Big Bang Seungri “To IU’s uncle fans, I’m sorry… I’m just a regular oppa” [2011.01.13]

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    Big Bang’s Seungri is receiving a lot of attention for his witty apology to IU’s uncle fans.

    Seungri uploaded onto his me2DAY on the 13th the following message: “You are like water for my parched self… and so, I’m happy – part of Seungri 1st MiniAlbum [VVip] 5th track duet I know with IU.” Seungri was promoting his duet ‘I Know’ which he sang with IU for his upcoming first solo mini album which will be release on the 20th.

    Another eye-catching part of his me2day update was the tag that Seungri himself uploaded. On this tag, he attached ‘To IU’s uncle fans, I’m sorry Please understand She’s all the rage’ and extended his apologies to all the uncle fans who care so much for IU.

    Further, he caused much laughter amongst fans when he attached another tag “Her ideal type Taeyang, Seungri just a regular oppa.”

    IU’s duets with 2AM Im Seulong for ‘Nagging’, and Sung Si Kyung for ‘It’s You’ received top positions on the music charts, and she’s become the most requested female singer for duets so far.

    A YG representative revealed their thoughts on IU’s duet with Seungri by stating “Over 3 years ago, before IU’s debut, she had a chance encounter with Big Bang. It was an opportunity for her to get acquainted with all the members, and in particular, Seungri suggested to IU ‘After you debut, let’s be sure to sing a duet together’,” and “Currently IU is receiving a flood of proposals for duets, and for her to agree to sing with Seungri means that she’s kept her promise.”

    The representative further explained that “It’s not a harmony between husky and sweet voices, it’s a song that is refreshing to hear and is instead, a blend of two sweet voices coming together to create a new type of harmony. They are both of similar age and so were able to complete the recording in a comfortable manner.”

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  2. Chelliera

    Chelliera Hearters

    IU sure is something if Seungri managed to make a promise like that :eek:
  3. phoung

    phoung Donators

    LOL @ his tags
    Seungri is so funny
    “Her ideal type Taeyang, Seungri just a regular oppa.”
    this sentence just made my day ahhah

    thank you so much for translating this article =D
    your hard work is appreciated
  4. chopp

    chopp Hearters

    a harmony between husky and sweet?
    i'm not so sure tha seungri's voice is that husky...
    but if it means getting to hear another duet it doesnt matter =)
  5. thelordofthelinks

    thelordofthelinks Hearters

    “Her ideal type Taeyang, Seungri just a regular oppa.”

    ็Hmm... Now uncle fans got it.
  6. feinaenil

    feinaenil Hearters

    I literally LOLed at this: “Her ideal type Taeyang, Seungri just a regular oppa.”

    Seriously can't wait for this duet now!
  7. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    LMAO. Seungri is so cute! :)
    I guess after the male celebrities after Seulong are starting to fear the strength of IU's uncle fans.
  8. elavip

    elavip Hearters

    seungri tags are hilarious. i love that little brat.
    i'm really curious of what the song is gonna sound like.
  9. chromo44

    chromo44 Donators

    seungri is always hilarious :D I can't wait to hear the song!
  10. Kyzuki

    Kyzuki Donators

    London, UK
    Lol at his tags xD Looking forward to this song!
    Thanks for translating!
  11. pid

    pid Hearters

    seungri's great sense of humor
    can't wait to hear the song
  12. starmint

    starmint Graphic Artists Staff Member

    under an ☂
    LOL oh Seungri <3
    I wonder who else sent a duet proposal~ IU is really suited for them.

    thank you for translating!
  13. meyou

    meyou Hearters

    lol seungri being cheeky with his comments. hopefully some people don't take it too seriously.
    anyway, really love when IU does duets, some of my favourite songs so far.
    thanks for sharing this news.
  14. venonat_101

    venonat_101 Hearters

    Inside IU's ♥
    well.. i am happy that our little IU is receiving so much love. she REALLY is an ideal girl to duet with because of her beautiful face and wonderful voice.

  15. venonat_101

    venonat_101 Hearters

    Inside IU's ♥
    well.. i am happy that our little IU is receiving so much love. she REALLY is an ideal girl to duet with because of her beautiful face and wonderful voice.

  16. dbsgk95

    dbsgk95 Hearters

    its a funny thing that YG is saying that Seungri have known IU even before her debut and Seungri ASKED her to sing with him. heres the irony. YG didnt accept wen IU tried out for YG(not sure if she has buhh) and now they r trying to link them two to grab media's attention. its like. a cat picked on a turtle and the turtle later becomes TMNT rofl
  17. litt0piggy

    litt0piggy Hearters

    I so loled at this “Her ideal type Taeyang, Seungri just a regular oppa.” sure have all the daggers at taeyang hehe... so dorky can't wait to hear the song so excited!!

    hmm... did she really auditioned for YG? I thought she auditioned for JYP, got eliminated, and that news made headlines few weeks ago? If we talk about who is using who, I'm sure alot of companies want a piece of our lovely IU. JYP casted her into Dream High, when he eliminated her on broadcasted audition. If a few of us keep saying that the make idols are using her for popularity, I think a fan war will occur. Let's just be civil about this. Let's not think too deeply into who is taking advantage of IU since this can benefit her in some way. At least for us fans, we got a new IU song to listen to :D

    PS: Forte I'm not picking on you, just saying this because I've been seeing comments like this recently from various people, and I don't want IU to have more antis right now...
  18. zhenzhen

    zhenzhen Hearters

    IU sure have lots of people that want to sing with her.
    because her vocals is just so good !!! :)
  19. omgtiffa

    omgtiffa Hearters

    I still haven't listened to the song, but I think that the fact that they "fulfilled their promise" is really adorable xD
    Here's to hoping that they promo this song :DD
  20. NOEY

    NOEY Hearters

    thank you very much.

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