow Hearters! :) I just decided to made this thread, for some of the famous and your favorite quotes from IU. Whether it came from the internet, in her guest appearances, in her concerts, in different articles, or other random stuffs, etc. Feel free to post here your favorite quote/s from our dear IU. :)

    This thread is also for getting a dose of inspiration, for the sayings and quotes came from IU herself. ^^

    Hwaiting for your sharing of your fave sayings and quotes from IU. ;) ^^

    Saranghaeyo. <3

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