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    After hearing 'Good Day', I fell into the talent of IU. Last year I attended MUSIC BANK IN TOKYO and heard her live singing for the first time. But maybe due to the huge size of Tokyo Dome, I found it differentiate little from watching TV. This time she has finally made an official appearance in Japan, and I was lucky enough to earn the ticket to the very first Showcase by buying just one copy of her album.

    The Showcase was held at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya. This is a facility that fits classical music and ballet, which also suits a nice singer like IU. (Actually 2AM will hold a concert here as well. It seems like people with nice vocal love this place(laugh))

    My seat was at the first row on the third floor; it gave a good view to the stage and an overlooking view to the audience. Based on my observation, there were a lot of young high school girls and men in their 20s, but there were still middle-age fans and people in their 30s like me. Her music is really welcomed by young and old altogether; quite different from 2PM concert where 99% female fans crowded the stadium.

    When the opening time arrived, IU showed up on the stage. She wore a black dress~ How cute! She was accompanied by Tokyo New City Orchestra at the back, with a pianist and a guitarist standing by at the side stage.

    The order is as below:
    1. Lost child
    2. Rain drop
    3. Good day (Japanese version)
    4. Last Fantasy

    Listening to her singing live was really different from listening to CD. By listening to the CD alone, I can't feel the power and the emotional expressions in her vocal. Like 'Lost Child', I just found it a nice song when heard it recorded; but I found my goosebumps growing when hearing it live. It was presented so well. How can a little girl sing with such depth???

    With the previous song so grand, when it came to 'Rain drop' she could still sing with a clear, soft voice like muttering; a voice as clear as the sky after the rain, washed and draped with rainbow.

    Next came the main hit of the day, 'Good day' Japanese version. I have heard many Japanese version of K-pop hits, but the translation for this song is by far the best in my opinion. The lyrics are natural and matches the tempo really well. She sang with good pronunciation, and the important word featuring the song, oppa, is preserved. (What a pity the original dancer didn't come alone today T_T) And today it was real 3-level vocal booster!!! After such a long while!!! I felt like crying when hearing it; how lucky I was to hear it live~~ It was really fantastic!!

    The last song is Last Fantasy. She said this was the very first time she sang this one live and was kind of nervous. But it was not a problem for her afterall. She nicely interpreted the song colorfully, and the Orchestra made the song deeper than the CD version. Also, by the company of Orchestra, her high notes were even brighter.

    She hosted the Showcase by herself. Although she still had difficulty speaking and made grammar mistakes from time to time, but her seriousness was really cute. After the last song, she even revealed the secret that encore songs waited ahead :p

    During the encore stage, there were a host and an interpreter, and she sang two songs. The first one is the ending theme from the anime 'Natsume's Book of Friends'. (Actually I have never heard this song, but she sang pretty well... The host said it was better than the original in his opinion.) The final song was 'Loving you', sang with herself playing the guitar. It was really touching! Just like Pil Sook in Dream High, this kind of pure music fits IU well; it also touched the heart of the audience.

    I accidentally heard the discussion of some insiders, and they all said that IU and KPOP is different; she can really bring up the emotion of the listener, and the future is bright ahead.

    I was really happy hearing this... I believe she can do well here. From my personal perspective, this kind of diva has long been absent in Japan, and her song will break the barrier of nation and culture.

    I was grateful for the wonderful and happy night brought by IU. It was a cold night in Tokyo, but her songs made me warm.

    The single 'Good Day' will be published on 3/21, and I'm on my way to pre-ordering!! (The recording of the Showcase will be included as well) (Note: only Limited Edition A will include it) Hope she can hold her solo concert soon!!!
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    Yes, i really hope she IU becomes a big hit in Japan... cant wait for the release of Good Day Japanese version!
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    Viet Nam
    I almost cry reading your fanacc, i am so proud of my ji eun. Your perspective is quite the same with me. iu and kpop is quite different, when I hear her songs, my mood bring up so much, just like a hot cup of coffee, I can enjoy it forever. Hope you will support iu from japan and what i can do is pre-ordering the single album.

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