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    Releasing the 2nd album 'Last Fantasy'... Wrote the lyrics to 6 of the songs and "decided to not go to college, I went to the album jacket photoshoot on the day of the college entrance exams."

    'The Lee Minsoo and Kim Leena combo', 'Stressing on the Real Sound', 'Completing the Nagging-Good Day-You & I series', 'Bringing out the sound from a musical on the stage'.

    When meeting IU on the 28th at Seoul Donga Media Center, she took the reporter's computer and typed the words shown above. It was during that time the reporter was taking the time to listen to the new album's title song, 'You and I'. Originally, he had been expecting her to be lively and state 'Nice to meet you! Please show a lot of love for my second album'.

    Beneath the black hoodie was her long, black hair. Her voice was husky, due to the fact that she "didn't sleep". When asked intimate questions, she did not take more than 2 seconds to think and still gave a clear and meaningful answer unlike most adult singers. Born in 1993, next January she will be 20 (in Korean age).

    "Instead of songs like 'I feel like I'm going to die' and 'I'm going to go crazy', I think a calm song about daily life after a break up will be more moving. How many kids around my age do you think have experienced a really bad break up?"

    IU has returned, not as "the Uncle Fans' cute girl" but as "the Uncles' musician", saying goodbye to being in her teens. In her second album, Last Fantasy, which IU released on the 29th, the credits are filled with first class musicians such as Kim Kwangjin, Yoon Sang, Jung Jaehyun, Lee Juk, Kim Hyungsuk, Jung Sukwon, Kim Hyuncheol, Yoon Jongshin, Lee Minsoo etc. IU herself composed one of the songs ('A Stray Puppy') and wrote the lyrics for six of the songs.

    After seeing a stray puppy last September, she was inspired to compose the song 'A Stray Puppy'. "The theme is mainly about how it would feel to be loved then thrown away. It could be about lovers, orphans, or just about some lovers being afraid of growing apart..."

    The song 'Uncle' (Track 6) is a song dedicated to the uncle fans. Lee Juk composed it and IU wrote the lyrics to it. In the recording studio, when IU asked Lee Juk "Should I call you Uncle", he replied, "No, never, even if I die call me oppa." IU laughed and stated, "Although I have a lot of 30-year-old uncle fans, I had received a fan letter from a 57-year-old uncle fan. Since their handwriting looks close to a font it made it look more elegant."

    For the title song 'You & I', like what she typed into the reporter's computer, the feeling from 'Good Day' was continued while making it more complex to make the music quality higher. IU stated, "The sound became a lot wider. Since it uses majors and minors in many different types of chords, after listening to it, it would be hard to tell if it was supposed to be a happy song or a sad song. Due to that, my facial expression on stage will become more important." In two days time, on KBS TV 'Music Bank', she is planning to wear the outfit that she wore for her jacket photo; putting her hair into pigtails and wearing the 'bib dress' in order to put an emphasis on her neck line.

    IU's idol, English female singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae, gave her a new song. IU, who received the song along with the guide that Rae had provided, named the song '4AM' and for a week she woke up at 4AM to write down how she felt during that time.

    When asked "Do you think you'll do well this time?" she answered "It's already doing well. I fulfilled my wish to compose a song, I released my second album before turning 20, and I got to work with the dream team. I'm more afraid of the musical evaluation than the popularity."

    Unlike most of the kids her age, she had given up trying to go to college. "When you're in your teens you're supposed to dream, when you're in your 20s it's supposed to become reality but I already had a really good "dream". When I debuted in 9th grade, I had already decided not to go to college. I'm not longing for a college life. On the day kids took their college entrance exam, I went to my album jacket photoshoot. I decided to follow my dreams."

    Translation: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
    Edited by: TheFly @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: dongA
  2. Cesca_1988

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    wow such a nice article, something people will help realize their dreams.
  3. miyaka25

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    well said IU......
  4. weheartiu123

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    Awww that's IU!!!! Love her she is really mature for her age. Love her album and all her songs and can't wait for to come back to the stage. Thanks for posting!!!! :D
  5. phoung

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    i dont think iu need to go to college
    college is for those who need it to go toward their dream or dont know what to do with their life
    but iu is already living her dream. If later she think she need it then she can go then
    it's never too late to go to college

    anyway I absolutely love her second album
    every song in this album is very well produced
    cant wait for her comeback stage
    thanks for translating
  6. yooshu

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    lalala land~~~
    yeah sweetie...just follow your dreams...u already found the way, just follow it.....unnie support you all the way^^
    gosh...this girl is very mature and smart...she inspired me A LOT...when i felt like things are very hard to be handled and i can't take it anymore, i'm kinda thinking about her...her hard work and determination in reaching her goal, so i decided that i should be like that as well...be strong and stronger!
  7. platini

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    Its so touching reading this, she has grown up now, pursuing her dream whatever pp said, I admired her alot.
  8. miyaka25

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    she is the type of person that she really know what she really wanted, unlike other people is still wandering what they really wanted to . That why in a short period of time she achieve alot.
  9. platini

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    Thx for translating The Fly and Hope :)
  10. YeeKeat

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    She has grown up ever since she debuted! :D
  11. melonpop3

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    Aw Uncle is such a precious song ; u; I love the meaning she puts behind her songs. Glad she fulfilled her dreams before she reached 20. ^^ Thank you for sharing <3
  12. yeahmylife

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    Really touching by just reading this. We will together make her choice a better choice than another!!! support IU forever !
  13. cyruz13

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    Penang, Malaysia
    phew... luckly i am not 30 yet.. or else i will be her uncle fans.. LOL XD
  14. nokomi

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    love the uncle song !!
    good jog iu ^^
  15. margot

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    [sup]I admire IU's determination and persistence to follow what she believes in and not what people may expect from her. [/sup]
  16. InvU

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    thats really nice :D I gotta relisten to that song again! everyone seems to like that ALOT. Im good with most of them but uncle is not my favorite :D
  17. tamtam

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    i wonder why anyone could hate such a mature and open-minded girl like her..
    my friend from korea said that she heard from her friend that the kids in IU's school--like her classmates--hates her.
    gosh, they're such jealous people
  18. marshmallow3424

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    Beyond the rainbow
    Agree! She really knows her goal and her destiny, what she actually wants in her life. She has her exact dreams... And then makes her own way, make it happen. I wish I should be like her ♥ So glad that she has reached her dream before turning 20. Believe it, she's gonna be a really great musician in the future :D Keep going IU unnie \(^o^)/

    Thanks for posting anyway ^^~
  19. Miel

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    IU's ♥
    wow.. just follow your dreams IU & we're here to support you!.. :) thanks for translating this!.. :D
  20. iuyeppo

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    IU hwaiting...I always support U. Saranghae

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