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Discussion in 'All About IU' started by neko-kyunnn, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. neko-kyunnn

    neko-kyunnn Hearters

    Blackpool, UK
    I've been wondering.. wouldn't it be nice if IU starred in more dramas and it would be more epic if she's the lead in it?

    I mean, in Dream High, she was so lovable but her scenes were too short. It would be nice to showcase more of her acting.

    what do you guys think~?
  2. aiyooaiyoo

    aiyooaiyoo Donators

    Midwest USA
    I think IU has good acting skills and plenty of charisma to be the focus of a drama - but if so, I would hope she would be playing a musician and have her music be the focus of the plot, so that she could still stay mostly focused on developing those skills. I think i saw an interview where she said if she did more acting, she wanted to play a character who was a bit strange or weird - maybe she could play an eccentric composer who wrote music for others but didn't perform, and she could write all the music for the show.
  3. Shuntensatsu

    Shuntensatsu Hearters

    I think she can act and do it well but i feel like it would be pretty stressful to sing and act at the same time. Also she makes a ton of appearances on variety shows already.
  4. ddelvwuuuu

    ddelvwuuuu Hearters

    As much as i like to see her appear in a new show, i do agree that it will be very stressful on her already hectic schedule. Maybe she should focus on her music career first and then move on to other stuff such as acting :).

    just my 2cents
  5. dc4uxp

    dc4uxp Hearters

    Well it is hard work for her but i wish there would be a drama that stars 아이유 :D I'm quite sure many people would want to watch it.
  6. 21cssk

    21cssk Hearters

    아이유 낙원
    will definitely be epic. i think IU's acting is great. (idk i don't watch dramas often but just..<3)
    i like her facial expressions so much ^_^ ♥
  7. Stratos

    Stratos Hearters

    When I watched the report with IU supporting war on abuse in school, or whatever it was, it reminded me of the kdrama My Princess. I suppose she could do quite well in a role like that if she can act mad.

    A bit OT but ever since watching You&I for the first time I also had the idea of a korean version of Harry Potter with IU as the female Harry, anyone else?
  8. leemyis

    leemyis Hearters

    I would like to see IU play lead role. It will be interesting and fun but it be hard for her because IU is a very busy person.
  9. boksungah

    boksungah Uploaders Staff Member

    New York
    I would be so happy and excited, if she were to be in a drama again--especially as a lead! I think she did a great job as Pilsuk, she was very well-suited for it and she brought the character to life well, especially for her first role. I was quite sad that she didn't get more screen time in DH than she did. As long as acting is something she wants to continue to do, I'd definitely love it. I really have a thing for idols who can act well. *__* She probably gets a lot of offers for it, too, considering her popularity.

    I do agree that she probably doesn't really have the time or energy to do something like that in the near future, though. She has spoken about how tiring it was to do the drama, so if she does accept another part in one, hopefully it would be at a time when her schedule is a lot less packed than it currently is. Maybe once her career is more well-established over in Japan (and Korea, even, since I know she's talked a lot about wanting to focus on her music in general), and she hasn't got a song to promote in either country.
  10. Lee Mi Kyu

    Lee Mi Kyu Hearters

    Playin` with Jingyo
    Yeah, I think so. I comedic role also. I really liked her in Dream High and would like her to act similar to how she did there.
  11. mechanics

    mechanics New Member

    Yes she should have a lead role, so she can prove to all the people that she is talented and beautiful.... also i would want to watch that drama if IU plays the lead role. she really cute and i admire her very much. I <3 IU Fighting.....:D
  12. rickyiu

    rickyiu New Member

    it would be great if she gets a role in a musical drama again, acting as musician ( well, she is musician)
  13. aulowt

    aulowt Hearters

    I prefer she puts her energy towards music... she looks tired enough as it is at times ><
  14. kyouya2909

    kyouya2909 Hearters

    I like her just being a singer, she can act but I don't like that, I think she should just being a singer
  15. sassyboy

    sassyboy Hearters

    To be honest I'm quite torn between two worlds in this. I would love it if she release a new album though, just can't get enough of her angelic voice!
  16. yanzan92

    yanzan92 Hearters

    Malaysia Fantasy
    I think she need to slow down, I know she's good in acting but let's just wait, I really hope she will lead a drama but I think not right now, maybe, say, 1-2 years?
  17. casker

    casker Hearters

    Not a lead yet. I still want to hear more music from her than I want to see her in a drama. I would also prefer to see her doing more variety shows and seeing her true self rather than seeing her portray a character.
  18. IUhurtmyeyes

    IUhurtmyeyes Hearters

    It will be better if she focused on music. Be a perfectionist not just multi-talented.
  19. I think she would make a great female lead.
    But the female lead should be like a shy, musically talented person. XP
    Well, I think she would be able to play any part honestly.
    She's a very hard-working and determined girl.

    Or instead of a drama, a musical?
    And the character could play a guitar?
  20. friav

    friav Hearters

    She acts well for starters. But if ever she'll have a drama project, I do hope she'll have a cheery character. It suits her well. ♥

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