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    Read Part 1, Part 2

    Judging from the response after this album was released, I was thinking the public really has high expectations of you, don't they? Do you feel that being IU, you should have done an even better job?

    Rather than "being IU", it's more like "with this team of composers". Initially, when the line-up was announced, it was already a big issue. There were really high expectations, from many people. With this team of composers, and on top of that, the fact that IU would be singing the songs, you can imagine how much the fans were looking forward to it. A full-length album after a whole 2 years. But I felt that I fell short of expectations.

    Even as a singer releasing your second full-length album, I felt that you had to shoulder a heavy burden.

    I'm thinking positively. Also, I think because of this album, there will be even greater expectations for the next album.

    You shouldn't feel too burdened.

    Orh... Yes. To be honest, I can't be feeling too burdened. I should work hard to live up to expectations. Enough to satisfy those expectations, but if I'm already working hard and things still don't work out, then what else can I do? (Laughs) Even so, I don't think about it too much and instead of seeing it as my inability to live up to expectations, I'm looking on the bright side instead.

    If there's a song you feel you could have done an even better job of, could it be 'L'amant'?

    'L'amant' seems to be in a class of its own. It would be my own song. I wrote 'A Stray Puppy', but I feel like I couldn't sing it well enough. (Laughs) That's a song that went through 3 times of recording and re-recording too. So I was going to do the mix. But while doing the mix, I felt like re-recording again. So I stopped all the staff and stopped Gorilla oppa as well, then I said, "(Sigh) Ah, alright let's just do it" and so we completed it, but that was the song that left me with the most regrets. The same goes for '4AM'.

    While making the album, what's the biggest lesson you learnt? Was there any experience you gained that you wouldn't exchange for anything else?

    Firstly, I think the very fact that I was able to work with the sunbaenims was a big plus point for me. After making the album this way, I've gained the confidence to do it again for my next album. Also, there were many instances whereby the sunbaenims listened me out. There wasn't a single sunbaenim who didn't ask me the question, "What do you think?" As they made the effort to listen to my opinions, I started thinking to myself what being a composer was about. I gave my opinions, reflected by myself, and I wasn't afraid to offer suggestions. Certainly from one perspective, it may not be a good thing. Speaking up for myself too much. But since I'm going to continue to write lyrics and compose, it's a good sign if I'm becoming such a singer.

    In future, if you're going to continue writing lyrics and composing, you'd probably need to have enough real-life experience to fully express those emotions. How do you intend to fill that gap?

    I don't think I'll be writing anything deep for now. What I want to write the most right now is a really carefree song. Really carefree. But I'm still wondering how to write a song that will convey such feelings. In actual fact, about the song 'A Stray Puppy'... Initially, I was wondering what kind of lyrics I should write. The lyrics were going to be like, I woke up in the morning, washed my face and brushed my teeth, took a nap, met a friend, then went home and slept. I really want to write a song like that. That's because in other countries, such songs are really common. Writing lyrics about nothing much at all and singing a song about trivial matters. Although the songs in our country are mainly love songs, natural songs do get ranked on billboard charts too, and I've heard hymns of praise to God in the top 10 as well. Although I'm still not that familiar with the emotions for love songs, I think there are many other areas that I can express myself well. I wanted to try expressing my feelings about those things through writing lyrics. A really meaningless day, that sort of stuff. I really wanted to write a really carefree song with no subject at all, but it was really difficult. Eventually, the lyrics turned out really deep like that (laughs), but I'll take on the challenge again next time. Of writing really carefree and absolutely nonsensical lyrics. (Laughs)

    You have plans to debut in Japan next month, right? I heard it was the Japanese side that first approached IU. There seems to be something about you that they like.

    It's just that many others have gone to Japan previously and succeeded in their promotions, so we're focusing our efforts on Japan too. The Japanese market in particular. After looking around, it seemed there was only me. (Laughs) 'Good Day' happened to be in 1st place on the charts then and the song was doing well in Korea. So they asked why not we give it a shot or something like that. (Laughs) Also, on the Japanese side, they were looking for a female solo singer like myself too. They were searching not just in Korea but the whole of Asia, but there was only me. They thought highly of my musical abilities and therefore, offered to work with us.

    I think solo female singers with such musical abilites would be uncommon in Japan too. Or do you think you'd need to adapt your music to the place itself?

    Well I would like to work in the direction that the company on that side desires, but anyway I'm thinking, since they called me after seeing the image I portrayed during my promotions in Korea, shouldn't I just show the same image I did in Korea then? That's what I told the Japanese side. As for the minor stuff like hair or makeup, it would have to go with the Japanese style. When I met the people from that side, I felt much more at ease. Anyway, I would like to do things the way I did in Korea. Be it my music style or the way I present myself.

    Have you finshed recording your Japanese debut song?

    Umm. Not yet. (Note: Lee Minsoo tweeted on Jan 17th that he was still doing the arrangement for the Japanese version of Good Day.)

    Will you be a musician there and compose songs too?

    Not really. The plans are to make it a global project by bringing the producers from both Korea and Japan together.

    You'll probably be attending many interviews with the Japanese media too, how do you feel about that?

    I'm not sure actually. (Laughs) I think we'll just go there first and see how things work out. To be honest, it's really meaningless to judge things this way or that way right now. Personally, I'm not going to think too much, about how things will turn out. It just seems meaningless right now.

    Are there any Japanese singers you like?

    Nakashima Mika, her Japanese songs seem to have a bit of a Korean feel. Our producer really likes Sheena Ringo. (Laughs) I've heard some of her songs, and I like YUI too, as well as Aragaki Yui. She's really pretty. (Laughs)

    Anything troubling you nowadays?

