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    Q1. It's been a while! How have you been doing?!

    Hello! This is IU^^ I think it's been a while since I greeted people through Naver Music after my 'You and I' promotions, during that time I released my Japanese debut single [Good Day] and held my Japanese showcase so I was busy going back and forth from Korea to Japan. But in between, I spent my time recording a new album and composing my own song so it feels like time flew by really quickly! Oh, I also gave my input for the concert that will begin next month and these days I'm practising really hard!

    Q2. What’s your spring at the age of 20 really like? Any changes or new interests since you turned 20?

    Umm… It’s not very different compared to when I was a teenager, but if I have to pick something, it seems I get tired more easily and I no longer have much hopes of growing taller (ㅠㅠ) Nowadays, i’m preparing for my Japanese promotions and studying Japanese, which has been really enjoyable, so I’ve been watching a lot of Japanese anime too. I’m also learning to make midis and it’s not as easy as I thought, but I’m working hard at it. Also, I want to build up my physical strength a little, so I’ve been exercising diligently! (I want to get some muscles too..^^ ;)


    Q3. Please tell us more about your newly released single album [Spring of a Twenty Year Old]~
    Since my new single [Spring of a Twenty Year Old] was the first album released after turning 20 years old, I decided that that would be the name of my new album. Seeing that it's been 4 years after my debut and now that I'm 20 (^^) I wanted to share a slightly true and personal story that I wasn't able to share through my previous albums.

    There's 3 songs in this new album, producer Jo Yongchul, who had been producing all my albums since [Nagging], was also the producer for this album and the nation's best(!) hit maker, composer Park Gheuntae and Kim Dohoon and lyricist Kim Eana created the title song 'Every End of the Day'. This is an up-tempo song filled with my cheerful and bright vocals that many people love. Along with the lyrics which paints a girl's longing for the person she likes to come to her, 'Every End of the Day' is a fun song that will make people happy even when they just listen to it. On the other hand, my self-composed song 'Peach', which we released earlier than the album, was also included in the album and a heavy feeling R&B ballad song 'I Really Don't Like Her', composed by JYP Entertainment's Shim Eunji and written by Kim Eunsoo, was also included in the album.

    Q4. ‘Peach’ has a similar feel to ‘A Stray Puppy’. What kind of feelings or message did you want to convey through ‘Peach’?

    ‘A Stray Puppy’ was a song that I spent a long time pondering over, whereas ‘Peach’ this time was a song I made with a slightly lighter heart! I wrote the song in order for fans to listen to it comfortably while doing other stuff and now that it’s spring, jealous of the couples passing by, I decided, “Let’s make a love song!” and so I composed this ticklish song that gives you goosebumps!^^ I wanted it to be such that whether a guy or a girl listens to the lyrics, they would think of the opposite gender, so I wrote the 1st verse thinking about a guy talking to a girl, a girl as pretty as a peach (used f(x)’s Sulli as a reference ^^ ;). While for the 2nd verse, I wrote about a girl talking to a guy as I imagined the kind of relationship I aspire towards. I didn’t expect it to receive so much attention, but I’m very very thankul to all the people who listened to it and gave your support~! Also.. I want to hurry and get into a relationship like ‘Peach’ too!


    Q5. Along with your new album, you released a short music film, [Spring of a Twenty Year Old], instead of a music video, how did you end up preparing this film?

    Since the concept of this album was to show my slightly personal story to the people who had enjoyed listening to my music, I didn't want to release the usual music video. Instead, I wanted to try something new so that was how it started off! In the usual 4~5 minute music video, there's not enough time to show the concept of the song. So in order to convey the spring feeling and smoothly incorporate the story of 'IU' through [Spring of a Twenty Year Old], we created a beautiful video. Director Hwang Soo-ah directed this movie and since we filmed it like a fake documentary, I think people would be able to feel a lot closer to me as they hear my story! I also think it was a good chance for my to calmly share my story! I hope many people will watch my short music film [Spring of a Twenty Year Old] which contains my story and be able to relate to it!^^

    Q6. I heard you traveled far away to film this short music film! Where did you go?^^

    Yes! I~ went to Venice, Italy~~!!!!^^ Although it's my 2nd time going to Europe, it was my first time going to Italy, also I got to go to Venice, the place that I was only able to see through movies and pictures! Like from what I had seen in the pictures, it was a beautiful and an amazing place^^ For this movie, we filmed in Venice and took a 30~40 minute boat ride to a small island called Burano in order to film the scenary. Even though Venice was an exotic place, since the houses were painted in all different colors in Burano, it was hard to take my eyes off of them!! Through this short music film, I think people would be able to see the beauty of these two places along with a lonely IU in the real world and a cheerful IU in the fantasy world!^^ Since we filmed at a such a beautiful location, the finished video was so pretty that I don't remember how many times I watched it ^^; Due to my tight schedule I wasn't able to see all of Italy so I would love to go back, through IU's short music film [Spring of a Twenty Year Old] should we all take a trip to Italy~?!!


    Q7. Please say some last words to the Naver Music members!

    Everyone~! Please show lots of love for my new single [Spring of a Twenty Year Old] which includes my feelings of being a Twenty year old in the spring and the music video film! Also, my nation-wide concert will be starting on June 2~3 in Seoul and it'll be held in 5 other cities! Although it's burdening since this is my first solo concert, since it's an even that I've always dreamed about I'm working really hard so please anticipate, and please come and visit^^ I'll work hard to always show you guys good music!^^ Everyone~!! I hope you will have a happy spring~(!) along with IU's new album [Spring of a Twenty Year Old]!^^

    Translation: squishyblob and -Hope @ weheartiu
    Source: Naver Music
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    Thank you so much for translating!
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    wowowowow hehe reading all this!~ thank you squishy!~

    and finally "I no longer have much hopes of growing taller"
    lololol hey jieun ahhh we love the way you are now dun think too much about heights
    many boys love girls with your height not that you are short or anything lol =D i love you!~ *muack* =X lol
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    Wow !!! Just wow !!! Did IU read that all that answers out of a paper or she just have a genius matured mind to answer so perfectly thus relating to the question so intimately ??? IU really is a spontaneous genius, she has a quick mind in that case... kekekeke, and now is IU trying to hide her relationship behind curtains when she implied that "I really want to get into a relation like "Peach" or is she really still single... kekekeke, only she knows.... tricky IU.... kekekeke
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    Wow she really wants to have a relationship soon??... IU take your time~~^_^
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    Thanks for translating this excellent interview Squishy! So, looking at hints for answers to the questions about how much reality there is to the recent long MV:

    but also

    Ambiguity as usual!
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    Wow! Such a nice and beautiful interview from Naver Music! :)
    I feel inspired because of IU's words and her answers to those questions were just so great. I learned a lot from her. *wink*

    Thanks Squishyblob for translating this to us.
    IU hwaiting! I wish I can already watch the MV of "Every End Of The Day", which takes long minutes to load, it equals enough patience so you can watch it in full. Hihi.
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    I wonder how her songs would be like if she got into a relationship.
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    IU is such an inspirational person. You can learn many things from her wise words ^_^
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    ooh naver had an interview with IU too? that's awesome.. It's great that she was able to get out of korea and go to Europe again .. I think she enjoyed London last time and it's great that she was able to go to Venice^^ Hope she enjoyed everything other than the exhausting plane rides of course. Thanks for translating!
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    Our IU really honest. Not afraid to speaks her mind. IU-yang, we also as fan really looking forward for you to be in relationship..
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    The number 1 problem of teenagers growing taller. I feel the same way too. HUHU

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