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    Every day, there are so many articles about IU that one could create an article just about IU breathing. Like how they always say she's a real big hit. How did the world become so centered on IU?

    I wanted to become a celebrity since I was young. The reason simply being that I liked getting attention from other people. The small dream that I had dreamed about coincidentally became real through one event. When my PE teacher told me, 'You, Lee Jieun come out and sing one song!' as a punishment for talking too much, that was my moment. To the 14-year old student that sweetly sang Joo Hyunmi's "Crush", my teacher scolded me saying "I told you to sing as a punishment, why are you enjoying it so much." and asked me if I wanted to sing at a sports competition a few days later. To me, my debut performance was singing at the sports competition. After singing, I felt exhilarated, getting applause from many people. Right then I thought, 'Oh, I should become a singer.'

    Starting from 8th grade, I officially started going down the road to become a singer. Searching on Internet cafes, I went to audition by myself. After diligently going for auditions, I sadly didn’t pass all 20 of them. Although I didn't even get to hear why I didn't pass, I didn't get discouraged. Since the evaluator would be focusing on my singing, it gave me a feeling that I was at my own performance so that made going to auditions itself fun. I kept on thinking that the result wouldn’t matter because even if I fail that time, I would still try to become a singer. This was IU's debut history that she had revealed through a TV interview up until now.

    In reality, people can easily look up IU's 2007 audition video for one of the biggest entertainment companies. The girl that sincerely stated then, "I'll begin now". In the end, however, she did not pass. Initially, the experts and the public could not see IU's true value. Although she had debuted, the response to her song "Boo" from her first full album "Growing Up" was lukewarm. [Note: "Boo" was the song from her first album that she promoted, but IU actually debuted with "Mia".] However after singing "Nagging" with 2AM's Im Seulong and "It's You" with Sung Sikyung, IU had released her 3rd mini album "Real" and like the title song "Good Day", she really had a good day. The part during the chorus where IU went up the notes by ½ an octave at a time, the 3-level high note, was so popular that it became the most searched topic on search engines. With the 3-level high note, people became aware of her existence and singing skills.

    In her 2nd full album "Last Fantasy", released in 2011, many skillful musicians, such as Yoon Sang, Kim Kwangjin, Kim Hyuncheol, Lee Juk , etc., participated in the album, showing off how much IU has changed. Now she has become Korea's representative female singer that everyone acknowledges. What exactly is IU's charm that has captivated the public? Is it the cute next door little sister image that she has? We can't just pick one. No matter what the reason is, it feels like it would be hard to take away all her popularity. While we're enjoying watching her change and grow, it seems like IU would change again and show more different charms that we would not have expected.


    What exactly is IU's charm that captivated the public? No matter what the reason, it feels like it would be hard to take away all her popularity.

    Girl and Lady
    Although she states that, "Before I didn't know better, but maybe it's because I'm getting older, it feels really different when I get a skin treatment", says IU, who thinks IU-yang suits her better than IU-ssi. (Note: -ssi is the usual honorofic added to names, but -yang is used in more formal occasions. Something like "Miss".) It's not just because of her looks. When we see her throw her head back and go 'Puhahaha~', or when she starts giggling over little things, we can see the little kid inside of her. But sometimes, when we see her clearly answer whatever questions that are given to her and her ability to control her emotions, she feels like an adult. When we asked, "How do you want to change your image?" her maturity was evident when she answered, "Instead of actually trying to change my image, when the time comes I think it'll just change naturally" and also when she stated that she was lucky that her debut song failed because then she would be able to appreciate her popularity, knowing that it could always disappear at any time. Although it's really simple, the truth is she's 'just trying her best right now', that is how IU is growing.

    Idol and Musician
    Right now in Korea, the word 'Idol' wins the competition of getting most envied, but it is also the power that is leading the pop culture. However, it is ironic that majority of the people judge them saying, "It feels like s/he is only there for looks, s/he doesn't have any skills," "Their fame is only going to be short-lived” and "They look like they’re only trying to sell stuff." IU is an idol singer. However, the reason that she was able to avoid this was because she was able to show her own colors and expand her own territory. There’s no question that she carefully thinks when singing her songs but it was through her greed to try self composing her songs. She had worked with senior musicians that had agreed to work with her after just hearing her name, and the fact that she didn't get discouraged showed how much she could improve and it also showed her willingness to compose and work with others. The song "Hold My Hand" from the drama "The Greatest Love" and the song "A Stray Puppy" that was created after seeing an abandoned dog, imagining the loneliness a star would have when losing popularity, both received a lot of love. Through these two songs, people began to accept her as a musician. After saying that she wants to keep on create her own songs, we can't wait for her next album.

    Lastly, Effort and Luck
    Even if she falls down (Note: Recently, IU slipped at an award ceremony and again when opening a basketball match), she was born with the charms that would make her still be loveable. Many might think that she was a lucky girl to be able to debut more quickly than other idol singers who usually had to train for, at the shortest, a year till, at the longest, 7 years. However, behind that were her efforts that people did not know about. Her 3-level high note was the result of her efforts in order to use her low-pitched voice for a different singing style, and IU who did her cute clock dance and popping dance, revealed that she has two left feet. During one interview, she stated that whenever she felt the need to put more effort into something she would go all out. To the people that don't know what effort is, IU's popularity would probably feel like magic right now. However, knowing that someone who works as hard as IU exists seems like it will snap the public to their senses for some time.


    IU Q&A

    1. The best adjective to describe the 20-year-old IU?
    I thought "high schooler" IU fit me the best but now that I've graduated I think I should try hard so that "singer" IU would be fit me better. Since I'm 20, I want to get my driver’s license.

    2. What is 'popularity' to you?
    Hurtful comments or positive comments, either way a lot of comments.

    3. How would you define an Idol versus a Musician? Where do you think you stand right now?
    Musician is someone that shines on stage, an idol is a person that shines in front of a camera. I think it would differ depending on where I'm performing but right now I think I'm closer to an idol.

    4. The person that left a big impression on you while working together and something you want to say to the musician that you would like to work with next time?
    The song with Cheondung (MBLAQ's Thunder) oppa featured in "Merry Christmas in Advance". I don't know if it was because we were both trainees together but the recording session was really meaningful to me. Although I like working with my seniors I would like to work with ‘myself’. I want to write my own song in each album.

    5. Your Korean role model singer?
    Kim Kwangsuk, Lee Sora, and Harim sunbaenims.

    6. Something that you learned about yourself while going on TV programs?
    When more there are more people in the audience, I get less nervous.

    7. Time you have the most hardships and the time you are most thankful while you're working?
    My work isn't that hard to the point that I think I need a break. When I go on my fancafe before going to sleep every night, I'm really thankful.

    8. The skin treatment you're using now?
    These days I was being careless so my skin became really dry and began to peel. I need to go to a hospital.

    9. The driving force that makes you move forward during your busy schedule?
    The people I work with.

    10. Something that you think you earned through your hard work and something that you think you earned by luck?
    I was really lucky to meet such great people. Truthfully, if you look at the big picture, effort and luck is basically the same concept so it's hard to tell.

    Translation: -Hope @ weheartiu
    Editing: squishyblob @ weheartiu
    Source: http://bigissuekr.tistory.com/897
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