    Nothing much. I was on Lee Sora's Second Proposal recently and she asked me the same question (The show was broadcast on Jan 17th). "Not really," I answered then and she replied, "If nothing is troubling you, then you'll make no progress." (Laughs) It seems I'll have to make up something to be troubled about.

    It might be because of your carefree attitude, you have the image of a grownup baby.

    I can be reaaaally like a kid. (Laughs) I get whatever I want if I go, "(Covering her ears) Eh... Can't hear anything, can't hear anything".

    You have the image of the 'ideal celebrity', like a role model, don't you?

    I've never really thought of myself as one. (Laughs) In terms of music, I really respect Lee Sora sunbaenim and Halim sunbaenim.

    You plan to have follow-up promotion activities as well?

    That's something that is troubling me. Although it seems to coincide with my Japanese promotion activities, I think I'll be doing that after I'm back from Japan. The song for my follow-up promotions has yet to be decided too. It could be from this album, or from another album. There's nothing confirmed yet.

    You're not acting anymore though?

    Acting? Acting is fun but I have no time to spare right now. If they contact me, I'm always willing to participate.

    Slightly digressing from the current topic, when you attended our interview previously, you seemed to be so busy that you looked uneasy doing the interview.

    At that point in time, I didn't realise that, but several journalists told me later. They said when I was doing the interview then, I looked uneasy (Laughs).

    Are you getting along well with your brother, what do you guys talk about nowadays?

    What we talk about? (Laughs) Hey, shut the door. Hey, fetch me some water. That sort of stuff. (Laughs) We don't talk about anything special. Although we do talk.

    There has been a lot of talk about your brother recently, how did you deal with it? It seems some of his personal information were leaked and spread on the Internet.

    That's not true. Luckily it didn't reach that extent. They would have to suffer. But according to my brother, the kids at school are all aware. Even so, they have been nice, so it's not an issue. If they talk about it and my brother appears, then they stop talking about it.

    Kim Kwangsuk will be holding his 16th Memorial Concert. When was the very first time you got to hear his songs?

    I got to hear his songs because of guitar. It was something I learnt quickly from my guitar teacher. (Laughs) My teacher was a really busy person. So we would sit down for the lesson and he would teach me about all the singers that played the guitar. Also, my teacher was the "Listen to me, get the feel, follow me" type. (Laughs) So I got to know about Kim Kwangsuk sunbaenim then.

    What do you like about him?

    I like that sort of vocals a lot. Rather than using a technique, he conveyed his sincerity and emotions. To me, that is what singing well is about. Each person differs in the way they judge vocal abilities. Certainly, techniques are important too. So is being able to hit the high notes, one's vocalisation and lung power, since vocal abilities are about how well you manage to convey your song to the audience. Yet a song lacks power without sincerity. To possess a sincerity that will move my audience to tears while listening to me play the guitar in a small theatre, that's the kind of singer I dream of becoming.

    Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
    Source: http://www.izm.co.kr/contentRead.asp?idx=23611&bigcateidx=11
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    So straightforward in her answers, she's great. And the last answer is lovely.
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    yeah she has no time for acting even though I would love to see her do so<3 thanks for translating squishy
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    Thank you so much for translating, squishy! This interview is really long and we got to know IU better too. Her thoughts on music is really different and I'm so proud of her. Thank you for your effort, squishy! I really appreciate it =)
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    lalala land~~~
    she answered brilliantly...as always^^
    love the last answer the most....when you're sincere, ppl can feel it
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    I'm really happy everyone is treating her brother well, I'd been worried when I heard that people had found out who he was. It's so refreshing, how thoughtful she is about music, whether it be her own or that of others--I think usually people don't speak that way about it, or don't get the opportunity to be as involved as she is. I'm sure that'll carry over to her Japanese promotions, as well. I know she'll be able to accomplish all that she wants to as an artist, such as what she said in her answer to the last question. I would absolutely love to see her act again, someday, too--maybe at some point when she doesn't have a new song to promote? She was quite good as Pilsuk. Oh, and she likes YUI! ♥ Thank you for translating this, and the previous two parts of the interview!
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    "Each person differs in the way they judge vocal abilities. Certainly, techniques are important too... Yet a song lacks power without sincerity."
    "To possess a sincerity that will move my audience to tears while listening to me play the guitar in a small theatre, that's the kind of singer I dream of becoming."
    Hmm... ;)Interesting. I luv IU being :pcarefree and B)cool with her answers! makes me LOve her even more~ :wub:
    thnx 4 the translation squishy :D
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    So young yet so mature. She's unique, and for me she's not just a singer, she's a musician. and that's what set her appart from her "competitors"
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    IU's ♥
    thank you so much squishy for translating.. her answers are great.. she shouldn't be bothered much with things, good thing she's kind of carefree.. & i think she have met all the expectations her fans have.. wanna see her do some acting, miss her doing so.. her Japanese debut will surely do good!.. love IU so much!.. IU fighting!.. :D
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    lol i can totally imagine her doing that...cute ^^
    i'm glad to hear that her brother is being treated well,hope others won't try to take advantage of him or anything..~
    thanks for the translation! :)
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    thanks for translation~ This is quite a thorough interview and pretty frank too XD
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    Thanks for translating this interview!

    I hope she will not be burdened with her tight schedules as well as her Japan promotions and follow up promotions.
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    yeah it must be very burdensome to make a full length album since we have to checked all the song lyrics and arrangement that fit in this album and it's not easy to show your opinion to sunbaenim, I think IU has learned a lot of things here to become a good song-writer and composer, thanks for sunbaenim that give our IU chance to learned a lot of things :lol: .............
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    she likes my favourite japan singer (YUI) too!!
    from her answer it's not hard to know that she is really down to earth, so real.
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