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    Some of this is sort of similar to the MV explanation previously.


    Sequence 1 - Inside the clock tower, a strange 19 year old girl who keeps a secret

    IU is a girl living in a mysterious room inside the clock tower. A miniature room goes round the room continuously. Toy-like, yet mysterious tools are spread around the worktable, where a girl seems to be hard at work making something. In order to make the scene realistic, an operable toy train was used, together with reading glasses, a vintage microscope and many other interesting tools. During her breaks while filming, IU would be fiddling with this and that on the worktable, showing curiosity befitting of a little girl.


    Sequence 2 - The boy who is asleep, The girl who is hurrying time

    In an empty room, there's a boy who has fallen into a deep sleep. Here, IU takes care of him (Hyun Woo). Although they have never looked at one another or exchanged words, somehow the two of them give us the feeling that they are friendly. Aware that once she becomes an adult, the boy will open his eyes and wake up, the girl hopes time will pass faster and starts making something to do just that. Scenes of IU teasing Hyunwoo using a feather, drawing a clock on his wrist and scribbling around were also filmed. Although it was ticklish for Hyunwoo, he did a good job of holding it in. On the other hand, IU was feeling shy as well, but the scene was so adorable that uncle and auntie staff kept appearing at the scene.


    Sequence 3 - The miniature train on the go, The girl who goes on a time travel

    The miniature train that runs non-stop in the room. The girl watches the moving miniature train and suddenly finds herself inside the train. This train has already travelled to the future. Through the mister train windows, she sees misty images of the future - of herself together with the sleeping boy. Will the two of them meet in the future? The goose that stays with IU boards the train then joins her on her time travels. IU met her goose friend for the first time at the filming scene. Although it was larger in physique that expected, IU was not afraid of it and kept stroking it. Under IU's hands, the goose opened up and after that, during every scene with IU, it would be following IU around, and displayed great acting skills.


    Sequence 4 - The girl who is hurrying time and the time machine

    Upon viewing images of the future, the girl is even more anxious to hurry time. Putting together large parts to form the time machine, which would allow her to meet the boy of the future, who would be awake then. The time machine has a vintage feel and was made very elaborately and beautifully. Upon arriving at the filming scene, it captivated IU and all the staff present. A sneak peek of the inside of the time machine, which many are curious about.


    Sequence 5 - The girl who steps into the time machine and the boy who stirs from his sleep just then

    On the day that she becomes an adult, the time machine is finally complete. Nervously, she steps into it and sets the time in the future to travel to, thus lighting up the time machine. At that moment, the boy opens his eyes. By the time he is awake, the girl has already travelled into the future.. all he sees is the image of the girl just before she leaves. Would the two of them ever meet again..?
    IU in a rush to board the time machine. Her goose friend which is always by her side also boards the time machine together with her. Even in this scene, their teamwork is clearly evident. Following IU's movements, the goose didn't leave the camera angle and received applause from the staff for its great acting.


    Ending sequence - Girl and boy meets in the future

    Travelling using the time machine, the girl reaches a strange place in the future. Upon arriving in the future, she seems to have lost her memories. At this moment, she meets a guy who happens to be the boy who was asleep in the room. They brush past one another, yet the girl no longer remembers him. At the last moment, the guy recognises her and turns around.
    The final scene of a really long MV. The two same-aged friends felt shy filming the final scene of this MV because of the back hug scene between them. Being nervous and extremely shy around one another, they kept getting NGs apparently. ^^
    Meeting one another once again after they become adults, their matured image seems awkward and for some reason, they still seem as adorable as ever ^^

    Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
    Source: http://www.instiz.net/bbs/list.php?id=pt&no=339653
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    Love it! A true fantasy/fairy tale, so beautiful :") Thanks squishy ^_^
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    Cool Story! Love the ending! ^^
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    Viet Nam
    thank so much squishy. It's very interesting
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    Wow, this is quite long.. Thank you for translating squishy ^^
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    So cute ^_^ thank you for translation :)
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    The storyline really is a last fantasy.
    Aww, the two keep doing NGs.
    I found that's just so cute. ♥
    Thanks, Squishy ♥
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    Nice & interesting story! I love it >.<
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Cool Story!!! With cool ending too!!! Love it!!!
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    thanks for the translations! :D such a nice and interesting storyline ;)
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    lalala land~~~
    lol...they keep praising ms.goose for her excellent acting *applause*
    i think ms.goose really likes IU, she keeps following IU's around...so cute><
    awww...lee hyun woo and IU is so cute together, another woou couple...lolz
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    Taipei 台灣/ Indonesia
    even a goose like IU..kekeke
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    I wonder if ms goose died at the end of the MV. I mean in the shop IU was alone...
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    Haha Ms goose didn't survive the time travel? hmm >.<
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    love the sequencing :) thanks squishy! as always for the translated goodies~
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    Awe, I hope we'll be able to watch the behind the scene or see more pictures.
    I would love to see the NGs between those two lol c:
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    Thank you, squishy, for the translations! :] I loved reading them - what a cute MV and storyline >w<
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    the goose is adorable, lol
    and i felt like i was reading a book or something. i hope iu and hyunwoo work together again in the future, hehe

    thanks for translating ~
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    IU's ♥
    love how they sequence the story lines!. it's really like a fairytale.. :)
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    iu cute!!!goose also!!!

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