5. Every Sweet Day

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    | KOREAN |

    Hey boy, what you gonna do for me, honey?
    내 방안에 내 손끝에 닿는 곳에
    하나 둘씩 늘어가는 나보다 큰 선물들
    조심스레 만지고
    새 하얀 이불에 살며시 숨어서 편지를 쓰고

    오랜만에 써내려 간 편지 한 장
    내 맘 모두 적어보고 수줍은 끝 인사로
    사랑한단 글씨에
    아무도 모르게 키스를 담아요

    * Everyday like a sweet day
    Find the day Oh the fine day
    눈 뜨면 보고 싶고 만나면 안고 싶고
    나도 몰래 어느새 사랑에 빠져버렸죠
    Love you forever
    그 어떤 것보다 더 소중한 그댄 내 선물

    내게 사준 곰인형을 품에 안고
    그대 이름 불러보고 한참을 웃음질 때
    머리맡에 놓아둔
    하늘에 흰 구름 모양의 전화가 소리내 울고

    그대만을 반겨주는 내 전화기
    내 두 볼에 멀어질 때 다정한 끝 인사로
    사랑한단 그 말에
    그대를 따라서 사랑을 말해요

    * repeat

    매일 매일 내가 잠들기 전에
    내 꿈에 먼저 온 그대 모습
    날 기다린 그 기나긴 그 시간만큼
    그보다 더 그댈 사랑해요

    Everyday like a sweet day
    Find the day Oh the fine day
    날 보면 웃어주는 웃으면 설레이는
    이 시간이 영원히 끝나지 않길 바래요
    Love you forever
    내 마음속에는 언제나 그대 하나 뿐

    * repeat

    | ROMANIZATION | Credit: emily @ jpopasia

    Hey boy, what you gonna do for me, honey?
    nae bangane nae sonkkeute danneun gose
    hana dulssik neureoganeun naboda keun seonmuldeul
    josimseure manjigo
    sae hayan ibure salmyeosi sumeoseo pyeonjireul sseugo

    oraenmane sseonaeryeo gan pyeonji han jang
    nae mam modu jeogeobogo sujubeun kkeut insaro
    saranghandan geulssie
    amudo moreuge kiseureul damayo

    * Everyday like a sweet day
    find the day Oh the fine day

    nun tteumyeon bogo sipgo mannamyeon ango sipgo
    nado mollae eoneusae sarange ppajyeobeoryeotjyo
    Love you forever
    geu eotteon geotboda deo sojunghan geudaen nae seonmul

    naege sajun gominhyeongeul pume ango
    geudae ireum bulleobogo hanchameul useumjil ttae
    meorimate nohadun
    haneure huin gureum moyangui jeonhwaga sorinae ulgo

    geudaemaneul bangyeojuneun nae jeonhwagi
    nae du bore meoreojil ttae dajeonghan kkeut insaro
    saranghandan geu mare
    geudaereul ttaraseo sarangeul malhaeyo

    * repeat

    maeil maeil naega jamdeulgi jeone
    nae kkume meonjeo on geudae moseup
    nal gidarin geu ginagin geu siganmankeum
    geuboda deo geudael saranghaeyo

    Everyday like a sweet day
    find the day Oh the fine day

    nal bomyeon useojuneun useumyeon seolleineun
    i sigani yeongwonhi kkeutnaji ankil baraeyo
    Love you forever
    nae maeumsogeneun eonjena geudae hana ppun

    * repeat

    | TRANSLATION | Credit: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU

    Hey boy, what you gonna do for me, honey?
    In my room, where the tips of my fingers can reach
    The growing number of gifts that are even larger than me
    I carefully touch them
    and hiding under my new white blanket, I write a letter

    A letter I haven’t written in a while
    I write down all my thoughts, and in my bashful closing
    Upon the words ‘I love you’
    I leave a kiss which no one sees

    * Everyday like a sweet day
    Find the day oh the fine day

    When I open my eyes, I want to see you and when I meet you, I want to hold you
    Without even realizing it, I somehow fell in love
    Love you forever
    More precious than any other thing, you are my gift

    As I hug the teddy bear you bought for me
    When I call out your name and smile for quite some time
    I placed by my pillow
    a phone shaped like a white cloud which begins to ring

    When my phone, which greets only you,
    parts from my two cheeks, in your affectionate farewell
    I hear you say that you love me
    And just like you, I too confess my love

    * repeat

    Day after day, before I fall asleep
    You are already waiting for me in my dreams
    That long, long time you spent waiting for me
    Even more so than that, I love you

    Everyday like a sweet day
    Find the day oh the fine day

    When you see me, you smile and when you smile, you make my heart flutter
    I hope that this moment will never end
    Love you forever
    In my heart, there is always only you

    * repeat
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    wow, thank you for hangul and translation,haha..i love this song..
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    I actually love this song more than Boo Boo. ^^ I love the melody of the song + IU's sweet calming voice=perfect
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    Thanks! Every sweet day is my favourate song. I hope IU can do an English version of it.
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    This was the very first song I listen from the album, and the first song I like from IU.
    It's my favourite from then on, but anyways, I've always been listening to IU these days. :D
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    thanks for sharing the lyrics and translation for this song!^^

    this is my favorite out of all IU songs.
    really love it!^^
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    thanks so much
    for sharing the lyrics and translation of every sweet day
    great song thanks so much
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    Really like this song from IU's album Growing Up.. :) but all the songs that she sang so nice.. :lol:
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    awee thank you so much ^^
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    thanks for the korean/hangul.
    love the lyrics.
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    thanks for the lyric,
    this great....
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    Penang, Malaysia
    aigoo! this song .. i cant get enough of it! i really like the chorus of this song! spend all my lunch money just to buy the ringtones online back then. this is one of the song that is worth bought or downloaded. thanks for the lyric!
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    Medan, Indonesia
    thank you for the lyric.. really appreciate it!!
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    I really love this song
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    Wow, such a meaningful lyrics. ^^ It's one of my fave songs in the album. :)
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    thx for posting n translating..
    nice song..
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    thanks for translating

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