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    The first part is just talking about how she feels about her popularity, being the trend, her 2nd album and original composition. The transcript below starts from 4:57


    On receiving help from sunbaes

    Host: You worked with many composers on your 2nd album, didn't you? They are prominent musicians too, what's your secret to receiving help from these sunbaes?

    IU: Well.. I've always liked these sunbaes' songs. I often sang their songs on broadcasts, so even if they weren't interested in me initially, because I said I liked them, they started to take interest in me. From the start, I'm the one who sent lovecalls to the sunbaes, telling them I was totally a fan of them, that I respected them, so since I've always said such things, when they knew about it, they probably took more interest in me.

    Host: Also, whenever IU sings a duet with a male singer, it definitely gets attention. You've received help from Sung Sikyung before once, right?

    IU: I've received help from Sikyung oppa many times.

    Host: Is that so?

    IU: I've always been a fan of Sikyung oppa. I really like his songs and from the days when I was a trainee, I even wanted to try doing a remake of his song, I liked him that much, but he was the one who approached me first asking me to try singing with him, so I was grateful for that.

    Japan debut

    Host: You will be doing your official debut next year, right? Compared to the girl groups who are debuting overseas, you're a latecomer and a solo singer as well. There are pros and cons to that right? From my perspective, it seems there are more cons though, what do you think?

    IU: I think there are really many cons as well. I'm not good with performances and be it Japanese fans or Kpop fans, an important factor behind their love for kpop is the charismatic performances on large stage sets. However, since I'm lacking in that area, I'm honestly really worried, rather than looking forward to this.

    So right now, I won't say I'm looking forward to it, but I've made up my mind to give it a shot. On the other hand, the Japanese agencies put their trust in me and have sent me lovecalls and even though I've yet to debut, there are people from Japan who know my songs.

    Therefore, I think I'll go there and repay them slightly for their support, sing a nice song for them to listen to, that's what I'm thinking, right now.

    Host: Let's see what happens?

    IU: I've given up on getting 1st place and all that stuff a long time ago.

    On turning 20

    Host: You're about to turn 20 now. At this juncture, there's probably something you wish you tried when you were a teenager, or something you would regret?

    IU: I get that question a lot. Really nothing at all.

    Host: Nothing at all?

    IU: Yes, absolutely nothing, of course, even though I went to high school and didn't have much of a high school life, no matter what, I have a lot of memories of my schooldays from middle school and I've made many celebrity friends through participating in the same activities, and I've even had a shot at getting 1st place so quickly.

    Also, I've received a lot of love and had many opportunities to stand on stage, it seems that everything I've really wanted to do has come true, so I'm left with no regrets.

    Host: Then when you turn 20, is there anything different that you would want to do more of?

    IU: Firstly, I would like to get my driving license. Also, when I won 1st place or when good things happened, we have never had a get-together with the staff. I'm a minor and get-togethers are mostly drinking parties, so they always left me out and organised get-togethers amongst themselves. So I would like to join the staff once and toast them too, if it's a good day.

    Christmas wishes... as in schedules

    Host: You seem to have very simple dreams. It's special to meet you on Christmas day. What would you like to do on Christmas?

    IU: I'll probably have schedules to go for, right now. I'm the MC on a music program broadcasted live, so I'll be doing the live broadcast now and I would like to guest perform at many concerts too. So, I'm scheduled to guest perform at 2 concerts today.

    Host: You won't even be able to have fun then, today.

    IU: Yeah. But from a young age, I've never yearned much for any festivals or stuff like that. So rather than stay at home during Christmas, I'd actually prefer to work.

    Host: Although you can't have fun, since it's a holiday today, could I request for a small gift from you for our listeners?

    IU: I'll sing a Christmas carol that Koreans love.

    "You'd better not cry, you'd better not cry, because Santa Claus won't give presents to crying children. (Ulmyeon andwae, ulmyeon andwae. Santahalabojineun uneun aiegeneun seonmuleul an jushinde.)"

    Thank you.

    Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
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    Thanks for translating!! :D
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    lalala land~~~
    awww...so sweet...so, that's why she wanted to go drinking and stuff, she wants to join get-togethers with the staffs, celebrating the winning with them...IU will forever be sweet^^
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    ^ Yep, that's our IU! She can't get any sweeter or humbler than that. :D By the way, thank you for the translation, squishyblob!

    Regarding her Japanese debut, I think IU's worrying a bit too much. Charismatic stage sets can't be a huge reason for the success of the Hallyu wave right now. And her musical style fits in a lot better with the J-pop scene than the style of some of the other K-pop artists...but I guess I can't say anything since I'm not an expert on current Japanese trends. :(

    I'm happy she's giving her Japan debut a go, though. I only hope her Japanese management and the love from her Japanese fans make her Japanese debut a successful one. ^_^ And if anything, I think she should turn to BoA for guidance on how to become a successful Korean soloist in Japan. ;)
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    Los Angeles, USA
    Thanks for translating and hope her Japan debut will be a good one ;)
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    Awwww....she have a tight schedule and couldn't celebrate Christmas with her loved ones..you better get some decent rest after your promotions. On top of that, I would like to have a driving license too c:
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    thanks for the translation :) She's really different from other people and i hope she can always do what she's willing to do~
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    New York
    She really has got to be one of the most down-to-earth idols out there. Very modest and kind. When she debuts in Japan, I hope (and believe) that she'll do a lot better than she thinks she will. How could they not love her? Also, I like that, as the host said, IU has very simple dreams and never seems to really mind about further raising her popularity--she's so grateful for what she already has, and unselfish. It's very admirable and mature of her. Thank you for translating!
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    Lahti, Finland
    Thank you for translating and sharing. I hope she does well in Japan. There's been so many groups going there so I think she's a like a breath of fresh air.
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    thanks for the transcript~ and wow I mean im sure she'll do well in japan cause even the iTunes Last Fantasy topped #1 without it being promoted that it was ever going to be there
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    thanks for translating squishy, she worried too much about her japanese debut, come on IU you are the best everyone love you so you don't need to worried so much.......

    we always support for you :)
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    the start of that video…so many winks in a row..
    Seems she knows her limits and shes more concerned with getting noticed in Japan than topping any charts. One step at a time right?

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