[120507] IU on SBS Healing Camp, "When I look at Patty Kim, I reflect on my own negligence"

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    IU and K.Will made a surprise appearance on SBS Healing Camp, which was broadcast on May 7th, featuring senior singer, Patty Kim.

    IU sang a cover of Patty Kim’s “I Can’t Live Without You”, while K.Will sang “The Man who Left Autumn Behind” and Patty Kim gave them the thumbs up, full of praise for them and saying, “You sing really well.”

    Meanwhile, IU and K.Will also prepared a gift full of chocolates and sweets for Patty Kim, who strictly prohibits herself from eating sweets, to which the latter replied, “I won’t be able to eat these until after I hold my retirement concert next year”, but gave a broad smile in reponse to the presents. (Note: She actually held up one of the lollipops and told IU… Haha! You ARE young after all.)

    On this broadcast, IU told Patty Kim, “If I drink a lot of coke, my voice gets hoarse the following day”, to which the senior singer replied, “Carbon dioxide is harmful to a singer’s throat” and warned them against eating spicy or salty food and drinking carbonated drinks.

    Also, IU expressed, “Looking at Patty Kim, I thought about what I would be like in future. Sometime in the future, when I get to Patty Kim’s age, what kind of things will I be able to share with my juniors? I’ve got to have more passion, and pour more of that passion into my every performance.”

    Furthermore, “When I look at Patty Kim, I reflect on my own somewhat negligent actions on stage”, said IU, thinking back on her own actions after the encounter with Patty Kim which moved her deeply.


    Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
    Source: MyDaily
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    Before you get all OMGG what did IU do on stage!! I think it's just you know... drinking coke, eating SPICY cup ramen, the snacks she loves and stuff like that before performing, which is supposed to be a big NONO for singers. (Patty Kim says she doesn't eat anything 3hrs before her performances... but when her stomach grumbles halfway during the perf, she has to put her mic further away lol)
  3. davidleehk

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    ya, if IU wants to become a singer in a long run, she need to protect her vioce carefully.

    hope IU will be the senior somedays to share with her juniors.

    Thanks for TL.
  4. boksungah

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    New York
    Thank you for translating :3 IU did an amazing job with her cover (and so did K.will with his!), I'm happy Patty Kim had such a good reaction to it. It's sweet of her to give them advice, I hope that both of them will make sure to take care of their perfect singing voices as well as they can from now on. I'm sure that in the future, IU will be more satisfied with her on-stage performances and portraying the amount of "passion" she would like to. She's already improved so much with that in comparison to her debut days. I can definitely see her being a very well-respected senior, when she's older.
  5. InvU

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    Lol that's so sweet~ haha those are all good food she loves to eat. :3 but I mean she gets such rough schedules and no time to eat so it's alright I guess since she loves them that much. Thanks for translating!
  6. khema wijaya

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    kekeke thanks for translating ^^ so cutee IU, i mean she's a singer and it's true that she needs to take a good care of her voice. i think it's fine for her to eat what she loves though they're sweets, cokes, and blablablah i think she already knows what is good and bad for her health. she must do what she loves after working so hard :D
  7. al3mon

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    Thanks for share.... n keep posting

    nice info ;)
  8. jieunism7

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    Her beautiful voice must indeed be well taken care of ^-^
    I promise myself to continue to support IU even if she gets to that age :D
    IU FIGHTING!!! ^_^
  9. ayeh

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    I think i had heard this song before in song immortal 2..i think kim tae woo was singing to this song..cant remember..but im sure had heard this song before..
  10. 1aegis1

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    Sometimes it can be forgotten that she is still a young child.. and yet all the things she have to give up doing and the things she have to worry about..

    Hope she hang in there and become a even greater star! Fighting!
  11. wing307

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    Viet Nam
    thank for translation !
  12. aiyooaiyoo

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    Midwest USA
    Thanks for post and translate! I love seeing IU interact with musical seniors - IU has great knowledge and respect for them, and everyone seems to see IU as an example of a young artist with great talent, achievements, and a bright future.

    For me, hearing IU sing live backed by a small chamber ensemble of strings and piano is a special thrill, too. I have a dream of IU doing some material from the classical repertoire sometime, and I think you can hear in this kind of arrangement how great she would sound in that context (and we've all heard Last Fantasy song too...)

    Glad to know that IU understands the importance of taking good care of her throat and voice on the physical level, and is committed to being diligent about this. We know IU isn't actually ever "negligent" on stage, but this kind of humble statement is appropriate for the context.
  13. _ZH_

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    i don't know why,but i really like that part~ hehe..
    it's a great opportunity for both IU and K.Will to meet such talented senior and i hope they'll both follow the advices given by Patty Kim ^^
    thank you very much for sharing this :D
  14. istatic

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    Thanks :D

    IU is so ADORABLE ! :D
  15. MissIUx

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    Really like her cover, even though the song is off from her age, she can still express it well~ Thank you!!
  16. Miel

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    IU's ♥
    thanks for translating.. IU did great on her cover.. Patty Kim was really nice to have shared advices to them.. someday, IU will be doing greater with performances that will satisfy herself.. & i know she will be a good senior to her juniors.. :)
  17. bonbon

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    IU is still really young so she should really take care of her voice. Her idol career still has a long way to go~ IU fighting! ^^

    Thanks for sharing =)
  18. seoulologyy

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    Thank-you for the translation! IU Hwaiting~!
  19. gustav123

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    hahaaa.. i can't wonder how IU will look like about 50 years later..
    of course she'll be always a powerful singer, but is she will be like noh sa-yeon? LOL :D
    anyway, thanks for translating squishy ^^
  20. vampireiu

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    As a senior Patty Kim really gives good advice and teachings in life to her juniors... I can see through IU's eyes, she's full of astonishment like she learnt something that she never would have thought of at her age.... I think IU has set a goal to be like her honored sunbae or even better by improving herself right now... like IU has mentioned she wants to put more passion and get more experience so she will be able to share to her juniors when she reaches retirement age...

    IU is really still a young girl though so she chose lollipops for her sunbae too !!! kekekeke.... but when it comes to singing and for her performances IU can be mature-minded and think rational to do her part and sing her songs well !!! thumbs up for IU !!! 300% support IU until her retirement age... I'll be old too by that time.... kekekeke...

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