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Discussion in 'All About IU' started by phoung, Jun 5, 2011.

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    i just want to create this thread so that anyone know where to get clothes or anything that IU uses can post here

    anyway i'll go first

    i found out that you get get the short iu wore for immortal songs 2 press conference



    where seen:immortal songs 2 press conference
    where to buy:shopbop
    Brand: shopbop

    where seen:MBC's music festival in December 2010
    where to buy:dont know~ out of stock maybe
    Brand: Marc Jacobs for his 2011 Resort collection
    Price:5.53 million won about $5,000


    where seen:at airport to London
    where to buy:dont know~
    Brand: Nina Ricci + Seo In Young bag limited edition
    Price: about $400



    where seen:The Golden Disk Awards red carpet IU
    where to buy:dont know~
    Brand: Biker Starlet-Margot Satchel
    Price: about 158,000 won
    credit as tagged

    sorry i dont know much where to get most of these items but if anyone know please share
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    Hmm , well if you dont mind , mind posting it on , | DISCUSSION | IU's Wardrobe Of Wonders ? Since it is all about IU's clothing :)
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    on your screen
    Yes, a similar topic was already created. Please post here: http://weheartiu.com/forums/topic/3002-discussion-ius-wardrobe-of-wonders/.

    Closing topic.

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