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    | NEWS | Artists confirm their attendance for . . .

    Full Title: Artists confirm their attendance for the “2010 Melon Music Awards”


    As the ceremony date for the “2010 Melon Music Awards” draws near, music fans will be delighted to hear that artists from all three companies - SME, YGE and JYPE - will be standing on one stage.

    Representatives of Melon Music revealed that viewers can anticipate a meaningful ceremony because of the variety of confirms from different agencies. “We believe that artists confirmed their attendances because they trust the fairness of our awards show. It will be a highly meaningful ceremony, as artists will be giving back the love they’ve received from their fans all year long together.”

    Many collaboration stages are under preparation, along with a cute surprise by ceremony host Song Joong Ki.

    SNSD, 2AM, 2PM, 2NE1, T-ara, CNBLUE, IU, Lee Seung Ki, DJ DOC and 4Men have been chosen as the top 10 nominees for the “2010 Artist Award”, the winner of which will be revealed during the ceremony.

    Source:TV Report via Nate,allkpop
    Note:I do not claim any credit for this article.
  2. loveIU

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    will IU do some collaboration with other artists??
    if yes i hope it's CNBLUE..
    IDKW, but i want to see IU do some collab with CNB..
    anyway thanks for sharing!! ^^
  3. strawberry

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    No iwwant to see Iu with seulong again

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